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  1. Safety Belts - Revisted

    I would be interested in making this upgrade to my CTLS. I'm assuming that this would require authorization from Flight Design - right?
  2. New Pilot - Jumping Left on Takeoff

    Ya ..I meant to say pull straight back and smoothly maintain right rudder
  3. New Pilot - Jumping Left on Takeoff

    This is all good feedback. You cant really see the right pedals move...I have noticed this on other videos also. Honestly, most of my rudder application is focused on steering the nose wheel. Next time out, I will concentrate on pulling straight back and stomping right rudder as I leave the ground and will post the results. Proper rudder execution and too fast on landings are my focal points right now. These seem to be common themes for new CT pilots.
  4. New Pilot - Jumping Left on Takeoff

    Thanks guys....seems to be a consensus. I will put a post-it saying "More Right Rudder!° on the dash...I did my training in a SportsCruiser and I guess I got lazy as it didnt seem as rudder reliant. I will practice this the next time out.
  5. Hi, I'm a new pilot with only 9 hrs in my CTLS. On my last few takeoffs, I have notice that I am "jumping left" immediately after leaving the ground. I am trying to figure out how to improve on this and I am thinking about the following factors: Is it because I am solo? Is it because of the 15 degree flaps? Do I need to adjust the Aileron Trim? On both occasions, winds were fairly calm. Thanks for any feedback. Takeoff Video David Ober
  6. Amps going nuts

    Can anyone tell me where to find this shunt bar thats need to be cleaned and greased? Thanks in advance. David
  7. I live in Frisco and have a CTLS which you are welcome to sit in...my mechanic has a CTSW in Justin Tx...I can email him to see if he would be up for it. David Ober 9723358756
  8. Amps going nuts

    Hello, New pilot/New CTLS owner here. I went up yesterday and about 15 minutes into the flight, the Dynon started barking at me about "electrical current" and the engine light would come on. The amp meter would fluctuate between the middle of the green to the max (see pic). Non of my electrical components seemed to be affected. This is about the 5th time I have taken her up and this is the first time this has happened. However, this was the first flight I have taken right after I had put on a battery charger to deal with a dead battery I had a week ago. Thanks for any help. David Ober
  9. Cabin size CTLS vs CTSW

    As a point of reference, I'm 6'2", 200 lbs and this is what I look like in my CTLS. I also have the seat on the 2nd notch..it can go back/down a few more I believe. Hope this kinda helps as a visual.
  10. Pr-purchase inspection - Dallas

    John Wright just did a prebuy inspection for me on a CTLS. He is a good guy. https://www.wrightsport-services.com
  11. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    I inquired about the 2012 several months ago. The owner sent me a pdf of the logs if you want them. It has been listed for awhile. It weights over 850 lbs because he had air conditioning installed. It has also had repairs done due to a "hard landing". The details of the repairs are listed in the logs.
  12. CT Dream - The Journey Begins

    Thanks to all...great information. Andy: I will send you my information and hope we can meet up. I grew up down your way. I'm from Santa Fe TX. My youngest son goes to UNT and I have seen the airport across the highway from the campus. S3Flyer: I will try opticsguy. When I make it across the finish line, T31 would be a perfect home base for me. That strip is about 4 miles from my house. Thanks again...looks like a great community already. David
  13. CT Dream - The Journey Begins

    Hello Everyone, By way of introduction, my name is David and I am from Frisco Tx..just north of Dallas. After discussing the subject for the past year, my wife and I have decided to obtain our Sports Pilot Certificates. Are kids are both in College and we are looking to travel the country...the RV thing doesn't fit our style, so the idea of owning our own plane became very appealing. We are both about 6 lessons in and are really enjoying it. We are flying Czech Supercruisers out of US Sport Academy in Addison Tx. Putting the cart before the horse, I have been researching LSAs. The CTSW really seems like a fit for many reasons: Usable Weight - My Wife and I are a combined 390 lbs Used Market - 2006 and 2007 models can be obtained for < $70k Cabin room Overall reputation It seems and looks like a really cool aircraft That being said, I have never seen one in person. If anyone in the Dallas area is a CT owner and wouldn't mind us coming by and taking a tour, that would be really great. I guess we could take the trip up to Tulsa to visit Airtime Aviation..they seem to have a few in inventory. I do have a few questions: In looking specifically at the aircraft at Airtime, there seems to be a number of them that have had engine replacements "due to an SB"...can anyone shed any light on this? What is the best strategy on taking a tour of these planes....I was thinking OshKosh...but it doesn't appear that Flight Design will be there in 2017? Thanks in advance for any information or advice. My wife and I look forward to possibly joining your community in the near future. David and Hollie