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  1. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    I took all the tape off mine with the exception of the wings. Looks cleaner to me! Why tape the bottoms if it makes no difference in performance? No one see’s the bottom.
  2. Ok I’ll bite! Please tell me about the SYNC light? 🤔
  3. Makes sense now! Thanks for the clarification!
  4. This is true! My thinking was earlier in my post that if a simple larger radius balance tube would eliminate the need for carb balance then why not do it! Simple as that. But now reading these posts I agree that the engineers at Rotax would of developed this early on. So with that in mind doing it the standard way in fine with me. I have come to the conclusion that modding these wonderful engines with turbo’s, zipper kits etc. is only going to get you gremlins in the end. Its fun for me to throw stuff out on this forum to hear the replies plus you learn a lot! 😁 My engine is bone stock and it’s staying that way!
  5. All the reply’s sound logical so I’m abandoning any idea of doing this! Now I hear that the ZIPPER KIT when installed eliminates the need for carb balance. Is this true and if so how does this work?
  6. Yes, but at the lower rpm’s where we operate only a small amount of time ie. idle, warm up etc. this is where the imbalance is most harmful. At higher rpm’s carb balance is not a issue unless of course they are way off. Please explain! Thanks
  7. Someone told me there’s a solution to the need of carb balancing. That’s replacing the tubing between each carb with a larger diameter piece. Can someone please elaborate! I’m very interested and if true why isn’t it a popular mod? Thanks Buckaroo
  8. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    Yes I’ve read your technique of having the tab down when applying so it relaxes when it comes up and visa versa on the bottom. Ill probably put it back after I get tired of the gap.🤔
  9. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    I’m really referring to the rear of the plane (stab and along the fuselage. My wings are still taped. Probably will keep that. It has nothing to do with time or money.
  10. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    What areas are those?
  11. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    I was kinda thinking the positive side of taping is to keep crap out of the holes and orifices! For me I like seeing goodness during preflight! You know linkages and hinges etc! I’m finished with tape!😁
  12. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    .25 % improvement is a waste of time and money plus hiding hinges and anything OEM is for me counter productive! I do see what are I think inspection ports taped. I think these should remain covered. Am I correct in those assumptions? Thanks
  13. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    Mike great response! I’m kind of a mechanical kind of guy who appreciates seeing hinges, wing fuselage fitting without cheap tape etc. If no tape is as effective I’m in it for the natural build fit and look. I may change my opinion from others offering their views!🤔 i tend to like to keep things OEM and simple!
  14. Buckaroo

    Glider tape question?

    Do most you see use tape? I’m tempted to clean it off but not sure if it will look “gappy” without it!
  15. My tape is getting rough lately so I pulled some off the stabilator top. The rest will be replaced when I get the tape. Question: If one we’re to remove all the tape would stall speed or handling in general change significantly? I’m mainly interested in stall speed! Also has anyone tested the effect on cruise speed? Thanks