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  1. Outside air temp probe placement

    Got it. Thanks
  2. Outside air temp probe placement

    When you say under rhe flap do you mean inder the wing fore of the flap? A little more detail would be helpful for me . Did you partially remove the wing to run the wires? Thanks
  3. Center Panel

    I would like one.
  4. Dynon D100 to replace BMA

    I found the old magnetometer aft of the baggage compartment. Used the old wire to fish the dynon harness backfrom the panel . Worked out fine.. thanks
  5. Outside air temp probe placement

    How hard was it to put in the wing. What was the process?
  6. Getting ready to install d100. Magnetometer will be in fuselage behind elt. Where should the oat probe be placed.? Thanks
  7. Wash Wax All products

    I just bought the bucket clean. Do you have to rinse it off after wiping down the bird?
  8. Wash Wax All products

    Does one have to rinse the composiclean bucket wash?
  9. Asi jitter?

    Asi indication on efis and analog gauge accurate but both have slight jitter. Most common causes? Thanks
  10. Dynon D100 to replace BMA

    I am getting ready to replace my small 5 inch blue mountain avionics efis with a Dynon D100. Biggest question is where to put the magnetometer. Does anyone know: Where is the magnetometer for the old BMA. Wing? Could one switch them out since the wiring is already done? Should it just be mounted under the passenger seat? Thanks in advance.
  11. draining fuel tanks

    What's the easiest way to drain the fuel tanks? thanks
  12. White trim tape

  13. Oil temp gauge?

  14. Oil temp gauge?

    Ok . That was the plan just wanted to make sure there was not something else to look at. Thanks
  15. Oil temp gauge?

    Oil temperature gauge( steam ) works fine at idle. Wait for 120. Full rpm for takeoff or flight goes to nothing (like no power or input) Just started. any ideas