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  1. New CTs arriving from Germany

    That is great news thanks! Now what would really make me happy would to see current participation by FD in some of these events like Sun and Fun, Osh and others. I’m getting tired of watching 8 year old FD features on You Tube with all the other brands being current. 😏
  2. Welcome!

    Welcome Andy and great looking airplane!
  3. EGT question for the experts?

    Great info folks thanks!
  4. EGT question for the experts?

    Sounds good and thanks Roger! Merry Christmas! 🎄
  5. EGT question for the experts?

    What would be a reading of concern? Why is the left one always higher than the right? Thanks
  6. EGT question for the experts?

    My ride is a 2007 CTSW. Just to ease my mind while flying today as other days my left EGT was measuring 1470 or so and my right was about 1380. These numbers concern me as the left side is approaching the yellow scale. The temps were OST of 28 degrees. Please educate me as to the concerns with regard to EGT and what indications should worry me. My Dynon maybe giving me too much unnecessary information! 30 years ago I would of wondered what EGT was! I never had that on my Cessna airplanes of the time! Thanks
  7. CTLS landing for beginners

    What happened to your post? I liked that “flap as required” Thats why mine are usually set at zero for my 4000 foot runway and doing touch and goes. My touch downs are always full stall nose high and my taxi roll after touch down I usually taxi with throttle enough to keep the nose wheel high and off the ground. Why? Gives a touch of more practice. Never on gusty days tho!
  8. CTLS landing for beginners

    1. Go arounds with less flaps are easier therefore safer!
  9. CTLS landing for beginners

    I used to land my 182 with just the trim wheel with no flaps. I used to kind of play a game of flying the whole pattern from take off to landing with no hands. Now using flaps would require more operations making this no hands very difficult. More operations equals more technique. More technique equals more that can go wrong. I shouldn’t have used the word “risky” earlier. I’m just saying that in the CT full flap landings require more practice and just by that statement alone can be more difficult to new pilots. I remember when I first got my CT most you folks advised me to start off with 15. Full flaps to me feel lumbery and take the fun away from landing but again that’s me!
  10. CTLS landing for beginners

    The fact that landing slower with flaps is more difficult and risky exemplifies the fact that slower and more flaps statistically is more risky! End of discussion!
  11. CTLS landing for beginners

    Well said! I think it’s best to be as proficient as possible with all landing configurations as each one has a important role at times! For me I need to work on short field full flap landings. A short field landing over a 50 foot obstacle is a wonderful practice exercise. Combining this with a power off on downwind and landing without any application of power will test your proficiency in your plane.
  12. Took my wheel pants off today!😱

    Thanks for the tip Tom! I need to do that now!