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  1. ls6pilot


    I have no experience with ilevil but I am intrigued by their innovative ideas. I built a stratux (originally without ahrs but now with) for under 200 dollars. It seems to work very well for basic ahrs. However, I have not tested it with aerobatics etc. Relatively inexpensive way to try it out compared to ilevil and stratus. Works well with my android pad and iflygps. Rich
  2. ls6pilot

    Fuel leak

    Removed the starting carb. Was able to tighten the line nut snugly and all is well. Thanks for all the help.
  3. ls6pilot

    Fuel leak

    Thanks, I will remove the starting carb and try tightening the nut over the fuel line connection. Should one use loctite 567 on this ? Rich
  4. ls6pilot

    Fuel leak

    Any tips for getting a wrench on that nut? Seems like air intake hardware is in the way. I got it off and see no cracks but difficult to get a wrench down on it to tighten
  5. ls6pilot

    Fuel leak

    Fuel leaking where fuel line enters right carburetor. Appreciate advice on eval and fix.
  6. pretty good summary here: https://generalaviationnews.com/2017/04/17/can-you-fly-ifr-in-an-lsa/
  7. Didn't someone post a picture of a small clip/mount for the anr headset controllers? Anyone have ideas for this ? Just would like to tidy up wires. Thanks
  8. ls6pilot

    ADS-B out / TailBeacon installed

    Great. thanks for the info. Rich
  9. ls6pilot

    ADS-B out / TailBeacon installed

    Did you already have WAAS?
  10. ls6pilot

    ADS-B out / TailBeacon installed

    Keep us posted with updates.
  11. ls6pilot

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    Any recommendations on where to buy a cow hide?
  12. ls6pilot

    Production uAvionix Skybeacon UAT transmitter

    Any updates on this?
  13. ls6pilot

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    How much does a new mt-16 board cost?
  14. ls6pilot

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    The board on the firewall? Not the board on the panel. Correct?
  15. ls6pilot

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    Still having intermittent problem with flaps. RPM does seem to affect it. For example: -6 to 0 no problem, abeam landing pull power back and switch to 15 not working. Add power and flaps go to 15. 15 to 30 usually works. Suggestions for next step. Thanks Rich