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  1. This did go through my mind but the shop is closed to the public due to insurance purposes. They want to round off my bolts in private!😳
  2. I’ve called several local major jet, turbine, large engine shops that don’t have a clue about Rotax but tell me to bring it in and they’ll do the hose job! 😳 They think working on the little weed eater would be elementary I guess! No thanks!
  3. The local FBO told me he’d do my annual for $900. That would of either solved my problems or hatch a slew of new problems! I just couldn’t get the nerve up to take it in. Why? I could take it in and pay $900 for the annual indorsement only or if he did indeed work on it he’d probably screw the engine up! All those little pesky things like turning the prop the wrong way, over tightening the oil filter, wrong torque on spark plus, smearing heat transfer paste on the plug ends, getting air in the oil system etc etc. For me it’s either take the class or sell the plane and quit.
  4. Thanks a bunch! When I graduate I’ll know everything I’m sure. 😱😂🤓😳
  5. I’d love to fly with you! It’s been do it yourself around here!😱😂
  6. Hello Tony! Yes I was happy to find out I had a fellow CTSW brother at the training site. I’d love to get with you and pick up some of your knowledge. Things are starting to look better for me and the CTSW here in Montana!😁😉
  7. That’s good news Tom. After my training I’ll still be faced with things unique to the FD probably not covered in the class. I’m going to try to get Brian at Rainbow to show me some of CTSW ropes.
  8. How far out have you pulled the engine? I know they’ll pull it a few inches to change isolator etc. Have you pulled it off? Is it a big technical thing to do? Also have you pulled the wings?
  9. Thanks Roger! I love this forum! Don’t be surprised if I pop in on you after the class. I’m pondering a winter road trip in Arizona someplace for a month or so after the class.😎
  10. I’ve been around a long time and I realize that being a doctor or dog catcher the education is just a license to start learning. My hope on this is I will be taught enough to safely be able to work on my plane. I need to learn so I have confidence in her flying my wife around. I hope to network through this forum and others once I get going for problems I encounter along the way. I never thought buyuthis little bird would lead to building a hanger and now having to get educated to take care of her! This has definitely added a new dimension to my retirement. That’s a good thing I think!😁👏🏿
  11. Wow nice response! Yes, I’m not interested in starting my own Rotax repair station here in Montana but the future seems bright! I’m just interested in taking care of my plane with annuals and regular maintenance without being negligent in its aircraft operations! For me a two day class is dillusional in thinking one can take care of the safety concerns of the plane! Hopefully 15 days with competent instructors will help as a beginning to learn more. We are in the infancy of LSA and maintenance!
  12. I’ll pass the question to them tomorrow before I decide! Tom thanks for the heads up! Im under no illusion that with a 15 day course I would be able to compete against experienced folks like you Tom or Roger. It is my only goal to be able to maintain my ride legally and safely while keeping her SLSA. Perhaps as the only repair station in Montana I can help others. I have no interest in making money in this endeavor! I’d offer anything I’ve learned to anyone with a Rotax for free on a share my experience basis. I do respect you experts in making a living doing this work as we need you! We need to advance light sport enthusiasts as much as we can!
  13. Hi Roger! For me I’m stuck. Around Montana and Idaho there’s no one trained to do anything Rotax. The way I look at it I can take the two day or 4 day for $1100 or do the 15 day at $3895 but have training at a FD approved service center and be able to get to know Brian and others with knowledge of the CT and Rotax. I guess what I’m thinking 15 days is better than 4 and I’m convinced I either learn this or I’m finished. I just want to make sure I don’t learn enough to be unsafe! I’ll give you a call on this. Thanks Dave
  14. Tomorrow I will decide whether I will take the 15 day class or not held Jan 22 at Rainbow Aviation. My question is for those that have completed the course. Was it worth it and do you feel you learned enough that you can exercise confidently those things allowed by this rating?🤓
  15. Inventory of rubber hoses, tools, clamps etc?

    Yes I was getting ready to take her to Roger’s then the wife got sick. Now she’s out of annual and I’m snowed in at the field. I just got off the phone with Carol from Rainbow Aviation in Corning Ca. I’m seriously thinking of signing up for the 15 day class in January so I can do all the work and keep her Slsa. $3895 is cheap compared to a semester of college where you don’t learn a thing!😱😂🤓🇺🇸🇺🇸