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  1. Hi Tom, I plan to install my own ADS-B equipment, make use of my Repairman license. There is a validation process that you go thru with the FAA to verify your ADS-B Out signal. We don't have any Avionics shop in Kingman. If I would have to, I would use a shop at the North Las Vegas Airport. I have a contact there (they do work for Kingman Airline Services). ET
  2. Thanks again gentlemen! My head is about to explode, been trying to absorb a bunch that I don't know about ADS-B and about flight planning. Just thought I would say that it is looking like Garmin GDL 82 ADS-B Out kit (which is TSO'd) and a Dual XGPS 170D Receiver would be my safest way to go. I still would like a built in ADS-B Receiver so I'll look around and mull it over some more. Oh, forgot to mention, some may not know, the XGPS 170D is compatible with Avare and ForeFlight. Again, Thx to all, ET
  3. Thanks Al, I'll check that out as well!!! ET
  4. Wow, thank you Mike! With those 2 items I can stay with Avare for now, and switch to ForeFlight later. And I get a hard wired system, not a portable receiver. Awesome!!! Off subject: Hey, I was just trying to remember the big salvage aircraft warehouse they have at Torrance airport. They had their name in hug letters. Hmmm, I think it was NAGLES??? Maybe that was before your time, ha ha. I miss flying into Torrance airport and I miss flying over to Catalina! Hmmm, I'll have to check into a camping trip there via my folding bike. I think the campground is about 5 miles from the airport. Thx, ET
  5. Looks like this is ForeFlight Mobil (this type split screen appears on the ad for Stratus 1S & 2S). There's some really convincing testimonials for using ForeFlight. So, now I gotta research that. It is very professional and that is good, but I dread swimming in information for days and days before I can use it! I'll never forget my first Nav Radio, it was a Loran. OMG, it took me a couple of weeks of reading before I could use it. Then, it had about a 7 mile error in location that they could not correct! We've come a long way (we dinosaurs, ha ha). ET
  6. I did my search and found out that the Stratux ADS-B In works with Avare. I've got to read up on that more, I think I also read that there is an added feature that you can download for Avare now that is related to using ADS-B input. On Statux's ads, they show a display that I really like (I'm attaching below). Can anyone tell me what App this is? It just looks like the perfect us of a tablet or iPad screen. I was not aware I could get AHRS function too, wow, excited, ha ha. ET
  7. Thanks Tom, looks great! I think I"ll go with the GDL82 and search for an ADS-B In that talks to Avare. If I knew that the Stratus ESG has less current draw, I'd be tempted to go the extra bucks. I guess I probably could get all that info (have to know the draw of the existing transponder too). Right now I can turn on everything and I don't turn on the gen light. I think I'll put my bike in and fly to Big Bear Lake for my next outing (fly into some place cooler, ha ha). It's only 154 nm. for me. Thx again.
  8. Tom - Can you get traffic on your Avare moving map display? I will get whatever ADS-B In that talks to Avare. I probably can search and find out. Hey, how about a picture of your panel!!! Thx, ET
  9. Thanks for the info gentlemen! I had not seen the GDL82 and hearing that it worked out for you Andy is great! Surprised that Garmin came out with a low end and simple solution. Did you install any ADS-B In Andy? I'm using a tablet and Avare, if I could keep them (and see traffic), that would be awesome. Assumed I would probably have to install the mini iPad and buy ForeFlight to see traffic. I might just do it in 2 stages, go with the ADS-B out first. Once I get the ADS-B in, then I'll be really tempted to fly into the LV area, ha ha. It would be nice to visit North Las Vegas airport, there is a Flight Design dealership there. Again, thanks! ET
  10. Just did a search for the best ADS-B deal for my situation (fairly bare panel). I'm using a tablet for my GPS right now. I figure, if I'm gonna go to the work, might as well have capability of seeing traffic. I have a mini iPad I might install if the aviation apps are better. I guess ForFlight is being used already for ADS-B In? Appareo looks like the best solution right now to me. That would be their Stratus ESG Transponder (I love that it fits in where my existing Transponder is and that I can keep my altitude encoder and antenna) and their Stratus 3i receiver. The Transponder is about $3k, and the Stratus 3i is available with installation kit at AC Spruce for $500. Not sure how long this package has been available. Anybody familiar with this set up? Any better package available for low end $'s but with In & Out?
