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  1. Buckaroo

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    For me it’s like a car. Your biggest nightmare is a rebuild. Things will never be right again and the stigma alone will kick your ass forever. If I’m fortunate enough to crawl away from my rig following an accident I’ll arrange things accordingly! 😱
  2. Buckaroo

    What are these three wires for?

    Shipping to them approximately $25 slow 7 to 10 days, $45 medium 7 days and $100 faster 4 to 7 days via US Postal. They email you progress along the way. Three day max for in house repair. They return item UPS 3 day. Cost is $485 for both plus shipping your looking at $550 total. They say they inhance the units with even improved operations over the OEM originals. Example they introduce soft start features that makes the need for the extra wire set up unnecessary. For a little extra they will replace the 6 pin wire and plug set up. They return email questions almost immediately along the way. Just be aware of the time differences. Payments super safe and easy via Pay Pal following there checkout procedure. 5 star experience and the engine seems smoother than before.
  3. Buckaroo

    What are these three wires for?

    Yes they’re back and the rig is running perfect! Thanks!
  4. Buckaroo

    What are these three wires for?

    Oh yes would one benefit from placing rubber isolators between the modules and the mounts?
  5. Buckaroo

    What are these three wires for?

    I’ll bring the middle one up top!
  6. Buckaroo

    What are these three wires for?

    Very appreciated responses Thank You! Carmo is brilliant!
  7. Two were on top of the top module holding the ignition module on and the blue one was sandwiched in between the two modules. The blue one that was between the modules has no metal contact except the bolt going down the middle. What are these please? Thanks
  8. Buckaroo

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    My friend just built his Rans 7 and last summer he got gas and walked into the FBO to pay and in the corner of his Eye saw his little dream plane flying. He thought someone had stole it. A dust devil had lifted her 30 feet in the air and down hard on its back. Totaled.
  9. Buckaroo

    Not getting rid of me so easily

    I bought my 07 CTSW almost 3 years ago not knowing anything about LSA airplanes. Turns out to be the best num nuts purchase I’ve ever made! This forum has made the difference between a bad experience and an awesome one! Thanks everyone!
  10. Buckaroo

    Not getting rid of me so easily

  11. Buckaroo

    Engine quit in flight

    I wonder if the new Flight Design Super Sport will have a fuel selector and header tank? Maybe just a fuel selector?
  12. Buckaroo

    Engine quit in flight

    Yup, my left tube went empty. My right showed approximately 8 gallons. I immediately became concerned and cranked the plane in a left turn towards 8U8. Straitened out and engine quit like right now. Looked at the right tube and wallah empty. Landed her in fresh Alphalpha field and behold 8 gallons appears back in right tube. The tanks are flat and long. You can sling fuel out very fast by skidding. My engine quit almost immediately upon recognizing momentary loss of fuel in the line. I would bet money that you may of been bouncing fuel back and forth by rudder action against the bottom of the tube. Cool pictures!
  13. Buckaroo

    Carbs Rebuilt

    Roger thought 800 hours was maybe ok but not an emergency. He Said he’d do mine for $400 and a 4 or so turn around. I’m getting ready to ship mine since my Ignition modules are being repaired now.
  14. Buckaroo

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    Sorry this happened Ed! Things will get better.
  15. Buckaroo

    Seatbelt reinforcement

    I think the CT is an easy plane to land except for full flaps. Never liked the feel of all that drag and pitch change. It does have its place tho!