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  1. WTB Neuform Prop complete

    Purchase outright or trade for Sensenich.
  2. Wingtip Repair

    Making progress!
  3. Wingtip Repair

    You are correct. There are some other issues too: 1. CT's are SLSA. Only an A&P or an LSRM can repair them. An A&P can supervise the work of others. An LSRM must do all of the work themselves. An LSRM must have been trained or watched a repair in order to do one. 2. Besides being trained in composite repair, IT REALLY HELPS to thoroughly understand how the part was constructed originally in order to do a quality repair. 3. CT's use carbon fiber, aramid, and kevlar in their construction. For example, the full-width trim tab on the stab uses kevlar that's about the thickness of newspaper. Tough but delicate. 4. Deciding on a repair procedure IS more art than science. It's not something you can write a procedure for as each damaged area will be different. Replacing leaking fuel caps CAN have a process for them, but most structural repair is custom.
  4. Wingtip Repair

    So Frank Borrmann came over from Germany to do this repair. He is arguably one of the world's most experiencee and knowledgable CT composite repair guys as his company not only has extensive experience with repairing CTs, but also taught CT composite repair classed for FD corporate. He also has done prototype development for FD. I'm thinking about asking him to come over twice a year (March/October) for a couple weeks each time to do CT composite repair if there is enough demand for his services. Sid Lloyd LSRM Kestrel Aviation Services
  5. Wingtip Repair

    Exhaust pipe aft of muffler fell off in flight causing hot exhaust to damage cowling, melt coolant reservoir and damage firewall. Shows the value of good firewall coating. Will be repairing firewall and recoating with fire protectant paint.
  6. Wingtip Repair

    Check under "Incidents" forum for a photo of the aircraft and a description of the damage.
  7. Wingtip Repair

    Yep. Appalled. Thanks for the loan of the parts. Will ship on Monday.
  8. Wingtip Repair

    Great Roger! Call me when you land so I can open the electric gate for you. 928-301-6497
  9. Wingtip Repair

    Repairing two wingtips shattered during landing short of runway.
  10. New FD service center in Cottonwood, AZ on P52. www.kestrelaviationservices.com Also do flight training. Have two CTLS aircraft used for flight training and two instructors. LSRM iRMT on-site. Hangar #3, 668 Airpark Drive, Cottonwood, AZ 86326 (928) 239-4101 sid.lloyd@kestrelaviationservices.com
  11. Hobbs vs Tach time

    So we now have two CTLS aircraft for our tiny flight school. On our 2009 with Dynon D-100, the Dynon says Hobbs: 423.6. Then there is a quartz clock near the top of the panel that says 417.6. Our 2012 has the Dynon Skyview Classic. It says Hobbs: 246.1. Then there is a quartz clock that ALSO says HOBBS and it reads 251.2. So what's up? which one is Hobbs and which one is tach? Why is the Dynon higher than "quartz" on the 2009, and the Dynon is LOWER than the "quartz" on the 2012? Puzzled in AZ thanks, Sid
  12. Anyone know a good source to do a pre-purchase inspection in the Dallas area for a CTLS? thanks, Sid
  13. CTLS Damaged on Landing This Morning

    Update: USAIG decided that the cost to repair it was reasonable. I have been working on it in my shop for the past month. Determining the correct parts to order has been a bit of a challenge to say the least. While the prop was shattered, the prop flange run-out was 0 degrees. I pulled the gear box and sent it off to Lockwood for a rebuild. The run-out on the crankshaft was also 0 degrees. Then I used the Rotax tool for testing crankshaft twist. Again, 0 degrees. Yeah! Didn't have to have the engine rebuilt. Saved $14K. I think the insurance company would have totaled it if it needed an engine rebuild. While the landing gear was wiped off, there was no damage to the main gear sockets so we just need to replace the main gear. The nose gear folded under the aircraft, but there was no firewall damage. So, I removed the small motor mount from the main motor mount and was able to swing the engine out and to the passenger side enough to remove the main motor mount and replace it without removing ALL of the plumbing. During the process, I found a badly chafed SCAT tube from the air filter to the intake plenum. So I'm replacing it with SCEET (double walled). The steering rods were bent. To replace them, I used a scope camera to line up the rod end joints while a helper inserted the steering rods and screwed them in. It is VERY hard to get your hand all of the way in there and I have the scrapes on my arm to prove it. The Vividea Ablescope is amazing. It's a tiny thing, transmits via wi-fi, and has a 180 degree bend feature that I have used extensively. You can insert it into a spark plug socket and check out the valves. I had 2 iPad mini's; one for me and one for my helper. After trying to screw it in by myself for a couple of hours, with the camera and a helper I was done in 10 minutes. Highly recommended. Both wingtips were heavily damaged (shattered), but there was only minor aileron damage. No wing root damage which was amazing. Looks like the wings "slapped" the ground alternately. A composite instructor is coming over from Germany to replace one wingtip and repair the other as well as fix some of the dings and dents. He'll be here for a couple of weeks. Really nice guy over Skype and email. When he's done, I'll be certified to do composite work in CTs. I built a Cozy IV from plans in the past, but am looking forward to learning from him techniques specific to Flight Design. Overall, I have been VERY impressed with this aircraft. So impressed that I decided to buy one and use it for flight training. So we now have a 2009 immaculate CTLS in our hangar for training and a 2008 CTLS under repair. So far, we already have 5 Private Pilot students and one Sport Pilot. Tomorrow I'm cutting a radio ad. We live in the Verde Valley of Arizona (Cottonwood, Sedona, Camp Verde), and there hasn't been a flight training facility here in about 15 years. Turns out that there's LOTS of interest in flight training. Some people want to come out and do intensive training for a couple of weeks while their spouse hangs out at one of the many Sedona spas. Nice! We do the 5-hour CT transition training as well. Also, Rainbow Aviation is holding an LSRI 2-day class at our facility in October. Contact Rainbow Aviation if you want to sign up. Sid Lloyd Kestrel Aviation Services LSRM - Aircraft/Weight shift iRMT - Service/Maintenance www.kestrelaviationservices.com
  14. CTLS Damaged on Landing This Morning

    This morning, the pilot of a 2008 CTLS came in for a landing on Cottonwood AZ (P52) runway 32. Winds were light. The 200+ hour pilot (30+ hours in CTLS) reported seeing something on the approach end of the runway and initiated a go-around. On the second approach as they were about to touch down, they reported that something flew up in front of them causing the pilot to react instinctively resulting in the aircraft veering left and impacting left of the runway on a dirt berm. There was substantial damage to the aircraft but it came to rest sliding to a stop in a ditch. The prop impacted the berm shattering all three blades, the nose gear was bent back and sideways breaking the bottom engine cowling, the right gear snapped off and impacted the bottom of the fuselage leaving an 18" longitudinal crack in the fuselage, the left gear also snapped off and each wing alternatively impacted the ground shattering each wing tip and winglet assembly. All of the control surfaces are intact as is the interior of the aircraft and the fuel tanks. While the pilot was emotionally shaken they are physically fine. There was no passenger on this flight. This is one tough aircraft.