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  1. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Good points. 35 minutes isn't bad, would probably be 40 minutes for me from Vail. I drove out to Benson last weekend, and that took about 40 minutes. Too bad we don't have a small strip in the Vail/Rita Ranch area!
  2. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Thanks, Roger. I'll be sure to check out Ryan. I haven't been out there yet. I'd prefer to be at Tucson International because of the distance. That's quite a trek from Vail to Ryan!
  3. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Tempting! Awaiting hangar availability... and a new tax year...
  4. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    That's a nice one! Darryl is flying it down to Page next month if he doesn't sell it by then.
  5. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Interesting discussion! I've seen quite a few CTLS/CTSWs popping up for sale recently. Now THAT'S the kind of deal I'm looking for!
  6. 2009 CTLS For Sale -- $89,000

    Message sent to your Controller listing.
  7. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Thanks, Adam! I had limited my budget to $100K, but I'd go slightly higher for a late-model low-hour bargain. I have been perusing the various aircraft-for-sale publications.
  8. I'm in the market for a no-damage, low-hour CTLS/CTLSi. Preferably in the US Southwest, but willing to travel. Thanks!
  9. New wide angle lens and Yosemite flight - yesterday

    Absolutely stunning!