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  1. White trim tape

  2. Oil temp gauge?

  3. Oil temp gauge?

    Ok . That was the plan just wanted to make sure there was not something else to look at. Thanks
  4. Oil temp gauge?

    Oil temperature gauge( steam ) works fine at idle. Wait for 120. Full rpm for takeoff or flight goes to nothing (like no power or input) Just started. any ideas
  5. Just wondering what people like to use for outlook planning. I use ifly gps in the cockpit and it updates weather on my phone. However, when looking out 4-5 days for pretrip planning I have not found a favorite website or app. Your opinions please.
  6. 912 ignition modules

    Time out guys. Here is the central question I was trying to ask. If one has a 912 uls that has old style ignition modules (non soft start) and it is starting fine should one upgrade to soft start module ? (essentially 2 k dollars). It has a new battery and is starting very easily and well. (The previous battery was old and it did kickback a couple of times when it was cold) It is in inspection now and I can get friction torque measurement soon.
  7. 912 ignition modules

    I have an early 912 uls with 180 hours. Runs great. Has 2 green non soft start modules. Has had a little kickback but not since I got a new battery. My understanding of choices: 1 Leave it alone 2. buy 2 soft start modules for 2k 3. Go experimental. Buy one soft start module and Change to 2 mag switches and a starter key or button. Start on one soft start module and then switch the second on.
  8. 912 ignition modules

    If you had individual mag(ignition)switches instead of rotary, I understand you could start on just the soft start and then switch the second one on. Correct or no?
  9. My question stands. I am not worrying about a ramp check just curious about what happens if one is ramp checked and something like that is found.
  10. Thanks all for your comments. Hypothetically what would be the outcome if one were ramp checked as noted above?
  11. I ordered these from http://www.crowenterprizes.com/ Great folks to work with. The buckle I ordered allows addition of antisubmarine 5th belt which I have not done. Standard plastic buckle is probably easier. item 30104 2X2 4-Way 52'' Lap belt W/2''H-Harness Sewn into Lap belt, Pads & Plastic Sternum Buckle Black 2 84.00 168.00 *** all wrap around ***** 1 15.05 15.05 UPS Shipping Charges 1 Tracking# 1ZE83651-03-5869-4305
  12. Rotax-Owner Forum

    Roger I cant get on . Have not been able for a day or so
  13. cowling attachment piece

    Actually that's not my plane. That is a ct fuselage that Lockwood aviation uses to teach the rotax classes. I took the first 2 day course this mon and tues. I just noticed those pieces and took a picture. One of mine has broken. I thought the course was very well done. ( I do fly without the main wheel pants, but the front pant/pants? is on my plane)
  14. Need one of these little l brackets. Any one know part number . Looks like it would be easy to make. thanks Rich
  15. Light Sport Expo?

    forecast looks breezy. Whats your take on the weather forecast?