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  1. Both letters of interpretation were discussed at length during the class. The FAA does audit our class. POC is Edsel Ford and the prop question was posed to him while he was here. There is a lot of material covered in the three week class and based on the individual's minimal experience, knowledge and non-existent rudimentary computer skills, it's not surprising he called you in a "concerned and confused" state of mind. What is surprising is that you ASSUME an awful lot for not having attended the course to hear what was actually taught. My name and contact information is clearly posted above, but you never even extended the professional courtesy of contacting us to discuss the issue and receive an explanation that would clarify matters. We are free to disagree and doing so in a polite and cordial manner will make for a more pleasant exchange of ideas and opinions. "BRCC, I guess you're not going to correct you're teachers????????? Absolutely shameful! You're class should be audited by the FAA." Have a nice day.
  2. Sorry to hear you regret recommending our class to “Mr. J”. We’re happy to hear he has someone local and knowledgeable to assist him.
  3. She has already blocked the time period from 5-30 June 2018 for our students and will keep it open until 30 days prior (4 May 2018). This is a good deal for a couple of guys if they intend to take the Rotax and LSARM classes.
  4. Thank you, Tip! You guys were a fun class and very low maintenance. Based on your personal recommendation I also added Suzy's bnb to our lodging list.
  5. Enough people have signed up for the course to officially say it's a go! Still have plenty of seats open.
  6. Registration took off last week and we now have 22 of 28 seats filled. Whew!
  7. We have a gentleman from Texas signed up. Everyone is welcome! My goal is to make this class and our LSA Repairman course annual events. There will definitely be more advertising and outreach in the future. Thanks for the comments.
  8. We have met our minimum requirement of enrolled students and the classes are a go!! It was also brought to my attention that the online registration process for these classes pretty much suck. I would recommend registering by phone at 540-453-2215 as the quickest and easiest. You can also FAX or mail your registration form and the links are below. https://brcc.augusoft.net/index.cfm?method=templates.CustomTemplatePreview&ContentID=148 How to Register for Workforce & Continuing Ed Classes (PDFs require Acrobat Reader) Online, at your convenience. Call us: 540/453-2215 FAX Registration Form - PDF to 540/234-8102 Mail Registration Form - PDF to BRCC Continuing Education, PO Box 80, Weyers Cave, VA 24486 Drop by: Plecker Center, Weyers Cave Campus
  9. It was brought to my attention this morning that the class will also entail information pertaining to the 914.
  10. I can see where the distance figures in. Are you sure you don't have a sick aunt in Virginia you have to visit?
  11. I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion or inquiries regarding this.
  12. The perfect Rotax Oil Filter wrench

    With a little bit of filing on the opposite end we are able to use the same wrench for the filter as well as the drain plug on the oil tank.
  13. We're starting to get more phone calls as the days go by. I'll be out of the office for the rest of the week, but feel free to call 540-453-2306 and speak to Fred if you have any questions regarding course content. We have seats for 25 people!