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  1. What is the maximum allowable mag drop in the Rotax 912 for each mag. I know the differential is important but have been asked a number as maximum permissible per mag.
  2. Thanks folks. This is what I was looking for. My training is proceeding well but one problem that I have is that my main instructor ,though good ex Air Force jockey , have no real experience with my aircraft. Most of you started with a GA training and plane and transitioned over to light sport. The comments are appreciated and EVENTUALLY I plan to try all configurations but for now I'm looking for a little more consistency. Thanks all
  3. This has turned into exactly what I wanted to avoid arguing about angels on a pin head and attempting to show who knows the most. I was really looking for a spectrum of opinions for beginners not salty dog stories Tom thanks for your personal teaching techniques. Would like to hear some other basic options. I don't own a CTSW and I do understand that they are more squirrelly
  4. I am a low hour CTLS pilot. I don't care if you landed your plane in the tundra with a 40nt. crosswind. I have no intention of going there so please don't put bragging stories up here. I would like to know if anyone With the following Conditions 1. Never less than 3000 feet of runway 2. Never more than 7nts crosswind. Usually 3-4 Nts. or less 3. Never more than 15 nts. of wind of any kind Questions 1. What is the "best "landing configuration 0 or 15 ,(I don't like 30 )and why 2.What speed do you like on final and at time of flare with touchdown (Between numbers and 1000 fotters as a goal) both with 0 and 15 3. Does anyone regularly land with 0 flaps 4. Would most folks land with 15 in these conditions. Thanks
  5. Is there another area for similar discussions for landing configurations,speeds,flaps and trim. I'm sure everyone has their own style.
  6. Do any left eye dominant CTLS pilots find that flying from the right seat is more natural?
  7. Really enjoy this forum. I am now about 20 hrs into my 2008 CTLS and loving it. It's my first plane so I'm not quite ready for prime time yet. A few questions 1) I'm too old to be carting gas from the filling station so I am using Avgas 100 LL with Declin additive. Engine runs great. Please comment Total engine tine 350 hrs 2) Where can I order a tail tie down sling 3) Although every plane is a little different but I would like to know folks range of preferred landing speeds in various conditions.
  8. Well it's been 2 weeks. Am absolutely delighted with this plane. Thanks to all for your help with the decision. See y'all in the Forum Dom Esposito
  9. This is a great forum. Thanks for the input. Will be picking up my 2008 CTLS next week. I'm sure I'll have lots more questions Dom
  10. Thanks all for the input. Very helpful. Please don't throw rocks at me but where do you think the Cessna 162 Flycatcher fits in this discussion if at all
  11. On the edge of a decision. New "older" pilot. Which will be easier to land in similar conditions. Avionics about equal. Appreciate any input from anyone familiar with both.
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