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  1. i agree with CT4ME on this fix . Radio not getting far enough back into rack.I had this issue and not a problem when the right insertion achieved.
  2. But ! This is new Zealand, and these pilots are actually SHEEP being trained AND they are low Hour trainees. most of the poor technique shown is caused by the ewes who simply wont listen under instruction and they usually require at least another 15% time to go solo over the rams.
  3. On my SW I found that adding compressable foam washers to the lower engaging pins on the door provided further engagement at the top latch and also reduce any movement in the door due to initial poor fit or wear. Worked for me!
  4. OK, Help me on this one, If the aircraft wheels were sitting on conveyor belt, the speed of which at all times precisely matched the forward speed of the aircraft, would the aircraft take off? If so at what point?
  5. Dunno....I was taught stick into wind when taxying for nosewheel a/c
  6. Roger. in relation to your comment on "faulty seals" , apparently it is not so much the seals but microscopic scratches in the shaft that result in small but repetitive gas loss on each action....{according to the guru who does it]
  7. I glad you asked, because technically this has puzzled me too. However it is I believe an Australian invention. How it is done is difficult to find out and obviously a closely guarded secret. I dont know but think about heat, liquid nitrogen and some very clever control. Logic tells me that the only way to get more nitrogen into the cylinder is thru the seal and by thermal [or pressure differential. But it works well. It is a franchised setup here and I understand the owner of the idea spent 3 months in the States trying to get someone interested to no avail. Man I really worked on the guy to find out more but he just kepy smiling and closed the door.
  8. Just had my struts regassed. increased from 18n to 22n....perfect and much cheaper than new ones,..[$37]
  9. Pull the chute when on fire??????........Discussion
  10. Are you using internal or external springs?..........D
  11. Does the same aply to the D120? If so, are the batteries the same.??......D
  12. Well we had 44degreesC in Adelaide the other day...............111degrees F....,Send some of your latent cold over here please
  13. I Think you should do another colour on the CT so you can find it!
  14. Ahh...the altar of CT , The font of knowlege once again to my rescue, Thank you to the dog and his masters. I didnt have these pages in my manuals hence my question. I still wonder, [seeing that I had no straps] , what the design requirement should be, one or two at the rear? Once again I am greatful for your help. David
  15. As this bulletin wasnt issued in Australia, I have to rely on this site to keep up to date. Found that There are no rear straps fitted to my SW {06] . My question, If anyone can help, is, how many straps should there be at the rear? One or Two..........David
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