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  1. What's the final verdict on a drop-in LED? Is there any documentation required, and where's the best/cheapest source for the brightest light? I'd like to drop one in my 2006 CTSW. Thanks!
  2. CTLS landing for beginners

    25 landings today, and some good progress! Give a monkey enough bananas... However, I still have a tendency to land on the left side of the runway, despite calm winds and lining up on the centerline on final. Also, despite plenty of right rudder after touchdown, I always drift to the left side of the runway, with the nose pointing to the right! I think I'll try right seat landings tomorrow to see the difference.
  3. CTLS landing for beginners

    You'd think so! I have learned the importance of stable, consistent patterns, especially when trying to develop consistent landing techniques.
  4. CTLS landing for beginners

    Both zero and 15, but preferring zero.
  5. CTLS landing for beginners

    Having done 16 landings today at 4 different airfields in varying challenging (for me, anyway) wind conditions, and with less than 2 weeks CT time, I'm becoming a fan of the power-on approach, chopping the power at touchdown. Having a variety of techniques is handy, too.
  6. Tucson area hangar availability?

    Hi Roger I'll pop out to Ryan and have a snoop around. Good idea to check Benson, too. Maybe somebody should built a small strip in the Vail/Rita Ranch area! Kevin
  7. OK, not to buy or sell... but to rent. Any leads or info on a CTSW-sized secure hangar in or around the Tucson area would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. 2007 CTSW $63,900 Off Market!!

    Nice CT! PM sent.
  9. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Good points. 35 minutes isn't bad, would probably be 40 minutes for me from Vail. I drove out to Benson last weekend, and that took about 40 minutes. Too bad we don't have a small strip in the Vail/Rita Ranch area!
  10. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Thanks, Roger. I'll be sure to check out Ryan. I haven't been out there yet. I'd prefer to be at Tucson International because of the distance. That's quite a trek from Vail to Ryan!
  11. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Tempting! Awaiting hangar availability... and a new tax year...
  12. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    That's a nice one! Darryl is flying it down to Page next month if he doesn't sell it by then.
  13. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Interesting discussion! I've seen quite a few CTLS/CTSWs popping up for sale recently. Now THAT'S the kind of deal I'm looking for!
  14. 2009 CTLS For Sale -- $89,000

    Message sent to your Controller listing.