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  1. CT2K


    Hi Rich. Many thanks for stopping by and for your valuable input.
  2. CT2K


    Hi Gentlemen, Has anyone around here tried iLevil with iPad, please? I am looking for feedback from experience on iLevil AHRS. They post videos where they compare the accuracy of their products to Garmin and where they say they are better than Stratus. I don’t know iLevil and I don’t know Stratus neither. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.
  3. CT2K

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Are these guys in the UK still in Europe after the BREXIT? Hi SkyrangerRich (I guess you’re upgrading to CTSWRich) and welcome to the forum. From experience with this forum, people are knowledgeable and very patient and helped me learn a lot about my CT. I am located in Lille, north of France. As you can see, nobody’s perfect I don’t know how far you are from Peterborough, but there’s a guy over there who works resin and fiber and who knows CT planes inside out. If you’re in that area maybe you can get him have a look at your CT. Congrats for your CTSW !
  4. CT2K

    A Good Day

    Contrats to the young pilot and to the proud parents !! What an excellent start of the new year
  5. CT2K


    Ladies and Gentlemen, May I catch the chance of this message to wish all of you height, interesting perspectives, and nice flights for this new year and the many years to come. May 2019 offer you everything nice you deserve. My wishes go to you fellow pilots, as well as your families and all those who are Dear to you. Happy New Year.
  6. CT2K

    Firewall coating

    @Roger Lee: Many thanks for your prompt reply, as usual.
  7. CT2K

    Firewall coating

    Hi all,, A quick question: are your firewalls coated with a firewall part as described in this document I just bumped in (Page 13): Fire Wall Protecting_2.pdf By the way mine is not coated, reason I’m asking. Is it necessary to apply such coating? Mandatory? Anyone knows where I can get one?
  8. CT2K

    Carb Heat Issue

    Please check page 5-2 in the following file (looks like a link): Maintenance and Inspection Procedures Manual.pdf
  9. CT2K

    Brake stuck

    Will be looking for 5606. Many thanks to all for your time and thoughtful advice. Any recommendations/directions on fluid purge will be mostly appreciated.
  10. CT2K

    Brake stuck

    @Anticept, many thanks for stopping by and for the valuable clarification.
  11. CT2K

    Brake stuck

    DOT or 5606? Here are recommendations from Beringer, a leader in Brake Systems. http://www.beringer-aero.com/en/products/brake-fluids-33.htm
  12. CT2K

    Brake stuck

    Hi Roger Lee. Many thanks for your prompt reply and for offering to guide me by phone. -Why did you disconnect the brake line and loose your fluid if you just replaced the pads? —Because I removed the wheel and took it to a friend’s place who has the right tools to release the piston. -All other CT's use the red 5606 brake fluid. Unless you know different on yours using a DOT fluid will eat the brake lines and rubber parts inside the master cylinder.—Didn’t know about 5606 and didn’t know DOT fluid would damage rubber parts of the piston. DOT is the only fluid I know. Any link to 5606, please?  -If you need help before you flush the system give me a call for an easy guide — I very much appreciate your kind thought. I guess it won’t be easy given the time difference as I am in France. Yeah I know, nobody is perfect Again thanks for your valuable help.
  13. CT2K

    Brake stuck

    I hope you’re all well. A Quick update to this thread: ended up removing the wheel as suggested by you guys and it was by far the best option to access everything easily. The brake pad was quitte thin at one end and the piston was stuck. Replaced the pads. Can upload pics if that can help someone else. Now I am going to put the wheel back and refill brake fluid. Any recommendation on fluid grade (DOT3, DOT4, DOT5), please ? My CT2K is from 2003.
  14. CT2K

    Brake stuck

    From what I noticed our A&Ps care for certified aircraft and are not queen on looking at ultralights. I will be more than glad if I can find one A&P who would be nice enough to check my pads. Will let you know. Thanks to all of you for your valuable contributions, Gentlemen. Kind Regards.
  15. CT2K

    Brake stuck

    If they have to be one on each side of the disk there would be a little problem given the disk is fixed to the rim with those four scews you see on the picture on the outside of the disk. Weird, hein?