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  1. What do you like to use for labeling avionics wires? Thanks
  2. One fellow put these on. see his posts fevlok@mmhs.co.za CTSW Flight Design I bought the VG's only for landing problems on the CTSW. Coming from a Mooney 205 (1000h in 14 years) I really battle to land the CT smoothly (ctsw 2007) it tends to drop out under me. I manage a good landing only by being widely awake and just as it drops add power Research shows that light sport and especially the CT has a higher than average landing accidents (just in the CT defense no fatality's and is America's best seller in its class)So I added the VG's as said before on the wing about 8% above and stabilator 10% back under surface.Now I have the best greasers ever on all flap settings power-off landings 15, 30, 40 degrees of flapsStalls were done mainly to see how she behaves, and she cling to the air like you know how. Full back stick she only start mushing and lose height, nose just 'nods' Once at 40 degree flap, power burst, ball not totally centered, did drop a wing but gentle and easy to recoverSo far I am much more than pleasantly surprise with the effect of the VG's. Must confess was skeptic but the price was right and worth a try. Kiewiet South Africa
  3. Nice. Planning to head that way tomorrow or Tuesday.
  4. I live in South Carolina. Too much virus and too much heat right now. Would love to find a nice flying airport with camping where the weather is cooler. Appreciate any suggestions.
  5. I have a 05 Ctsw with the heavier main gear legs. Non-tundra . I put the larger tires on the mains. I rarely use a paved runway. My home airport 6j6 is grass and my 2 buddies have grass strips that are a bit bumpy. Does the CTLS gear make it worse?
  6. Looks like H4452 And H4451. Thanks guys.
  7. I did use rtv. I did get that pipe adjusted better this year so that may also help. Will see.
  8. Well I agree about the co in the cockpit. I have seen no indications on my monitor. This will be a test as the springs on the front of the 1/3 side didn’t last a year due to the Heat from the blow by. Will let you know in a year.
  9. I just wrapped one pipe due to leak at knuckle. 2 things I learned 1. If in SC in summer do it early morning. 2. Take the damn springs off.
  10. Was this a ct specific course or another? Thanks
  11. Indeed that is what I used when I put it back together.:)
  12. Could someone take a pic of the electrical connection to the landing light? Mine pulled loose and I need to reconnect.Thanks in advance
  13. Flollow up. After cleaning out the debris in the the fuel cutoff Valve I noticed something hanging down into the valve. I disassembled the valve and found teflon tape on the threads. A straggly piece of the tape was protruding into the the valve providing a slight obstruction upon which the debris could accumulate.
  14. I have the kit to remote mount the oil sender. Could someone post picks of the routing of the oil hose and placement of the new sender? Thanks Rich
  15. It could be possibly from the tank itself. Any ideas on how to analyze the debris? If it is coming from the wing tanks does that need to be addressed? Thanks
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