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  1. Gryphon & ct9000 I'm happy for you both with your aircraft finally on their way from Germany. What an ordeal the both of you to have gone through! I'm like you, here in Australia, I ordered a CTLS in Jan 2016 through the Australian Agent and then 2 weeks later Flight Design went into Receivership! Mine was completed in August 2016 and has been sitting at Aero Jones since. I've even been sent photos of the plane including the tail number. The receiver stuffed around for so long and then we heard the great news that Flight Design had a new owner, we started seeing some more action. I did email them directly and soon after our Agent started getting communication. We have heard that my aircraft will be shipped soon, just waiting for confirmation! I'm so happy for you guys that you're finally getting your babies! I look forward to seeing photos of your planes soon!
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