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  1. Amps going nuts

    This happened to me too. Cleaning fixed it. There’s nothing worse than a shoddy shunt.
  2. Power loss in flight

    Follow up question: when was the last time you’ve had your carbs rebuilt and all new gaskets put in?
  3. Power loss in flight

    Had this happen to me last summer, including the extremely perplexing and frustrating return to normality on the ground. It was gunk in the carb bowl. It returned to normality because the idle speed released the gunk from the jet. occams razor: the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. I also proposed in my mind it was a bad batch of gas as well as some other “exotic” possibilities. In the end it was just some gunk in the bowl. keep in mind also that poor fuel quality is going to cause issues at all RPMs, and low octane is going to cause problems with predetonation, not impose an “RPM governor” at the highest rpm range as you’re experiencing.
  4. Flap 0 error

    Had a great conversation with Flight Design on this issue. Interestingly enough they just recently diagnosed an SW with the exact same set of circumstances and they said the issue was that the -6 setting had to be reprogrammed. They didn't have to reprogram any other settings, just that -6 position and it fixed it.
  5. Flap 0 error

    Every other position works flawlessly, and it only happens when going from -6 to 0. Also, lets say i go from -6 to 0 and it faults (nothing happens) if i select 15, it will then go straight to 15 from -6, and all the other positions. Also, 0 flaps always works perfect as long as i'm going from 15 to 0. Here's another thing. When i was making the video i was getting frustrated because i couldn't replicate it despite multiple tries. Then i turned off the main breaker and turned it on again and the fault happened again. IF i turn off the main breaker and then turn it on again, the problem seems to happen on my first attempt. Long story short, it only happens in one "direction" for one position.
  6. Every 8 or 10th time I select flaps 0 it flashes and nothing happens. Only flaps 0 does this, and it only happens going from -6 to 0, NEVER from 15 to 0. If it happens all I do is go back to -6 and "try again" so far that's always worked. Any ideas? I attached a video of it. IMG_0876.MOV
  7. Wireless Hangar Door opener

    Tom it's funny you say that because I was concerned about exactly that. I ended up mounting the controller on the crossbeam overhead with a bit of double sided tape just to avoid any chance of bumping it inadvertently. I cannot imagine watching my plane get split in half by a door; that must have been a horrible experience for that person.
  8. Just installed a wireless Hagar door opener from GAMA electronics. Install time was under 30 minutes. One controller in my car, one in the plane. It's pretty great. https://www.gamainc.com/product/pb3-remote/
  9. I've gotten in the habit of having first time flyers stand next to the gear while I rock the wing in the hangar and explain to them that the fairing squeaks on the gear leg sometimes. I do it because it can be a bit disconcerting the first time you hear it. My OCD has caused me to think up all sorts of possible solutions but ultimately I just decided to turn on the noise cancelling headsets and ignore it.
  10. I'm looking at installing an autopilot on my CTSW. Would anyone with an autopilot equipped CTSW be willing to take and send me photos of the installed servos? ive got drawing from flight design, but pictures of some installed servos would sure help me out. Also if anyone has done this before, I'd love a synopsis and total cost
  11. 2k for chute and rocket is right. I'm doing that now for my 2006. Annual is 1k ish depending. want to add from a cost perspective that it's not the low (4.5-5 gph) fuel burn alone, it's also that you can use premium pump gas as it's ethanol approved. Right now 93 premium at my local gas station is $2.91/gallon so my fuel costs are $13 an hour. $100 hamburger my ass, the burger costs more than the fuel. Long story short if you can afford the ongoing costs of a Saratoga you can afford the ongoing costs of about 8 CTs.
  12. Cold Weather Roughness?

    Just had a chilly flight here in Michigan (13 degrees F) and experienced the same phenomenon of roughness in the high 4000's with higher than normal EGTs (high 1490-1510) interestingly, I climbed to 7500-8000 and my engine smoothed out and my EGTs dropped to low 1400s where they are normally in the summer. Density altitude at the field was -4000, so it's easy to believe it was running a little lean down low. Im thinking Roger is right about making it richer in these sort of temps. Thing is, I fly in this so rarely it hardly seems worth it. Maybe in this cold I'll just fly higher. Goodness knows I got up there fast today with just me and 10 gallons fuel onboard. There's something pretty cool about departing a 6000 foot runway and blasting through pattern altitude well before the end of the runway passes below
  13. Cold Weather Preheating

    Tomorrow I want to fly to an airport, then leave the plane for about 6 hours on the ramp, then fly home. Its going to be 20 tomorrow. I have a Tanis. So my thought is plug the tanis in when I get there, but is it not advisable to plug the preheater in when the engine and oil are at operating temps? If not, I suppose I could get a timer that would click on after an hour or two of cooling..... OR Maybe I don't have to plug it in at all? I have a sleeping bag I've repurposed as a cowl blanket, maybe that will keep it warm enough? I know there's a lot of cold weather flyers here, any thoughts?
  14. Ipad 12.9

    It works pretty good, no issues with ventilation because the window "bows" outward from top to bottom