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  1. Light Sport Expo?

    Anyone going to the light sport expo in Sebring end of month? I am going Saturday and plan to take Rotax service course Monday and Tuesday.
  2. Passenger foot rest

    I do not intend to start a discussion on the safety risks of passenger foot rests. Wanted: Passenger foot rest or Pics and Plans: I have a friend who has a machine shop and I think I can get one made without difficulty. Rich
  3. Passenger foot rest

    Will let you know. Still wonder if someone has measurements or plans so i dont have to recreate from Scratch
  4. Trouble latching door(s)

    Has anyone installed an interior door handle to pull closed? If so any pictures ? Rich
  5. Anyone have measurements. I'm sure i can just measure in the plane but would be nice to have them from one already done. Rich
  6. CTLS landing for beginners

    Obviously we may have to agree to disagree but I happen to agree with the following post: https://www.aopa.org/-/media/files/aopa/home/training-and-safety/flight-training-resources/wind-strategies_tips.pdf?la=en Rich
  7. Lumbar Support

    I got this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IJNJAZ0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I dont think so. this is from the lockwood info: I have a good friend who is a great a&p and used to run a cirrus repair station. He will help me with the annual but doesn't have rotax experience. So this should help me with the annual and everyday stuff. The first is Service Training. It covers the engine systems, operational issues, routine service, and inspections - including the condition inspection (100 hour or annual). It is intended for the Light Sport operator/owner and as an introductory course for homebuilders and licensed maintainers. The second course is Maintenance. It continues deeper into engine systems and installation issues, troubleshooting and major component disassembly. It is intended for homebuilders and licensed maintainers. The third course is Heavy Maintenance. It continues covering engine disassembly of all components with the exception of splitting the case and goes into the repair of the major engine components. This course is intended for maintainers who will be setting up or working in a heavy maintenance repair center.
  9. Actually Just taking the 2 day course. As I said the Rotax service course (2d). Next one would be rotax maintenance (2d). 3rd course is heavy maintenance (3d). Sport expo is 24 -27. Course is 29-30. Thought I would go to the expo sat. Fish somewhere sunday and take the course mon, tues.
  10. Sounds like a great plan. I bet you will have fun. I am taking the rotax service course at Lockwood right after the light sport expo in January. Anyone else going? Rich
  11. ICON Fatal Accident

    As they say: "You can only tie the record for flying low"
  12. D120 ?

    Have steam gauges. Have a lead on a used d120. Are there good reasons to upgrade? Thanks
  13. D120 ?

    If one replaces steam gauges with a d100 and d120 in a ctsw what paperwork is required?
  14. d100

    This guy still has 1 d100 for sale if anyone is interested. http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=153998&highlight=d100 Rich
  15. What I learned after my first LSRM course session

    http://www.sportaviationspecialties.com/LSA_Repairman_Courses.htm Andy took this course. They are not scheduling courses but you can email them and get on a list. They will schedule a course when they get 8 commits. Rich
  16. Replacement Seat Belts

    No. The belts are quite thick so one might have to loosen the attachment points to pass the belt through. You could get a different buckle but this one allow the addition of anti-submarine 5th point if desired. They are definitely an improvement.
  17. Replacement Seat Belts

    These are nice. About 165 shipped for a pair. The 2x2 utv restraint. http://www.parts123.com/parts123/yb.dll?parta~partsort~1~cadeikca
  18. parking brake issue

    Twice yesterday while landing on grass shortly after touchdown the parking brake came on spontaneously. I recognized it and turned it off. First time I thought I must have hit it with my hand. Second time I am sure I did not. Any thoughts? Maybe I didnt have it firmly in the off position? Rich
  19. iFly

    Old topic but I would also be interested in what you used to block the top window etc. Rich
  20. Canada, Cuba, Central America, and beyond

    Glad you guys are well. I thought maybe you had run out of fuel availability and left the plane in Alaska after that last post. Will put a trip like that on my bucket list Rich
  21. Portable GPS

    I am using ifly gps on a 9 inch android tablet. Works really well. I built a stratux for ads-b in for about 130 bucks. Very easy to put together. Rich
  22. Look Ma, No Doors!

    Andy, what do your pins look like? Could you post a photo?
  23. Newbie needs advice please

    Don't forget the approximately 2k chute repack and rocket at 12 years.
  24. Grand Rapids Technology

    I don't need anything but I want something. I was looking at the GRT Sport ex. For a little less than 2 grand you get flight display, basic engine monitoring and moving map. Looks really nice. How hard would it be to get LOA for one of these? Anyone have experience with GRT? Rich