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  1. Portable GPS

    The 660 does have synthetic vision
  2. Phoenix area CT dual flight wanted

    What does it cost per hour for lessons in Phoenix area
  3. want to buy 60 - 65k ctsw

    What equipment for the ADS-B out?
  4. Another innovative uAvionix ADS-B product

    I'm wondering if them configuration of the CT wings will interfere with the operation of the unit since most wings do not curve down on the tips
  5. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    TheFD recommended A&P says the FAA flight standards office also asserts that the legal letters do not mean the 12 years is not mandatory but require an approved alternate maintenance program. The A&P won't approve after 12 years and says the CT will not be certified. I'm also bothered that at sale I was told 1500 TBO. Since then I heard and upgraded to the 2000 on condition. FD should have represented 1500hrs/12 years but only 1500 TBO. I'm wondering if FD told anyone 12 years. I consider the single limitation of 1500hours as a material misrepresentation to a class of buyers. And, as I understand it, the problem can be fixed by FD merely changing the POH to not require compliance with Rotax requirements
  6. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    The recommended FD mechanic in Iowa asserts that FD requires engine overhauls at 12 years irrespective of condition or hours. This is the first I heard of such a requirement and I read this blog regularly. I was told 1500 TBO and nothing else. Has anybody else heard of such a requirement and was anyone told about this requirement when they bought from FD?? I have not seen anything on this blog but I understand this is the same concept as the 5 year hose change. I understand if FD dropped the language that we must follow rotax directions the problem (and fraud) would go away. Looking for everyone's thoughts