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  1. tevbax

    Partnerships - how did you do it?

    Not a partnership, but another idea. Our club has 3 CTLS' and is located @ KRAC. I dont know how much of a drive that is for you.... but if you were looking to fly the CT, its a great place to be. Check out http://www.racinesportflyers.com. Plane availability is usually never an issue, and we have some great CFI's. I'm almost to check ride, and having a great time.
  2. tevbax

    Flying Hamburger Social

    Racine Sport Flyers located at KRAC is hosting a flying hamburger social on August 23rd, 2017 from 5-7PM CST. Fly on over, grab a burger, and meet up with some fellow pilots! A small donation is encouraged to continue these meetups. The next flying hamburger social will be September 6th, 2017 also hosted at KRAC.For more information, please contact Racine Sport Flyers (I'm a student there, and the friendly messenger) Racine Sport Flyers