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  1. Yes both set with soft start and other improvements.
  2. Send that whole set up to Carmo in the Netherlands and they will rebuild the wires and check the modules. The turnaround time is 10 days and the cost to rebuild the modules is $500.
  3. Great job for you but statistically a pilot that decides to turn back to the field after a power failure odds of a successful landing are very few! We always teach the 45° rule land 45° to the left or to the right never try to turn back to the field you’ve got a tail wind situation against you and stalls and spins etc it’s deadly!
  4. This maneuver kills a lot of people!
  5. Carmo can do it for $500 or so. They do great work with fast turn around.
  6. I’ve got a really agree with you guys as when I bought my Flight Design CTSW the deal breaker that made it happen between two other makes was the wife found out there was a parachute on board. She enthusiastically said let’s go with the Flight Design CTSW. The rest is history.
  7. The only thing parachutes do for me is cost me money! Lol
  8. Wow this is pretty cool talking with a fellow enthusiast that owns both the Ctlsi and Aerotrek A240! My Aerotrek fits me well except for the throttle position. I have to bring my right knee back and to the right of the throttle. Rob said they have a throttle relocate kit for us tall guys. Iwas in the market for the Ctlsi when this bird came along priced right. Now I have to figure out how to get that lower cowl off so I can do the first oil change. Do you know a fella named Jimmy Cash? I bought mine from him with 32 hours. He also owned a yellow A 220. He’s out of Kalispell Montana.
  9. My Aerotrek has the header tank but it’s only a gallon. The engine feeds from the header tank and with shorter and thicker tanks the header tank is saturated with fuel continually. There’s a idiot light and alarm when you only have the 1 gallon remaining. The POI reads “land immediately”. On the Aerotrek fitting more than a gallon in that space would be difficult in my opinion. Enjoy your Ctsw! They are beautifully built!
  10. I’m now based at U56 and living in Idaho Falls. Lots of Light Sport folks in the area and Rotax experts as well. Joel Millaway out of Blackfoot in particular!
  11. Well thanks Rob for the kind words! Flight Design is now building all their aircraft with header tanks and fuel selectors. I soon learned to cruise slipped etc to transfer fuel but really never felt comfortable with the concept. I sold the CTSW and bought a 2017 Aerotrek A240 with a header tank and back up fuel pump. The FD line of aircraft are beautifully built and I had a blast putting over 200 hours on my CTSW. Here’s a few pics of my Aerotrek. It’s basically a Kit Fox Design but Aerotrek came out with these first in the late 90’s. Thanks again and fly safe!
  12. Maybe! For me tho this isn’t a deal breaker just a consideration for some possibly!
  13. If you ever go upside down in a SC you are trapped!😬
  14. These outfits may not start if your battery is at anything but strong and healthy. It may turn over and seem ok but they need a 100% battery. Im sure Tom or Roger will chime in. Good luck!
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