  11. I wanted to clarify a bit possibly: the 00957 number is an NAED number (National Association of Electrical Distributors). The number that Amazon stocks it under, SM16-09-25D-830-03, is more of a spec number. If you order the one from Amazon, it will have the 00957 number on the box also (and I"m pretty sure it's on the bulb, mine is in my airplane). But, hey, I've got good news, ha ha: I just did a search and typed in "NAED 00957" and got a hit on eBay for less cost! Let me give you that link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-SORAA-Brilliant-00957-MR16-9W-3000k-25-SM16-09-25D-830-03-Lamp-Light-Bulb-/331637894091 I still have to go thru what you will go thru with Flight Design, I do not have my landing light documented yet. I have several things I did to enable night flying, and I will attempt to lump them all together. Just putting off doing the "paperwork', gotta get with it! I have had pretty good luck dealing with Arian Foldan at Flight Design. I will provide a full documentation package to him along with my MRA. But, for your documentation, it sounds like you would just contact Arian and ask him to issue the standard MRA regarding the LED us to you (and there will be a fee I have been told). By the way Arian's email is: Arian Foldan <topservice@flightdesignusa.com> PS: That deal was so good that I bought one to have a spare, ha ha. They got me when they said I had earned a $5 discount!!! It's just eBay wanting me to do more business with them! ET
  12. This looks like the best deal on Amazon if you want to use them: They don't actually sell it by the part number that I noted earlier. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TPONL76/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It does claim 590 lumins.
  13. I went to my CT parts Wearhouse (back bedroom book case, upper shelf, ha ha) and dug out the 2 landing lights that I have: 1). Soraa 00957. This is a single LED MR16 bulb rated 9W actual, 3000k color, 25 degree light cone, the box does not state lumens (odd). 2). GreenCreative 57978. This is a 5 LED MR16 bulb rated 8.5W actual, 3000k color, 15 degree light cone, 580 lumens. I think I must have a Soraa installed in my CT right now because I definitely have the single LED bulb. If I ever do burn it out, I think I will make a little mount in my garage, open up the garage door at night and see which one puts out the best light (maybe even take it out in the street, ha ha). Attaching pic of the 2 boxes I have and of my mount which was installed by my mechanic when I bought the CT (a guy back at the Riverside Airport in Tulsa). Nothing is bonded with silicon. There are 4 threaded studs installed in metal receptacles that were molded into the lower cowling by his fiberglass guy. I had to install longer studs and get longer springs so that I could adjust the aiming of the light. At night I turn on everything and I do not have any problem with generator light coming on. I have 2 interior LED lights, but I only use one of them (both are very low draw LED lights). I also have a lighted vertical card compass now, and an AvMap EFIS. I replace the Garmin GPS with a small tablet (I found a short USB cord and just plugged it into the 12V outlet via a 2 port USB adapter. I normally have all of these on for night flying, with no power problem. I did a little searching on Amazon and by chance found out that I got my Soraa bulbs from them, ha ha. But, their source was 1000Bulbs! I think I got a better price thru Amazon (and free shipping).
  14. Thank you gentlemen! I mis-stated my heading, it will be 5 degrees heading on the way up. And the way I learned it, anything to the right of 0 degrees is Easterly until 180 degrees, and the saying I memorized is "East is odd, West is even", so I believe I should use 9,500 on the way up and 10,500 on the way back. Sorry for the confusion, Avare shows me Track and Bearing, and sometimes I get them mixed up! Again thanks, love the knowledge resource here!!!! ET
  15. Question about the 10,000 MSL limit/rule: I fly as a private pilot (I have kept doing my aviation medical exams because I love flying at night). I am very rusty on Airspace Rules (never really learned the new airspace rules, need to take a ground school actually). But, here's my situation. . . I'm flying from Kingman AP AZ Saturday to Cedar City, UT, I have to fly above 7999 going over Grand Canyon area. Flying direct, I will actually be over Grand Canyon West, will be in sight of the Sky Walk, might head right over that, only about a mile or 2 west of my direct flight. Anyway, following the odd/even +500 altitude rules, I figure I will fly up (heading of 349) at an altitude of 9,500. And fly home at an altitude of 10,500. Question: Since I am a licensed private pilot, can I ignore the below 10,000 MSL limit for Light Sport? I have searched and searched and do not find the answer! I think the 10,000 limit is on the pilot rating, not the aircraft, right? I would not attempt to cruise above the 10,500 elevation because I understand the Bing carbs start to get too rich at about 10,000. Thanks, ET
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