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  1. 2012 CTLS • $85,500 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • MUST SELL! Price reduced. Relocating. 2012 Flight Design CTLS N8204B 725 hours TTAF. Rotax 912 ULS. Dual Dynon Classic EFIS system, Garmin 696 tied to 2-axis autopilot upgraded to single button auto-level for safety. BRS chute. Bose A-20 powered headset jacks. Dynon GPS 2020 compliant ADS-B out/in. Dynon wifi. Neuform 3-blade prop. Dual pitot. Bruce's cockpit cover like new (aircraft always hangared). 100 hour inspections last 3 years. Dates due: annual 11/20; XPDR 9/21; 5-year rubber 3/23; BRS repack & rocket - 3/24; ELT batteries - 9/24. Located at P52. All logs. Great fast SLSA XC aircraft. Enjoy it as much as we have. • Contact Sid Lloyd - KESTREL AVIATION SERVICES, Owner - located Cottonwood, AZ United States • Telephone: 928 239-4101
  2. ELSA or SLSA? If SLSA then Someone trained/authorized by FD is needed or A&P sign off on repair. I flew Frank Borrman over from Germany for less damage than you report. Total repair was about $60k. I suspect your insurance company will total. Engine is probably ok.
  3. That’s whi I’m now trying out FlyQ. They have a hell of a deal for $39. Plus if you use Seattle data on your Skyview it can speed up data uploads.
  4. Frank Borrmann in Germany can print out the original decals for you. I wire him funds and it takes a few weeks for the decals to arrive. Contact him at info@franx.aero. Great guy. He's thee composite expert that helped FD with prototypes and he trained most of the service centers on FD composite repair. Sid Lloyd LSRM
  5. Congrats! Have you checked on the price of insurance for a float LSA? Dennis Long has "sold" and A22 on floats 3 times and each time the buyer backed out when they found out the price of float insurance.
  6. Rubber was done 3/14/15 by AMS in Visalia, CA so is due 3/31/20. Was used as a single individual's personal aircraft from new through 368 hours. From 368 till now it has been used as our personal aircraft as well as a trainer and rental. I have personally logged 36.1 hours. 80% of the balance of 99 hours was under the direct supervision of our lead CFI who has 28,000 hours of flight time. That means about 20 hours of rental total in the life of the aircraft where a CFI was not in the right seat. The only damage to the aircraft was the right main landing gear and minor repair of right wingtip/right baggage door. After a landing, the right gear leg slowly collapsed damaging the right baggage door and allowing the right wing tip to slide on the runway at taxi speed. Upon inspection, I am convinced that the right landing gear was defective just as the NTSB determined a couple of years ago to someone who landed in a field and experienced a similar gear lead collapse in a similar aged CTLS. I then removed both gear fairings and discovered a small 1" hairline crack in the left landing gear. So, I replaced both at $1,300 each. I repaired the right wingtip with carbon fiber and MGS L285 as per Flight Design and had the right wingtip repainted along with the right baggage door. I hope to have the aircraft at Copperstate this weekend weather permitting. Changing color is fairly easy. New seat covers, stick grips and stick bases. That's it. Sid Lloyd LSRM Heavy Airplane/Weight Shift
  7. Open to offers. Will be with aircraft at our booth at Copperstate Feb 8-10. Sid Lloyd Kestrel Aviation Services
  8. 2009 FLIGHT DESIGN CTLS • $82,900 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • 2009 Flight Design CTLS, 630 hours TTAF. Rotax 912 ULS, Dynon D100/D180, Garmin Aera 796 touch screen GPS with GDL 39 for ADS-B and weather in, upgraded to Garmin GTX 330ES for ADS-B out, Garmin SL-30 NAV/COM, upgraded to tundra tires & wheel pants, Matco wheels/brakes, 2-axis autopilot slaved to Garmin Aera, Sensenich 3BOR5/R 568C-FD prop, BRS chute (repack due 9/21, rocket due 10/19), annual due 3/19, 5-year rubber due 3/31/20. Maintained by LSRM with 100 hour condition inspections. Selling for new aircraft. All logs available. Delivery available. Great XC machine. Awesome climb. Sid Lloyd at (928) 239-4101. Cottonwood, AZ (P52). First $82,900 gets it. • Contact Sid Lloyd - KESTREL AVIATION SERVICES, Owner - located Cottonwood , AZ USA • Telephone: 928 239-4101
  9. Mine used to slip. Then I found out it was threaded the wrong way. I rethreaded correctly and now it holds. Rinky-dink system though...
  10. https://m.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1603078/disabled-round-the-world-pilot-killed-in-crash?refer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2F
  11. A few years ago we did a week raft trip down the Grand Canyon. The chopper picked us up at the end and dropped us off at Bar 10 where we waited for the commuter flight back to Marble Canyon. Bar 10 is a neat little place. VERY quiet...
  12. We have had two cracked and two broken gear legs. I also suspect mfg defects. Gets expensive. This is one of the reasons I'm not convinced that the CTLS is optimal as a primary trainer.
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