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  1. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    I’m with you Andy! I hate the look of important things like stabs looking like tape holding things together!😱😂
  2. Buckaroo

    912 ignition modules

    I can picture a complicated circuit board where expansion and contraction regains circuitry!🤔
  3. Buckaroo

    912 ignition modules

    Mine wouldn’t start a couple months ago. I iced it then it started. Since that time I’ve put 26 hours on her with no problems starting.
  4. Buckaroo

    912 ignition modules

    I’ll work on getting her to go solo! Lol
  5. Buckaroo

    912 ignition modules

    I bought a set of those awhile back. I’ve assembled some specialty tools recommended by Roger and Tom. I guess my concern is I don’t know what I’m doing and then when done I will take my wife flying!😱😂
  6. Buckaroo

    912 ignition modules

    Yes I agree! What going on now is my 5 year hose job is do. I have a IA who is willing to take on the job. I’m going to contribute 50% in this task but he and I have never tackled this before. He’s a 30 year Cont Nd Lycome Guy. He’s actually a very well respected aircraft wrench in Montana. I have the hose kit from Lockwood and November 1st we’re tackling this job. My plan is to send the carbs to Roger for rebuilding and to change all the engine rubber out. Question? Can anyone give us a simple listing of basic steps to take in the process? His idea is to cut a hose and replace a hose. There’s more involved like draining coolant, gas lines, oil lines, accress points etc. Would some of you be able to give us a simple listing of steps to take in this process? I probably will have questions along the way. Thanks everyone!
  7. Buckaroo

    912 ignition modules

    Mine wouldn’t start one day. I cranked and cranked in all choke positions. She had gas and the fuel shut off was on and she has 25 gallons of gas. I figured it was a module. I was told to make sure my new Odyssey battery was good. It tested good. It’s always on a battery tender. Then I iced down the modules with a large bag of ice for 30 minutes. Then I tried to start it and it fired up immediately. That was last June and she starts every time now. Question? Is one module going out or is this just a fluke? My CTSW starts usually on the first 1/4 turn and hasn’t let me down since. Are the modules indexed to where they can fail in a certain position? My CTSW is running brilliantly with 790 hours on her!
  8. Buckaroo


    Goof Off let it sit some wife off wet again let sit 5 minutes wipe off. Takes a little rubbing. I left tape off my stab and under fin and like the look much better!👀
  9. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    I took all the tape off mine with the exception of the wings. Looks cleaner to me! Why tape the bottoms if it makes no difference in performance? No one see’s the bottom.
  10. Ok I’ll bite! Please tell me about the SYNC light? 🤔
  11. Makes sense now! Thanks for the clarification!
  12. This is true! My thinking was earlier in my post that if a simple larger radius balance tube would eliminate the need for carb balance then why not do it! Simple as that. But now reading these posts I agree that the engineers at Rotax would of developed this early on. So with that in mind doing it the standard way in fine with me. I have come to the conclusion that modding these wonderful engines with turbo’s, zipper kits etc. is only going to get you gremlins in the end. Its fun for me to throw stuff out on this forum to hear the replies plus you learn a lot! 😁 My engine is bone stock and it’s staying that way!
  13. All the reply’s sound logical so I’m abandoning any idea of doing this! Now I hear that the ZIPPER KIT when installed eliminates the need for carb balance. Is this true and if so how does this work?
  14. Yes, but at the lower rpm’s where we operate only a small amount of time ie. idle, warm up etc. this is where the imbalance is most harmful. At higher rpm’s carb balance is not a issue unless of course they are way off. Please explain! Thanks
  15. Someone told me there’s a solution to the need of carb balancing. That’s replacing the tubing between each carb with a larger diameter piece. Can someone please elaborate! I’m very interested and if true why isn’t it a popular mod? Thanks Buckaroo