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  1. You are right,on amphibious floats with full fuel you you are limited in passenger size. But considering the range of the CT I never had problem with half fuel and a passenger.Not sure about your question on landing in the grass on straight floats. At the airport where I am,after summer, float planes land on the grass and are stored for the winter. They take of on a trailer pulled by a pick up. As for my amphibious floats, when the Ukraine specialist sent by flight design had installed them, he would go with the plane in very rug grass surfaces without problem. I however avoided to do it myself. I have the installation drawings and the flying manual for the floats should you be interested
  2. In 2006 Flight design was promoting Ctsw on amphibious aluminum floats. They said that the attachment points were reinforced at the factory. Their specialist who is also a pilot came from Ukraine to Canada to install and check the floats in both configuration. I never had any problems with manoeuvrability and no problem with side slip. From pictures that I have seen some fiber floats look quite different from the aluminum one
  3. On Ctsw performance is excellent on Czech amphibious floats. I had problem with stabiliser delamination due to poor material used at that time.
  4. Which one is the right one for Dynon 120
  5. Which one is the right one for Dynon 120
  6. What brand did you use for your oil sensor replacement
  7. Where do you find them cheap Rotax quotes them at $248
  8. APEX ships to USA and to Vietnam not Canada according to their web site
  9. Is Odyssey PC-310 the only one that will fit the CT. Price went from $180 to $300 in Canada and this would be my 4th battery. Any cheaper alternate ?
  10. Still reinstalling a new stabilizer, I noticeD that on my plane part KA6040008 has a sleeve that does not show on page 252 of the parts and assembly manual. Anyone has ever looked at their installation ? Is that sleeve necessary for the above part to slide through part KA6040071
  11. Jacques you have an special plane
  12. Are not all the stab the same ? Never thought it could be the wrong one.
  13. I am also wondering if I am missing something as in my case there is obviously no relationship between the rueler measure and the inclinometer. I am at lost after trying everyithing. Did you ever have a chance to measure your angle, I would be curious
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