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  1. Thanks and appreciation to the team at Oregon Aero. They rebuilt, with FD permission and proper authorization, one of my two seats. I am so pleased I am sending in the second seat. You'll see the incredible difference between the two in the attached photo. Let's face it we love our LSA's but it takes longer to get where we're going compared to what many of us used to fly. In my case it was a Columbia 400. The CT's 105 knots is quite a bit slower than the Columbia's 180 knots however, the economy and pleasure of flying my CTLSi is worth it. At the stage in my life/flying hobby, I am almost ready to retire. Being able to stay in aviation with something affordable was paramount but so is comfort while in the air for extended periods. Thanks again to my new seat design by Oregon Aero.
  2. lvpazik

    Foot rest

    Should arrive Wednesday. Tracking number is 771448108034
  3. lvpazik

    Foot rest

    Al, I am sending you a check for $160, via FEDEX today, and that envelope will also contain a return FEDEX label for your usage. I look forward to using your item. Randy
  4. lvpazik

    Foot rest

    If I want to purchase, how do I pay you and what email address do I email FEDEX label to?
  5. lvpazik

    Foot rest

    2012 CTLSi .......
  6. lvpazik

    Foot rest

    If you have one left, I'll take it. I can also provide a FEDEX label for shipping the item to me. Randy
  7. lvpazik

    Foot rest

    Al, do you still have a foot rest left and how much please? Thanks Randy
  8. lvpazik

    Generators not charging

    Thanks for that info Corey. Where were you able to purchase a replacement breaker?
  9. lvpazik

    Generators not charging

    Sat on ramp here in Vegas too long the other day waiting for departing/arriving traffic. Coolant got into the red range while oil was in mid-yellow range. Taxied back and shut her down and called it a day. Today, went back to check on airplane. Coolant bottle empty. Started airplane, ran up to green arc for oil. Coolant stayed in green. Did the R/L lane check, which was successful. My concern is, from a charging perspective, the left lane shows 12.5 and right shows -9.5. Pulled the generator breaker and noticed no difference in charging indication. Any ideas/comments from the forum? I am concerned this was a side effect of the engine overheating while I was sitting on the ramp too long waiting to rotate out. While I was taxing back the Lane B light kept flashing.....
  10. So I'm totally confused.  I live in Vegas and it's hot hot hot.  I have a 2012 CTLSi.  I want to purchase the larger oil cooler but not sure who I could purchase it from and what part(s) and/or part numbers I'd need to provide the vendor.  I have a local mechanic on the field that will install much cheaper than the local shop.  He only charges $35 per hour instead of $105.  How do I purchase the proper cooler and what information would I need to provide in order to do so, so I can have my mechanic install?  Thank you!

  11. lvpazik

    Dynon locked down for Screen customization

    Appreciate the information. I have a call in to Flight Design. As previously stated, I only wanted to move the EMS from the right panel to left panel for better viewing.
  12. So I find out today that the two Dynon Skyview panels I have, that are both updated with the 15.0ver software, are "locked down" by Flight Design. I wanted to simply change the screen layouts, but that option under "settings" is "grayed out". In speaking with Dynon, they told me Flight Design has removed that option. Disappointing. I simply wanted to make the right screen all moving map while moving the EMS information to the left screen next to the PFD information. Does anyone know of possibly some type of "unlock" code I could enter or have a suggestion?
  13. Just purchased CTLSi. What, if anything, are people doing to tie down the tail since there's no tail hook that is typical on other aircraft? I've seen, via the internet, some CTLS plane at air shows where there is some kind of harness over the fuselage and then to the ground. It seemed to be almost like wrapping the fuselage with an innertube and then it tied to the ground.