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  1. CT2K

    T Coupler

    Looking for someting like this (sth netted) to cap over the EFIS input where there will be no connection to static port. Should you come across sth like this please share the link
  2. CT2K

    T Coupler

    I guess there should be at least some net-like fitting that can be used over EFIS static opening to prevent a spider or a bug from housing there
  3. CT2K

    T Coupler

    Mike, Many thanks for your input. Given my CT2K is similar to yours in that way, I will install my AvMap Ultra EFIS without connection to a static since there is none, I will just leave that entry open. Is your EFIS behaving properly and giving you satisfaction despite the absence of a static port?
  4. CT2K

    T Coupler

    interestingly the altimeter has always worked fine since I got the plane 3 years ago, and still does although not connected to anything. The same goes for the Vario (vertical speed indicator): it is not connected to anything and works just fine. @Jacques: Bonjour Mr Jacques. Long time no hear. Nice to see your comment and thanks for the pics, it’s only now that I SEEL what à static port looks like on the CT. Well, I don’t seem to have this port.
  5. CT2K

    T Coupler

    Sorry for the delay. Any pictures would be very useful because I can’t find the static port on my CT. Today I went to the hangar, unscrewed the instrument panel and looked behind to discover that the altimeter is not connected to anything and didn’t find’ anything that looks lîke a static port. Please help with some pictures of your statics.
  6. CT2K

    T Coupler

    Will have a look in the very bottom of the fuselage. Many thanks.
  7. CT2K

    T Coupler

    Thank you so much guys for stopping by and contributing. That video was really very helpful. Again thanks. Now please forgive this stupid question: Apart from the airspeed pitoI don't see any static port stretching out of my CT. I wonder where should the static connection on the Avmap (see picture) should go?
  8. CT2K

    T Coupler

    Just purchased an AvMAp Ultra EFIS. User and installation manual says "Installation ... is supported by mean of a T coupler (not included in the Ultra box)". Any place you would kindly recommend to get this T Coupler, please? Here is a picture of the installation diagram:
  9. CT2K

    Heat Control Mirror Film

    Dear Mike, Thank you indeed for all the details and for all your time. Cheers!
  10. CT2K

    Heat Control Mirror Film

    Hi Mike, Many thanks for your prompt and valuable contribution. Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words. This is exactly what I am after. I even wonder if I can pull the film all the way down to the bottom of the windscreen. May I ask if it behaved well with season and temperature alternations (hot summer, freezing winter)? Did you apply it from the inside? or the outside of the plane? Kind Regards.
  11. Please feel free to share your thoughts on using a heat control mirror film in the area between wings and why not on the windscreen to keep sun and heat away. Many use them for cars. it's about this kind of films: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Stickers+Silver+Chrome+Mirror+Reflective+car+Window+Film&ref=nb_sb_noss Many thanks in advance.
  12. CT2K

    Ball centered

    When I bought my CT almost three years ago, the previous owner recommended and repeated two things: Never ever try and spin the plane, never fly with the ball non-centered. At some point I asked the question about spinning the CT here in this forum and I got the impression everybody recommended to avoid spinning, and I am fine with that. Regarding the ball, it happens that it slips out of the center and comes back when I start a turn, and the plane seems to be fine with that. Nevertheless, I am wondering what would be the problem if the stick is suddenly used alone without any rudder at all and the ball is thrown in the corner of the little tube, like in the case of an "urgent" turn to avoid another aircraft for instance. I never had to do an "urgent" turn with the CT but my humble experience with low wing UL aircraft (Zenair 601 XL and Viper SD4 to give examples) showed that the plane accommodates the turn and doesn’t show any dangerous reaction or behaviour. What is your experience with such a situation with the CT?
  13. CT2K


    Hi Rich. Many thanks for stopping by and for your valuable input.
  14. CT2K


    Hi Gentlemen, Has anyone around here tried iLevil with iPad, please? I am looking for feedback from experience on iLevil AHRS. They post videos where they compare the accuracy of their products to Garmin and where they say they are better than Stratus. I don’t know iLevil and I don’t know Stratus neither. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.
  15. CT2K

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Are these guys in the UK still in Europe after the BREXIT? Hi SkyrangerRich (I guess you’re upgrading to CTSWRich) and welcome to the forum. From experience with this forum, people are knowledgeable and very patient and helped me learn a lot about my CT. I am located in Lille, north of France. As you can see, nobody’s perfect I don’t know how far you are from Peterborough, but there’s a guy over there who works resin and fiber and who knows CT planes inside out. If you’re in that area maybe you can get him have a look at your CT. Congrats for your CTSW !