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  1. I tried to search but could not locate answer. Best way to remove mogas stain? Thanks
  2. Glad everyone is ok. Never been there. Would there be a set of conditions that would make it preferable to take off other direction into wind with early turn out. Cant tell how close that big ole rock is. Thanks
  3. I know. There is an loa for flying with main wheel pants removed. Can one fly with front wheel pant removed? thanks
  4. Did you ever sell this radio? I may be interested.
  5. Yeah I hope not. I'm just hoping that with the timing right after plug change that it is something simpler (and cheaper) I will definitely give Carmol a try if it comes to that. Thanks
  6. Bump Anybody want to help me out here? Here's my plan. While running set to mag 1 and use ac current tester to id which plugs are firing and then I will know which plugs are firing on mag 2. Turn to mag 2 and us ir temp gun to identify which cylinder is not firing. Check plug and cut and rescrew plug wire. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks Rich Thanks, Rich
  7. Does the spark plug connector/cap screw off allowing one to trim the lead? one egt probe so not sure how to isolate which cylinder. With ignition switch in 2 position which 4 plugs should be firing? 6 of the plug wires look new while the lower ones on 1 and 3 look old.
  8. Just finished changing oil and replacing spark plugs. No problems prior. Now: 300-400 rpm drop when on mag 2. 50 on 1. Previous 50 on both. Checked all plug connectors to make sure well seated and secure. I have looked at troubleshooting info but could use advice about how to proceed. No recent work on carbs. Bad plug? Thanks in advance. Rich
  9. ls6pilot


    Larry, What locations did you use for the installation?
  10. I posted the service instructions above. Section 3.3 note 25hour change is recommended. rotax si-912-016
  11. rotax si-912-016 has 25 hour Recommendation https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceinfo/si-912-016.pdf
  12. Recently at cold startup my oil pressure gauge (steam) pegs high and after about 20 seconds drops to normal levels. Recommendations for eval? Thanks Rich
  13. Replaced the flap card and flaps work fine now. It was definitely the problem. Not sure where the crack is. Don't know much about electronics soldering. Rich
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