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  1. Some pictures on our Facebook page you would love it. These CT's are incredible (but you know it;-)
  2. Yes It's a long way but these 2 "brave" CTs already did it in 2010 by the North Pacific (http://www.azimut270.ch/en/). Looking forward to see you in Oshkosh in 2019 ?
  3. Dear CT's friends, Handiflight Around the World is a joint project for the benefit of Humanity & Inclusion (Hi) supported by Lions Clubs International and set up by about twenty aviators, most of them paraplegic. They will fly around the world to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, to combat discrimination and to raise funds for Humanity & Inclusion (Hi). Aboard two ultra-light planes equipped with hand controls, they will cover 80'000 km in 9 months, mostly flying alone. Their route will take them across 40 countries and 6 continents via 150 staging points, where we hope they will be the guests of local Lions clubs. The support team consists of former members of the Solar Impulse project, all volunteers. Have a look on this video how the pilot controls the rudder without the use of his legs for the takeoff and landing... Follow us on Facebook and please share
  4. Great News http://flightdesignusa.com/2016/12/for-immediate-delivery/
  5. Thank you. So it seems not to have problems with AeroJones which is a good news.
  6. Any news about Tom and Flight Design USA ?
  7. It was in 2010 but I'me not sure if you have heard about it: azimut270 . Have a look on their logbook (some legs of more than 2000 NM). Enjoy
  8. orion


    Hello, This is my first post. Thank you for creating such a nice forum. Since last October I'me the happy and proud owner of the brave CTLS HB-WYA which did a round the world tour in 2010 with its friend HB-WYB (have you heard about it ?). I'me very enthusiast to be part of your community. As I'me french speaking, sorry for my english. Blue sky from Switzerland Daniel
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