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  1. It’s always great to have comment from all of you, I am surprised that to learn so much different point of views. Yes, from the material, it did looks little bit of heavy or even ugly, maybe the material color not look coordinate with the internal color, or even too MUCH looks and doesn’t match at all. (my point of view), Maybe the functionality of carpet is getting bad because of improve the look, it’s hard to compensate. ( I also like thing as simple as possible, functionality is more important) Nevertheless, those are some demo photos from sewing factory, only to say that they are capable to customized the internal look by individual’s need, we have to do some improvement here by the refer to the real comment above. Anyway, thanks you guys for taking time for comments.
  2. Come and take one home, interior design can be customized base on your need!!
  3. Yes, we create such production environment not only just increase production efficiency but also better quality! we are welcome for any one of friend come and have a look for any recommendation. I had a chance to visit Long Mountain Aviation in LasVgas to work with CT last year, i admired the maintenance work area there, great facility, huge space for daily work, professional work flow and great guy to work with. Yes, the tank is little bit huge..but actually we do not use oil, it's a special chemical material more like water, you might make a good point that a possibility of "smoke" in the flight, actually, we install shut off valve on the flow line, it can easily close anytime, nevertheless, you might have a good point that is might be a possibility that "smoke flow back", the answer is no, due to pump boost it all the way to muffler and injected though exhaust tube. again, thanks for your comment.
  4. Good article !! it's informative and useful information, i did learn a lot !
  5. Here attached a image of tank
  6. BosenChen

    Aerojones Aviation

    Come and pick up home - Aerojones Aviation manufacturing facility base on Taiwan company.
  7. BosenChen

    Flap positions

    please contact Aerojones Aviation, A CT production of Taiwan company : Bosen.Chen@aerojones.com let me try to get somebody to help you up! Bo Sen Chen
  8. Understood, think i need do some deep analyst to the chemical material, nevertheless, thanks for your information Bo Sen Chen
  9. Cool!! yes actually we purchase such smoke kit in Taiwan, it's only cost 1000 NT (about $ 30 something) plus special chemical liquid for burning. let me try to contact Aircraft Spruce to see if i can order colorful smoke material, thank you for your information! Bo Sen Chen
  10. thanks!! i also hear some of my USA friends talk about this. the initial idea is just having fun and surprise our friends, we install aluminum tank (approximately 20*30*40 cm) on left seat, mounted with rail guide (of course you have to remove seat for tank installation) afterward, we injected it (it's a chemical staff similar like water but definitely not oil, it can be easily burn when it injected from liquid into fog, that's how i know to create smoke) Bo Sen Chen
  11. Hi everyone, WOW!! I never expect that will receive reply, appreciate for your time and opinions, yes. the owner did buy a kit which also used for Air force military aircraft (AT3 trainer), he mount the tank (aluminum) with right seat rail of CT. i do not know the exactly of injected chemical material, but when we clean it out after injected, it's easily clean up by hand with papers, i think it can not purely made by oil, let me try to investigate into later. we are trying to use colorful smoke instead of just white, hope we will find it which can be used under environment friendly control in Taiwan, has somebody know what kind of colorful smoke that i can just buy from USA ? by the way, i am a employee of AeroJones Aviation of Taiwan. we are now into serial production since received CAAC production approval in 2015, we have deliveries 11 aircraft (also spare parts order) in USA and Taiwan last year, good to know, the most of orders are still placed form USA this year so far, so, we are going ahead with those order! please don't get me wrong, i am not responsible for sales, just a guy like to work with CT ;-) again, thank for your attention! share some photos of our production facility : ) BoSenChen
  12. Hi Everyone, I am new member here, first time to share by experience with CT, i have working with CT for almost 3 years in Taiwan. i have seen some of my friend installed smoke injection device with CT, nearby Rotax carburetor engine, here attached some photos for your look. we are still trying to improve the impression by colorful smoke instead of just white to get the strong look during the air, have you guys seen somebody done this before in USA or other country with CT ? have a nice weekend. Bo Sen Chen.
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