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  1. My friend took his Rans 7 to Rocky Mountain Kit Sport for his hose job. He did the work with their assistance. He’s out of the country or I’d call him. He told me he chose a different hose material than what the dealers like CPS sells. He said is is stronger and less likely to crack shred etc. Question: Before I order my 5 year kit from CPS should I think of alternative materials that would hold up better?
  2. Difficult Tire mount question?

    I’ll be getting these next! Thanks!
  3. That’s what I want to put in my CTSW!👏🏿
  4. Difficult Tire mount question?

    Thanks Roger I just forwarded this to him. 👍
  5. My IA is doing an annual on my 2007 CTSW with the Tundra option. I took him a couple Desser 6-6 6 ply tires with heavyweight tubes to mount. He’s having a real hard time squeezing the wheel halves together so he can bolt up. He did one and now he’s fighting the other. Any suggestions to help with this? He was going to also repair the cracked drip trays but abandoned that idea when he discovered the complexity of that!🤔
  6. I’ll get some after I get the plane back from the annual. Probably tomorrow. It’s snowing here again!
  7. I had planned on that last summer. I scheduled with him then wife got quite sick then the plane ran out of annual then I became hesitant to to fly that far. Then I took it to a outfit that works on jets etc. After a few of his questions and comments I got the hell out of there. My service challenges have been terrible since owning this airplane!
  8. It was around $6.95 each plus $21.00 shipping. Came to about $135.00
  9. I can picture that! I’m really hoping this kid has hidden talents that can come to life and tackle the Rotax/Flight Design CTSW thing naturally! He admitted to me today the Rotax is much more suffisticated than the old Lycs and Conts he deals with. He was amazed at the volume of hoses and wires on top of the moter. I told him the Rotax is actually bulletproof statistically as safe or safer than the older Designs. I’m pretty happy I have a young guy that is willing to learn and expand his horizons learning as much as he can about the Rotax!
  10. That’s what I’m afraid of. I’m thinking the job would be best if combined with the full hose/rubber replacement. With that said can a IA with tons of experience in turbines, jets, Lycomings and Continentals tackle a full hose job because of their vast experience? Every time I call these operators they kinda give me the impression that they can do this job no problem. My local guy is willing to tackle the job and he has 14 years of experience but admits he’s totally unfamiliar with the aircraft and engine but is confident he can handle it. 🤔
  11. My local A&P is doing my annual on my 2007 CTSW. My engine mount rubbers are cracked and need to be changed out. I ordered 16 silent block fiat engine isolators from FD today. Question: How difficult and how much time would it take an experienced IA to change these out? Any other tips are always appreciated!
  12. Won’t start??

    I’ll bet a lot of people learned something new on this starting thread!
  13. Won’t start??

    I have always been kind of anal with things like my wife starting the car and laying on the starter after the engine starts. Now I read you can lay on the key start feature seconds after she starts. Even for many seconds! This is new to me but because of this forum I again have learned a valuable bit of unique information and I thank all of you! Many times I have backed off just before the start probably stressing out the clutch! Again thanks!
  14. Won’t start??

    Thanks Roger I’ll try that! Now the other day when it flat wouldn’t start was that flooding? She’s never been stubborn like that day!
  15. Won’t start??

    Has anyone had an occasion of a severally flooded engine? Mine was just dead no start the other day no matter what combination I tried. Then this morning semi cold she started full choke in one rotation of the prop.