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  1. I lived in the Helena area for 4 years and needed a Rotax repairman. Searched the whole time to no avail! Closest one is Rocky Mountain Kit Planes south of Salt Lake.
  2. Or go the Carmo route!
  3. I never do but towing my Handy(brand name quality 30 gallon tank US made). I always cover and double bungee my tank and trailer on my 1/4 mile dirt road. The vent area is vulnerable to dust.
  4. Yes for sure. There seems to be plenty of hanger space and an enthusiastic population of aviators. My lack of Rotax expertise is over. Thanks for asking!
  5. Yes the Bozeman market is coming to the area.
  6. Carb balance and prop balance equals pure harmony!
  7. We decided to move south where we can enjoy and restaurant and basic services. Montana is very unique and different. If you like little services, dirt roads, challenging winters, little expertise, wild game everywhere, no sales tax, long drives etc you will love Montana. After 14 years of retirement in Montana it’s time to move just a little south to civilization. We will always love our memories of beautiful Montana! Now In Idaho Falls can anyone recommend aircraft services, Rotax, hangers, nice folks etc? Thanks
  8. I read that most prop manufacturers don’t balance their props. That’s like mounting new tires without balancing. After how mine feels now I want to scream out to everyone to at least have yours checked. Mine was a number of 4 before balance and .05 after balance. The difference was amazing.
  9. Just think how the engine feels! Might be as important as a carb balance!
  10. Yes it’s a shame as it’s like mounting unbalanced tires on a vehicle. If you can try to get that done mine was out .4 which anything over .2 can be problematic.
  11. We all have six prop hub bolts. Picture the bad side hub bolt fixed with three ring washers on one of the six bolts weighting 10 grams each. As a final top off he affixed a very small washer on an the hub bolt to make the rotation perfect. Wow these plastic prop companies obviously don’t balance there stuff! I’m thinking in their minds they think these little toy props can get by without the attention to detail! Wrong!!
  12. Well today I finally got with my prop balancer dude who put some mojo on my rig! After warming her up to 122 my guy attached the necessary stuff to measure a true prop balance. My wide open static rpm was right at 5000 rpm at 3880 msl. To make a long story short we added 30 grams of weight to the problematic one of six prop bolts. After a re-start I full throttled her to max and by golly my static rpm increase was 5170 or 170 rpm. Impressed I did a test flight and sure enough she was much more refined and smooth feeling. The weights added on one stud of six was 3 weights at 10 grams each. This has smoothed my ride out immensely! Get a prop balance ASAP!
  13. If someone could put this in mathematical formula it would be easier to understand! Lol
  14. Great understandable explanation Tom Thank You! There’s a lot to this stuff.
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