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  1. FD and Rotax general service?

    Yes and then my wife and I have a summer of flying her planned. Oshkosh, Missoula AOPA fly in, maybe Page Az, local camping flights etc! Like I said she’s running fine so far let’s go! This forum is probably my safety link! 👍
  2. FD and Rotax general service?

    Yup since I’ve had this plane I have discovered many nasty surprises in the maintenance arena! Here’s an attached photo of a bill from my recent annual. Keep in mind these guys have never worked on a FD or a Rotax. After two weeks of having the plane I got a call they were having huge difficulties putting my ne recaps on the mains. That’s when I reached out to the forum asking how to squeeze the wheels together to accommodate the thick tundra recaps. I did the oil change and provided the spark plugs. The only thing the were asked to do was the annual and to mount my two main tires. Here’s the work order and receipt and the bill! 19 hours from an operation that knows nothing about FD and Rotax! 😬 Most the remarks on the receipt are fluff!
  3. FD and Rotax general service?

    It’s pretty cool I can pose a question like this and the list is pretty blank! Like I said she’s running incredible so I guess I just wait until something gets out of line! In the mean time I fly the snot out of her! 😁👌👍👏🏿
  4. FD and Rotax general service?

    Yes I provided them with a list of does and don’ts, torques, procedures etc from what I’ve learned mainly from this forum. I guess my question is can someone provide a listing of critical things that I should examine as we’re getting into the flying season here. My plane is performing so well if it’s not broke.... Someone told me that other than total engine destruction or running out of fuel, oil or coolant the Rotax has redundant systems that will always get you to an airport!
  5. FD and Rotax general service?

    I think it’s a ego thing. All the aircraft maintenance outfits I’ve approached give me the similar response to my question can you work on the Rotax? They usually say we work on jets and Turbines the Rotax is simple. Then I go and they call me with huge problems putting the tire on the clam shell wheels.
  6. Here I am now looking back at 1 1/2 years of ownership and 160 hours of flying this great 2007 CTSW airplane. With only a handful of minor issues all handled by me thanks to this forum I have a question I’ll present in a minute. As you know I’m in a remote area of Montana with no Rotax repairman in 400 plus miles. I just had the annual completed by a shop that knows nothing about Rotax or FD. They did install my supplied plugs and checked the compression. The 5 year hose job is due this year. I’ve done all the oil changes and was helped with a carb balance. Question: Should I feel concerned this rig is flying hour after hour with no expert on going examinations? I inspect the engine for leaks and parts wear every week. I guess my question is can I just do as I’m doing? The engine seems so dependable I would think someone wrenching with it would even cause more problems. I’m thinking it’s a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it thing.
  7. CTSW Paint cracking

    I applied some clear nail polish to mine last year and no growth so far!
  8. CTSW Paint cracking

    I have a couple dime size blisters on my top cowling that I suspect is from engine heat. The remaining paint surfaces are fine! 2007. 760 hours
  9. Rumbling idle this morning?

    One thing I’ve noticed about the Rotax! Everything is tiny. My big ham hands struggle to get anywhere in the engine area. It’s like a miniature world under the hood! Darn thing sure performs though!😁
  10. Rumbling idle this morning?

    Yes I would think even monofilament line would maybe work.
  11. Rumbling idle this morning?

    I’d like to very much. I am flying to Oshkosh. Never been at Osh and really looking forward to it!
  12. Rumbling idle this morning?

    He didn’t elaborate! He just told me to use Napa red can electric spray cleaner with the red tube and pressure spray the jet holes. Im sure Roger knows how to insert objects that will not disrupt the jets and not ruin the jets. Joe’s talking to Montana me who he knows nothing about this shit just to keep me from having increasing problems! Its all good and tomorrow I can fly thanks to you all!
  13. Rumbling idle this morning?

    Thanks! Who thinks this stuff up! This forum has gotten me unstuck twice in two days!👏🏿🍺👋🏻 Mom really appreciative!
  14. Rumbling idle this morning?

    I love hode clamps!🤪😂
  15. Rumbling idle this morning?

    Can someone enlighten me how the carb vent lines to the air filter function with regard to mixture etc? Thanks!👍👌