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  1. skymonkey

    New CTs arriving from Germany

    @ct9000 Any news on when your aircraft is arriving in Australia? We've had confirmation that our aircraft is being shipped mid November! Some positive news to say the least!!
  2. skymonkey

    Flight Design insolvency

    Hi Ralacon, Yep my FIL has had plenty of discussions with the agent in regards to the plane actually coming. The agent is not happy either, he has another customer and himself who have paid entirely for their planes some 2-3 years ago. I'm disappointed in how FD and now that administrator are taking care of the customers who have paid already prior to the company going into receivership. I guess this happens no matter the business type. My FIL is just waiting patiently for the moment..
  3. skymonkey

    Flight Design insolvency

    Posted on Flight Design Germany's website from a couple of days ago.. http://flightdesign.com/wordpress/?p=5210 Planes and Parts Are Shipping!February 17, 2017 By Flight Design Flight Design GmbH is pleased to report that CTLS, CTLSi and CTSL deliveries are happening from their factory in Kherson, Ukraine. “We are very pleased to see the first new 2017 planes being shipped to Germany for test flights before being delivered to owners in Europe and the world” said Flight Design COO Daniel Gunther. “The production team at the factory are to be thanked for their support over our recent tough times and also for the quality for new planes as they look great.” Spare parts shipments, which were back ordered are being cleared and a stock of the most important items are also being built up in anticipation of the upcoming flying and training season in the northern hemisphere. Engineering support, which is a big part of being a responsible manufacturer in aviation, have continued nonstop during the last year. My father in law has put down deposit for a CTLS a year ago, understanding that Aero Jones where building plane, now we hear this news?? So confusing. I feel for all those customers that have waited so long to get hold of their aircraft! The most frustrating thing, these planes are so dammed good, you hate having to wait so long!