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  1. Hambone

    Generator whining over intercom

    The only intercom whining issues I have is when my wife flies with me!
  2. Hambone

    Plan ahead, Leaving town if you need parts

    Disapproved. You can't go anywhere. Just kidding. Have a great trip!
  3. Hambone

    Camping via CT?

    After reading about the horrors of SW US summertime turbulence and winds (especially in an LSA), we have decided to drive and save the CT camping for the winter!
  4. Hambone

    Camping via CT?

    Like it! I flew the Kitfox in Idaho a few years ago. Similar concept. I'm finishing up my CFI-S, and I plan on teaching in a tricycle gear, so a taildragger is out. I think the Vashon Ranger would be perfect for camping and teaching, if only it had a lighter, modern engine.
  5. Hambone

    Camping via CT?

    Weight is not a problem. It's more the volume of the cargo area, and being able to get the backpacks through the cargo hatch.
  6. Hambone

    Camping via CT?

    We're gearing up for a week or so at Santa Ynez, CA from here in Tucson. Anyone camped from their CT? We're hoping to carry everything we need to hike away from the airport, camp, and hike back. I realize that we are space-limited, so it's going to be ultralight backpacking gear. Anyone done this already? Tips and tricks? Thanks!
  7. Hambone

    Adding AoA to a CTSW

    I'm curious why AOA isn't used more for approaches and landing. Coming from a military background, using AOA for approach and landing speeds was very useful. No final approach speeds to compute, as AOA is independent of weight, bank angle or CG.
  8. Hambone

    Low volts/high amps

    Where is this capacitor, and how can I test it?
  9. Hambone

    Low volts/high amps

    Thanks, Corey! We'll try that. What do you think of my theory that a faulty fuel flow sensor is causing excessive current draw on the system? Is that even a possibility?
  10. Hambone

    Low volts/high amps

    Thanks for the replies! Roger has already Scotch-brited and greased the shunt. As far as we know, all grounds were checked. My theory is that the higher-than-normal current draw is related to the possibly faulty fuel flow sensor.
  11. Hambone

    Low volts/high amps

    The CTSW is showing low voltage (~12.5) and high amps (~7-8) during normal operation. The voltage rises (~12.9) and the amps drop (~2-3) when all accessories are switched off. Also, and it may or may not be related, the fuel flow is zero, occasionally flickering to a higher value with the engine running. And the ammeter stays at 2 amps even with the engine switched off, and the fuel pressure stays ~2 psi with the engine shut down. The battery and voltage regulator have been changed, and the Dynon checked to rule it out. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Hambone

    Fuel stain on wing

    Thanks! I'll try alcohol as soon as my Composiclean kit arrives.
  13. While refueling the CTSW cross-country, I spilled some 100LL on the top of the wing, and didn't have access to water to clean it. Now I have a light brown stain aft of the right fuel filler. Best way to remove this? Is the surface in danger of delamination, or is it just cosmetic? Thanks!
  14. Hambone

    "Sticking" flaperons

    It appears to be the outboard left wing flaperon hinge.
  15. Hambone

    "Sticking" flaperons

    I'm afraid it is also putting an excessive load on the aileron autopilot servo... and on my arm, too!