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  1. bmar

    Favorite weather app for planning?

    I really like using ForeFlight and the weather included.
  2. bmar

    Foot rest

    How much does this weigh? I would be interested. What year was the plane that needed a modification. I have a 2011 CTLS
  3. bmar

    Special Day

    Congrats Eric! That’s a great accomplishment 🙂🥂
  4. bmar

    ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    I might possibly sell mine, 2011 no damage ADS-B in/out, 290 hours. I’m looking at a 182T or cirrus for family trips. Havent decided when I’ll move over. I absolutely love the CTLS. I’m trying to see if it would make since to keep the CTLS for fun local flights and have a 4 seater for cross county. Dreaming
  5. bmar

    ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    Trip, Did you see this CTLS yet?
  6. bmar

    CTLS K&N Air Filter model #

    Can anyone tell me the part number or if it is one of these listed in the photo below? I’m aware they can be cleaned, I’d like to have another on hand to swap back and forth.
  7. bmar

    CTLS K&N Air Filter model #

    I’d like to purchase a second air filter so it’s an easy swap out when it’s ready to change.
  8. Does anyone know the model number for the air filters on the 2011 CTLS. I’d like to order a replacement air filter, preferably K&N but I’m not sure which part number is the correct K&N filter to order. Thanks
  9. I just checked my recent oil filter order. The part number for the oil filter is 825-012, however the bulletin says this affects filter number 825-016. What is the difference between the two model numbers, anyone else using 825-012 in their CT? I’m not seeing a 825-016 filter. Hoping I’m using the right filter now.
  10. bmar

    Rotax Service Bulletin

    Does this affect the 912 on our CT’s. What do we need to do here?
  11. bmar

    10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Hey everyone, im considering a last minute trip out to page either tomorrow or Friday. How was the flying today? It was quite windy near salt lake. Is there any other gatherings during the day besides dinner and breaking up in a small group to go fly? Is it to late to join a group to fly with? Thanks!
  12. bmar

    Rotax mandating a fuel return line

    Are we required to change this at annual?
  13. bmar

    2018 CT’s

    I saw flight design posted the following price and info sheets for the 2018 models. https://www.flightdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Flight_Design_CT_Super_Series_472.5_kg_2018.xlsx it looks like they are adding several new configurations and the 914 turbo is now an option. Has anyone else gone through this? Thoughts?
  14. This is awesome news!! I can’t wait for the C4, its a strong consideration for my next plane! Im also excited to see the interior/exterior improvements they are working on!