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  1. Rotax Service Bulletin

    Does this affect the 912 on our CT’s. What do we need to do here?
  2. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Hey everyone, im considering a last minute trip out to page either tomorrow or Friday. How was the flying today? It was quite windy near salt lake. Is there any other gatherings during the day besides dinner and breaking up in a small group to go fly? Is it to late to join a group to fly with? Thanks!
  3. Rotax mandating a fuel return line

    Are we required to change this at annual?
  4. 2018 CT’s

    I saw flight design posted the following price and info sheets for the 2018 models. https://www.flightdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Flight_Design_CT_Super_Series_472.5_kg_2018.xlsx it looks like they are adding several new configurations and the 914 turbo is now an option. Has anyone else gone through this? Thoughts?
  5. This is awesome news!! I can’t wait for the C4, its a strong consideration for my next plane! Im also excited to see the interior/exterior improvements they are working on!
  6. Ct spotted in Heber Ut!

    I fly my CTLS into heber quite a bit. I only know of two other CT's in the area, haven't seen that one.
  7. Turbo CT over the Alps!

    Any chance of getting the 914 in the CTLS. That would be amazing
  8. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    I wouldn't want to buy a damaged plane either. I picked up a 2011 fully loaded CTLS for under 100k, no damage, and 155 hours on it. Deals are out there if you look long enough, and I love the CTLS so far. Great little plane
  9. Bringing an old plane back to life.

    Great Job Eric! Plane looks awesome. Looks like a fun plane to fly!! ?
  10. Delete

    Stop spamming the board with these posts
  11. I am referring to a flyable airplane. Any airplane that is uncontrollable you would absolutely pull the chute at any levels. Im more concerned with low altitude engine outs etc, and if you study the cirrus caps deployments, low altitude parachute deployments of a flyable aircraft has actually killed pilots by the plane stalling and diving towards the ground when the parachute is first deployed.
  12. Their should be a set minimum safe altitude to pull. Did you see the recent cirrus crash in California, he pulled the shoot at an altitude of several hundred feet and witnesses said it cause the tail to lift and the nose to point down and he hit the ground hard nose first. Under a certain altitude the chute is not safe to pull and you need to fly the plane. Im surprised flight design doesn't have a specific altitude for the chute pull? It has to be listed somewhere
  13. Does anyone know what the minimum altitude to pull the brs parachute is? I've heard 500 but I called flight design usa to confirm, and they even told me they weren't sure and to call BRS...
  14. Great news. I can't wait for the C4. It's definitely high up on my list for my next plane!!
  15. CT Fatal Iowa KMXO

    Nothing said above shows any lack of respect, this touches everyone deeply and all pilots have a strong interest in learning and understanding what happened. We all feel strong remourse when these incidents happen. comment deleted!!!!!!!