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  1. Rolls in a CT?

    My point is when lubrication oil little tank is upside down and engine ends up pumping air instead of circulating that oil, that must not be something good
  2. Jerrycan

    Hi Ed., Many thanks for your prompt reply
  3. Jerrycan

    I am pretty sure this topic has been discussed many a time, so please forgive my iteration. It's about refuelling from jerrycans. Are there solutions or pump kits you may recommend to refuel while keeping the jerrycan on the ground. The solution has to work on CT battery, i.e 12V.
  4. Rolls in a CT?

    When you look at lubrication oil system of the Rotax as it is installed on the CTs and at that little tank hanging a few inches away from engine, you would think that oil has to be constantly in the bottom of the tank in order to be pumped into the engine properly. So if you roll, unless you keep the Gs on absolute positive value, the oil would tend to leave the bottom of the tank and the engine would pump air instead of oil. Sould this happen, not sure if it is so easy to bring lubrication oil back in the circuit. Standard carburator system seems to be based on gravity too (not talking about electronic injection).
  5. Landing on ice - 70° crosswind

    I have to admit some out there are privileged indeed. Never had that chance to land on ice. Must be an experience. The scenery is breathtaking.
  6. Observing turbulence being created

    Just lovely and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing.
  7. CT2K advice required

    Maybe coming a bit late to share personal experience with my 2K: high angle dive on final approach with engine idle gets you a decent flare and nose up. Increase your final approach angle little by little and adapt accordingly. Another tip: When you are floating parallel to runway at landing, at one point you will feel as if your butt is lifting off your seat, that's when the plane is stalling and going down faster than you (provided the plane is heavier of course). That is when you want to ensure your stick is coming against your belly. Have fun.
  8. Maybe many of you already came across this long ago article, if not, enjoy: https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/1999/december/flight-training-magazine/flying-by-feel
  9. Wireless Hangar Door opener

    And thé tech from Germany was ???
  10. US desert October 2017

    Hi CT4ME. Thanks for stopping by. Good to know about the CTs for rent. Who knows !
  11. Miserable weather prevented me from going there
  12. US desert October 2017

    Heard about this? https://www.flightdesign.com/flight-design-airplanes-u-s-desert-oct-2017/
  13. Hi Mike. Many thanks for stopping by. Was planning to go before weather switched to moody. Will see how it looks like Saturday morning. Event is only a two hour flight from my place, so chances there will be a window at some point.
  14. https://www.flightdesign.com/flight-design-avieur-showroom-autumn-fly-in-2017/
  15. Portable GPS

    Tried Air Nav Pro in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, England, and of course France where I stay and it worked fine all the way. The only thing is that you will have to pay almost every single option because the price you pay for the app is only the right to use it without ads, but For maps, databases, flight plans, 3D or anything, you will have to pay for each and everything. Also, they won't care should you need support and won't reply to your emails nor will they answer your questions. That is my experience with Air Nav Pro. I don't know the other ones.