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  1. ADS-B Installation

    Bummer! Are you sure your ADS600-EXP has the part number that is affected by the AD? My ADS600 has a newer part number, 200-5012. Kyle Cobble (main author of the AD) told me that part number is OK. It has a different GPS chipset that does meet the ADSB requirements and sends out the correct code. You might contact Kyle, find out who that chipset manufacturer is and see if you can purchase it. Kyle was very nice to talk to. His email is: kyle.cobble@faa.gov I have not dug into all the instructions that came with mine. I do not have an avionics shop anywhere near me, so I'm going to do my best to install it myself (I have my Repairman license). Question: Did they tell you that you would need a Garman GA56 antenna? I was told they are out of production but in good supply in the used market. I plan to search on eBay, but have not done that yet. Good luck and please keep us posted! ET
  2. Radiator Cap

    Update of my quest . . . I called CPS and according to the order desk, the latest Rotax P/N is 922-072. I asked the price and it was $87.xx!!! That really urks me! I told them thanks and left my existing order stand. That one is $47.55, still highway robbery, ha ha. So, I have a winter radiator cap and a summer, ha ha. I went and searched my garage and found my Stant radiator leak and pressure tester. Came back in the house and did an online search for "adapter for testing small radiator caps". Bingo, on order, $14.xx with 2 day free shipping from Amazon. No longer will I have to wonder! Thanks you guys. I'm still wondering how the 0,9 bar cap works. I'll find out and update here.
  3. Radiator Cap

    I ordered online. But I searched CPS's parts listing for both parts. The 922-070 showed no search results. The 922-075 showed In Stock! I was pretty shocked myself (because, like you say, that is the old P/N). I'll call them now. Thanks Roger!!!
  4. Radiator Cap

    I just ordered the earlier version of the Rotax radiator cap, 922-075, which is 0,9 bar (13 psi). The newer cap which Rotax is recommending is 922-070, which is 1,2 bar (18psi). So, I'm wondering what the good folks here have experienced with this issue. Is the original cap, Rotax 922-075 working for you? Discussion: I have had a problem of radiator leaks in the past couple of months. Seems like when I add a new clamp it leaks in a new place. I've done that twice and now I have a 3rd leak which I have not pin pointed yet. My radiator cap is a 1,2 bar (18 psi) and it has a date of 2006 on it. It also had a bunch of coagulated "goop" on the bottom part when I took it off wandering if it was "the problem". I figured it would be easier to buy a new cap than to find a place or way to pressure test it. Ouch, those little suckers are pricy! I ended up buying a Rotax 922-075 from CPS. They do not list the newer recommended cap (that I noted above, ref rotax 922-070). So, after stressing out a while, I ordered their part. I reasoned that, with the milder weather now, I'm pretty sure that cap will be just fine and hopefully will solve my coolant leaking issue. I am using the recommended coolant, Zerox Dex-cool. But, in the summer heat here, I suppose I take a risk of boiling off coolant if I operate near red-line (which I did this summer). I did a post about my oil temp going high. By the way, I found I had oil and dust in my radiator cooling fins which I cleaned out (air gun/solvent, water flush). Seems to run cooler now. I figure I can make a rubber washer and put in where the cap seats if I need to raise the pressure a bit. Then I'd be stuck needing to pressure test, but I could do a spring rate calculation.
  5. Thanks, I think I burped it before I started it, but not sure. I remember wondering if you couldn't pump oil into the filter that way. Thanks!!! I climb to 1000 AGL, then I shallow out and throttle back slightly. But, with a clean radiator I'm hoping to see it much less sensitive. It will be hard to tell now because the weather has really cooled.
  6. I just changed oil for the first time and in the process took a close look at my radiator stack. I noticed quite a bit of oil and some debris in the cooling fins. I was thinking I might need to remove the cooler stack, but my AI buddy recommended using 505 solvent and I ordered a wand spray gun with a venturi pick up tube so I will clean it up that way. The spray gun wand has an angled tip so I think I can reach behind the radiator and clean with a reverse air flow (might end up unbolting the radiator so I can angle it better/get more room). Good thing to check for when you are looking at the engine or even pre-flighting. One more tid bit of info: I did not attempt to fill or partially fill the new filter with oil. But, when I started up the engine, the oil pressure came up almost instantly. Conclusion - no need to pre-fill the new filter (it would be a huge mess anyway). Happy skies to you . . .
  7. ADS-B Installation

