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  1. iFly 740b Install

    Yes, but I was talking about AHRS, pitch, and bank. That is really only useful in IFR conditions or when attitude control by visual reference is problematic. For that, I would not want to rely on simulated pitch and bank based on GPS turn rate. I would want an AHRS module which I got for $15.00.
  2. iFly 740b Install

    To each his own. IMHO, the only reason for AHRS is to fly the airplane in instrument conditions. It is of no use in VFR other than something to look at when you should be looking out the window. The iFly AHRS can be a great emergency tool if you have an instrument failure while in instrument conditions, but only if it is being fed by an AHRS module.
  3. iFly 740b Install

    Understanding the limitations is of no value if you have a vacuum failure in IFR and want to use the AHRS to help get to VFR weather conditions. In VFR it's a moot point. Flying with AHRS is certainly easier than needle, ball, and airspeed. Why are some people so eager to hail the value of a simulated AHRS based on GPS turn information? It can get you killed.
  4. iFly 740b Install

    The iFly AHRS will not work without an AHRS module feeding it the correct bank and pitch information. I know what Walter posted, but this is misleading. iFly willl use GPS turn data to simulate bank, but it is not something you would want to use if in the clouds. AHRS is being released on the next iFly release due out soon. I suggest anyone who actually wants to use this for emergency pitch and bank information, get an AHRS device to feed it. It works great with my Stratux which has an AHRS module. You also get pressure altitude and closest metar setting so you can always have the correct pressure altitude instead of GPS altitude.
  5. Towing gliders

    If you are a Sport Pilot or other pilot operating with Sport Pilot privileges and limitations, you need to follow those privileges and limitations. If you are a Private with a medical or basic med, and flying an LSA, you can exercise the privileges and limitations of your certificate to the extent the airplane is certified and equipped. You could be flying a legacy LSA that is equipped and legal for IFR.
  6. Glide Ratio

    I know nothing about negative flaps, but it's not hard to see how some amount of negative flaps might produce less drag than zero flaps and therefore result in increased glide distance. The question then is, what airspeed results in the longest glide distance. Once you know that, any airspeed lower or higher than that will result in less glide distance in zero wind condition. Add a head wind, and you need to increase your airspeed for best glide distance.
  7. Glide Ratio

    I think each and every flap setting would have an airspeed that gives you the best glide distance FOR THAT FLAP SETTING. Then the question becomes, which flap setting gives you the best glide distance when using the correct airspeed for that flap setting? Of course, wind conditions might cause you to use less flaps and a higher airspeed. Flying at 63 knots into a 63 knot headwind might not get you there.
  8. iFly 740b Install

    You could also put iFly GPS on both your iFly and iPad and keep one device one version older if you're concerned about bugs. The AHRS works great with the Stratux AHRS module. I would hope most 2020 compliant devices include AHRS, but IDK.
  9. iFly 740b Install

    Andy, you will love iFly GPS. For $70 you get VFR and for $20 you get multi-platform which now allows 4 devices, not 3. I also pay an additional $40 for IFR, just in case I would need to make an emergency approach. I have been a beta tester for iFly for a long time and have also used most of the other apps. IMHO, iFly is the best. AHRS is working well and will be released for all platforms very soon. You would probably want to put it on your iPad also instead of Garmin. The Windows version works very well on my Surface Pro 4 and is great for armchair flying and flight planning etc. I use a Stratux with mine since I am just renting the SkyCatcher and Remos GX. Go for it, you won't be disappointed. Also, Brian at AP is the best developer I have ever encountered. You will probably want to quickly become a beta tester so you have access and input on all the new features.
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