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  1. Stick on Slip Indicator

    Despite reports to the contrary I can attest to the fact that a yaw string on the windscreen makes a very nice heads up slip indicator. The prop may affect it a small amount but it works pretty well. Doesn't get much cheaper.
  2. Glide Ratio

    I would think it would depend on what your idle set is. When I first got my CT the idle was about 1950 and I think it definitely increased the L/D.
  3. Oil Change instructions

    This was a tip from the 2 day rotax inspection course at Lockwood with Dean Vogel. You can use that clip to bypass the ignition and just spin the prop while you sit in the cockpit and monitor the oil pressure.
  4. Oil Change instructions

    Anybody lazy like me and use one of these to rotate the prop? https://www.amazon.com/KD-Tools-SWITCH-REMOTE-STARTER/dp/B0051XCY8C
  5. Safety Belts - Revisted

    part number 30104 Crow enterprizes 2 X 2 UTV RESTRAINT HARNESS SEWN INTO LAP BELT These fit without alteration 90 bucks a seat with shipping. Latch and link buckle and padded shoulder staps. I love them Rich crow belt.pdf
  6. This is the color. RAL 9016 Traffic white ral 9016. I got some from finish master in Augusta GA.
  7. IFly 740b installed

    I have a 720 ifly that I hooked up temporarily to my trutrak digiflight II. It would run the autopilot for a few minutes and then lose the track. I talked to the trutrak people but could not get it to work consistently . Worked fine with the garmin 296. What output settings are you guys using? Any suggestions? I might try it again. Thanks
  8. Outside air temp probe placement

    Got it. Thanks
  9. Outside air temp probe placement

    When you say under rhe flap do you mean inder the wing fore of the flap? A little more detail would be helpful for me . Did you partially remove the wing to run the wires? Thanks
  10. Center Panel

    I would like one.
  11. Dynon D100 to replace BMA

    I found the old magnetometer aft of the baggage compartment. Used the old wire to fish the dynon harness backfrom the panel . Worked out fine.. thanks
  12. Outside air temp probe placement

    How hard was it to put in the wing. What was the process?
  13. Getting ready to install d100. Magnetometer will be in fuselage behind elt. Where should the oat probe be placed.? Thanks
  14. Wash Wax All products

    I just bought the bucket clean. Do you have to rinse it off after wiping down the bird?
  15. Wash Wax All products

    Does one have to rinse the composiclean bucket wash?