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  1. P25416

    Kennel Storage?

    Always alternatives if they are completely incorrigible. ... :-)
  2. P25416

    Low Fuel Pressure

    Good find Sid. I am guessing there was enough flow past the orifice at low load and as soon as there was heavier load on the engine, the blockage chocked the flow and restricted the amount of pressure the fuel pump could provide.
  3. P25416

    Kennel Storage?

    Great video WmInc! Had us laughing! Agree Roger, it sounds like it has to either sit on a lap or rent a bigger plane. Our dog usually curls up on the floor and snoozes on flights or drives but just not that kind of room in a CTLS. Although there are times I would have liked to put our 4 year old in the baggage compartment :-).. kidding... Thanks all.
  4. P25416

    Can a B-Cool fit in a CTLS?

    My wife gets air sick and hates the heat (we are in Arizona). I think I could make a custom unit that sat in the baggage area, would fit through the baggage door, and could be electrically controlled from up. It would have air ducts that ran to the cabin from behind the seats? Then use frozen bottles of water or ice packs with fins in the unit. After each flight pull the bottles/ icepacks and refreeze them. Anyone see a major oops that I may be missing?
  5. P25416

    Kennel Storage?

    Roger, do you think it is more stressful in a CTLS than in a non LSA? Madhatter, I have heard stories of a cat crawling underneath the dash and preventing the yoke from moving in.....uh, didn't end well.....
  6. P25416

    Kennel Storage?

    Thanks so much to all of you! You guys rock. I didn't realize that we could have access to the baggage compartment through the gap behind the seat. Can the seat be moved up creating an air and light gap? Still, the comments on securing it and the noise level were all very valid that I had not thoroughly considered. Thank you all. More comments welcome if anyone has done this. Thanks.
  7. P25416

    Kennel Storage?

    Thanks Sandpiper.. love to see my wife's response to THAT one... :-) Besides, for proper Weight and balance wouldn't I have to put a dog in each wing locker? :-) Ok, so maybe the kennel would have to be secured another way, but is there enough room back there for this?
  8. P25416

    Low Fuel Pressure

    I was in the aircraft that Sid is describing when it first happened. We did the standard by the book run-up, I think it was 4K RPM. First take off we got the audio "bitchin' betty" about low fuel pressure. We did a high speed abort. 2nd time we did a higher RPM runup and it appeared fine. This time, I stared at the fuel pressure reading while the instructor handled the take off. It started off in the green, then about 1/3 of the way down the runway went in to the yellow, by about halfway down the runway it moved in to the red and we were getting the Audio alert of low fuel pressure. We braked and taxied off the runway. Once we were down to lower RPM and off the runway, the fuel pressure returned to normal. Kevin
  9. Guys..... I know it is a strange question, but if I want to buy a CTLS, I dare not come between my wife and her dog...... Is there room for a very small hard plastic kennel situated high / laterally behind either the left or right seat (hat rack)? The dog only weighs 6 lbs and I was thinking the seat belt may arc over the top of the kennel with the opening facing the fuel tank selector. Thoughts? The thought of the dog sitting on her lap or hopping around inside the cockpit sounds like a future NTSB report in the making.... :-) Only other option is a Sports Cruiser with all the space behind the seats..... and with that low wing and large glass canopy out here in Arizona we call those Easy-Bake-Ovens... Thanks in advance! Kevin
  10. P25416

    Low Fuel Pressure

    Identical incident..... Why did it pass Run Up 2 times?