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  1. I have been getting glasses here too. What’s your favorite frame for flying? Thanks Rich
  2. Bill, Glad you are safe. This may be a stupid question but I have some rotator cuff problems in my rt shoulder and sometimes I wonder how hard it would be to pull the shoot. I guess adrenaline helps. Your comments please. Thanks.
  3. Where and what is Stick and Rudder? Might like to go. Thanks
  4. Nice strip with hogs rooting? I have 2005 ctsw with the heavier main gear. I have the bigger dresser tires with no wheel pants on the mains. Standard front tire. Fly mostly off grass. I was looking at a nice grass strip at Hird Island Georgia yesterday. It is 2300 feet long and plenty wide. Decent grass. However, wild hogs do some regular rooting leaving multiple 3- 4 inch holes. Would the larger front gear/wheel work for this or would one need a tail dragger? thanks
  5. ELSA prop change Just when I thought I was confused enough about what defines a major alteration, and what to do if one is made, I found the following paragraph in an advisory circular. (This subject of this advisory circular is certification of light sport repairmen. It includes the statement in bold below:) Major Alterations. If the aircraft is issued an ELSA certificate, a non-certificated person may perform additional maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations on the aircraft. If a non-certificated person performs a major alteration, as defined by § 1.1 (e.g., changing the engine to another model that increases the original engine horsepower by 10 percent or more), he or she must make a maintenance record entry and a new FAA Form 8130-6, Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate, and send it to the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch (AFS-750). A new FAA Form 8130-6 is required because he or she has modified the aircraft and it is no longer the same aircraft as identified on the original FAA Form 8130-6 in the aircraft’s file. A Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) or FAA aviation safety inspector (ASI) will review the change(s) and issue new operating limitations for the aircraft. The issued operating limitations may require the aircraft to be put in a flight test area for a certain number of hours until the owner/operator has flight tested the new alteration and the aircraft is proven to be safe to operate within its design envelope. When the flight-testing is complete, the test pilot should sign the aircraft off as safe-to-fly in accordance with its operating limitations. (See Appendix 1, Figure 2, Sample of a Major Alteration Entry for an Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft (ELSA)). My opinion is that if one considers the prop change to be a major repair, one should notify the FSDO and the FSDO may require some flight testing. This circular’s statement that one has to fill out a new 8130-6 blows my mind. Appreciate your thoughts. ac 65-32a.pdf
  6. I love these 30104 2X2 4-Way 52'' Lap belt W/2''H-Harness Sewn into Lap belt, Pads & Plastic Sternum Buckle Black
  7. I bought Madhatter's old v12 e-prop. Got the pitch dialed in today at 26.5. Climb out at 70 give 5400. WOT level at 3000 ft 5500. Previous Neuform was 5100 climb and 5650 WOT. Very smooth compared to my old prop which was red 2 blade Neuform. I think I will be very happy with it. Andy if you want to get together sometime before you decide to get a new prop let me know. I'm not very far away. Rich p.s. I converted to ELSA on Tuesday.
  8. I have a 2005 Elsa ctsw. The one thing I wouldn’t mind having would be rudder trim for fuel management. Anyone have any ideas about how one might add that? Thanks in advance.
  9. Installing uavionix adsb out. Is there an loa or is a mra needed? Thanks
  10. I need a new door strut. One of mine is sagging. Suspa. Anyone have specs or alternate sources?
  11. I will take Madhatter’s. (Clarification)
  12. i will take it. Will pick it up with prop.
  13. Seems stiffer than it used to be during taxi. Plan to grease front gear. Previous posts mentioned a grease fitting. I don’t see one on my 2005. Thanks
  14. I downloaded a couple of pdf files from previous posts and printed them on vinyl matte paper I got at staples. if you can’t find the pdfs. I could email them to you.
  15. Thanks, I knew I had seen them.
  16. I am looking for the list of required placards for my 2005 CTSW. Could someone direct me to the location? Just looked through POH and MM and don’t see the list. Thanks
  17. Anyone want to post a picture of their chute? Thx
  18. I seem to make more mess with the filter removal.
  19. A&P can sign off ADSB for certificated aircraft. Can A&P sign off install in SLSA
  20. I got in contact with Dean at Lockwood. He does recommend Dawn. No bucket. Sprayed on gently with a foam hose attachment. Let sit and then rinse with light water spray. Run engine to evaporate water. FWIW
  21. Just a heads up. Emailed Arian about specs for e-prop. His reply: “Unfortunately, we've had to put a hold on approvals for the E-Props. If you have an experimental plane, then you can proceed. Otherwise, it will have to wait. “ I asked if there was a problem. response: There was not. We just learned that the prop hasn't been approved by Flight Design yet. They are working on it.
  22. How do you clean your engine? Poll I think I remember Dean at the lockwood course saying dawn in a bucket of water poured over then gently washed off with water. Thanks in advance
  23. What do you like to use for labeling avionics wires? Thanks
  24. One fellow put these on. see his posts fevlok@mmhs.co.za CTSW Flight Design I bought the VG's only for landing problems on the CTSW. Coming from a Mooney 205 (1000h in 14 years) I really battle to land the CT smoothly (ctsw 2007) it tends to drop out under me. I manage a good landing only by being widely awake and just as it drops add power Research shows that light sport and especially the CT has a higher than average landing accidents (just in the CT defense no fatality's and is America's best seller in its class)So I added the VG's as said before on the wing about 8% above and stabilator 10% back under surface.Now I have the best greasers ever on all flap settings power-off landings 15, 30, 40 degrees of flapsStalls were done mainly to see how she behaves, and she cling to the air like you know how. Full back stick she only start mushing and lose height, nose just 'nods' Once at 40 degree flap, power burst, ball not totally centered, did drop a wing but gentle and easy to recoverSo far I am much more than pleasantly surprise with the effect of the VG's. Must confess was skeptic but the price was right and worth a try. Kiewiet South Africa
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