    I sent an email to Kyle Cobble of the FAA (the AD lists him as the contact for more information). He called me this morning. According to Kyle, the NavWorx ADS600-EXP (latest part number, 200-5012) is fine to use in an LSA. It has a new GPS chipset and the manufacturer has submitted the required statement (that the GPS meets all the ADS-B requirements). So, if I can figure out how to install it, I will be legal to the latest ADS-B 2020 requirements.
  8. ADS-B Installation

    My invoice says 200-5012. And, as I say, it states NEXGEN 2.0 From reading the AD, it seems like there is really bad blood between the FAA and NavWorx. Hard to imagine this has been earily resolved. If I understand correctly, is they do revise the SIL number back to 0, then ATC will not send traffic info to that particular aircraft. That would suck, because I want ADS-B in and out. I'm out of time now to call Nav Worx (time difference), I'll call them first thing tomorrow. Question: How is it that you are so knowledgible about this situation? ET
  9. ADS-B Installation

    Wow, big friggin wow! I'm wondering if my unit is compliant to the latest ADS-B regulations. It says it's NEXGEN 2.0. I'll call them right now. Thanks, I think, ha ha.
  10. ADS-B Installation

    I impulsively decided to order the Nav Worx ADS-B package for LSA's / Experimental's yesterday (that's ADS600-EXP). I had a notice from the FAA that their rebate offer was expiring, but I don't think it applies to LSA (I will research that, I have a few days to apply). For now, I was wondering if any CT owners/flyers have ordered or installed the Nav Worx ADS-B system? If so, you might get a visit from N40HA, hee hee.
  11. Yes, I had not seen that second picture. That is "the fleet" from what I read (a very small number that were not destroyed). The one that I took the picture of at Kingman was there for paint touch up. I'm thinking maybe he is a Beechcraft executive???
  12. Just 1 Starship in the picture. From the quick research I did, there are a very small number in existence. Beachcraft destroyed most of the "fleet" because they decided to shut down the program, very sad affair. I remembered the name thou, like you. Brought a smile to the owner's face! I watched him take off, it climbed out like a jet fighter!
  13. I have not flown much in the past several weeks, I was working on cabin lighting and re-aiming and replacing my landing light. So, on my first night flight (took off at dusk), my oil temperature went very close to the red line! I leveled off at 5000 ft and reduced throttle to about 5,000 rpm. The temp came down to about 245. The outside temperature was probably 95 to 100. But, the odd thing is that my oil pressure is running higher than usual. It usually levels off at around 50 after the oil heats up. In this fight it was around 60 or even 65 psi. My oil is full, still looks light on the dip stick, does not smell burned. I have about 35 hours on it since annual/oil change. I have run it on 91 octane unleaded. My hoses are new since annual and it looks like Rex Johnson (in Tulsa) routed the new hoses the most direct way as you suggested Roger. I ordered oil and filter today. I plan to take off the radiator and have it boiled out. I know my ferry pilot fueled it several times on 100LL. So, I'm sure it has some lead particles in the oil. Sorry to keep flogging this same horse, but this just is not right. Of course, the issue for me, is that I do not have any previous Rotax 912 experience to measure this against. So, any thoughts I would be glad to hear. QUESTION: Is this common (for oil pressure to go up the longer you go between oil changes)? I think I must have some blockage somewhere. I'm wondering if there is not some way to measure oil flow. Then, I would need a base line too! I'm loving the CT and loving the night flying too (cooler, smoother, calmer for landing, easier to see other planes, but fewer of them). OK, here's some aviator eye candy, ha ha. This jewel was in front of the huge paint hangar at the Kingman Airport the evening I went to try my night flying . . . I asked the owner if he was interested in trading for my CT, he laughed!
  14. Landing light

    I have info that it is the Soraa 00957, there is a link about 10 posts up to 1000Blubs page on it.
  15. Landing light

    I can only presume that my illumination within my 15 degree beam is more intense than the 25 degree beam of the Soraa. I'm sure the spec sheets tell the story, but it is over my head! We will have to all meet at a fly in some time, ha ha. Happy flying all . . . . ET