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    2009 CTLS FOR SALE

    2009 FLIGHT DESIGN CTLS • $82,900 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • 2009 Flight Design CTLS, 630 hours TTAF. Rotax 912 ULS, Dynon D100/D180, Garmin Aera 796 touch screen GPS with GDL 39 for ADS-B and weather in, upgraded to Garmin GTX 330ES for ADS-B out, Garmin SL-30 NAV/COM, upgraded to tundra tires & wheel pants, Matco wheels/brakes, 2-axis autopilot slaved to Garmin Aera, Sensenich 3BOR5/R 568C-FD prop, BRS chute (repack due 9/21, rocket due 10/19), annual due 3/19, 5-year rubber due 3/31/20. Maintained by LSRM with 100 hour condition inspections. Selling for new aircraft. All logs available. Delivery available. Great XC machine. Awesome climb. Sid Lloyd at (928) 239-4101. Cottonwood, AZ (P52). First $82,900 gets it. • Contact Sid Lloyd - KESTREL AVIATION SERVICES, Owner - located Cottonwood , AZ USA • Telephone: 928 239-4101
  2. solarguy54

    2009 CTLS FOR SALE

    fyi- sale pending Sid Lloyd
  3. solarguy54

    Wanted to buy CTLS

    Congrats! Have you checked on the price of insurance for a float LSA? Dennis Long has "sold" and A22 on floats 3 times and each time the buyer backed out when they found out the price of float insurance.
  4. solarguy54

    2009 CTLS FOR SALE

    Rubber was done 3/14/15 by AMS in Visalia, CA so is due 3/31/20. Was used as a single individual's personal aircraft from new through 368 hours. From 368 till now it has been used as our personal aircraft as well as a trainer and rental. I have personally logged 36.1 hours. 80% of the balance of 99 hours was under the direct supervision of our lead CFI who has 28,000 hours of flight time. That means about 20 hours of rental total in the life of the aircraft where a CFI was not in the right seat. The only damage to the aircraft was the right main landing gear and minor repair of right wingtip/right baggage door. After a landing, the right gear leg slowly collapsed damaging the right baggage door and allowing the right wing tip to slide on the runway at taxi speed. Upon inspection, I am convinced that the right landing gear was defective just as the NTSB determined a couple of years ago to someone who landed in a field and experienced a similar gear lead collapse in a similar aged CTLS. I then removed both gear fairings and discovered a small 1" hairline crack in the left landing gear. So, I replaced both at $1,300 each. I repaired the right wingtip with carbon fiber and MGS L285 as per Flight Design and had the right wingtip repainted along with the right baggage door. I hope to have the aircraft at Copperstate this weekend weather permitting. Changing color is fairly easy. New seat covers, stick grips and stick bases. That's it. Sid Lloyd LSRM Heavy Airplane/Weight Shift
  5. solarguy54

    2009 CTLS FOR SALE

    Open to offers. Will be with aircraft at our booth at Copperstate Feb 8-10. Sid Lloyd Kestrel Aviation Services
  6. solarguy54

    CTLS Fatality Handiflight

  7. Mine used to slip. Then I found out it was threaded the wrong way. I rethreaded correctly and now it holds. Rinky-dink system though...
  8. solarguy54

    CTLS Damaged on Landing This Morning

    This morning, the pilot of a 2008 CTLS came in for a landing on Cottonwood AZ (P52) runway 32. Winds were light. The 200+ hour pilot (30+ hours in CTLS) reported seeing something on the approach end of the runway and initiated a go-around. On the second approach as they were about to touch down, they reported that something flew up in front of them causing the pilot to react instinctively resulting in the aircraft veering left and impacting left of the runway on a dirt berm. There was substantial damage to the aircraft but it came to rest sliding to a stop in a ditch. The prop impacted the berm shattering all three blades, the nose gear was bent back and sideways breaking the bottom engine cowling, the right gear snapped off and impacted the bottom of the fuselage leaving an 18" longitudinal crack in the fuselage, the left gear also snapped off and each wing alternatively impacted the ground shattering each wing tip and winglet assembly. All of the control surfaces are intact as is the interior of the aircraft and the fuel tanks. While the pilot was emotionally shaken they are physically fine. There was no passenger on this flight. This is one tough aircraft.
  9. solarguy54

    Page Fly-In 2019 - check out this place...Bar 10 Ranch

    A few years ago we did a week raft trip down the Grand Canyon. The chopper picked us up at the end and dropped us off at Bar 10 where we waited for the commuter flight back to Marble Canyon. Bar 10 is a neat little place. VERY quiet...
  10. solarguy54

    CT incident Lorraine, Ohio 11/4/18

    We have had two cracked and two broken gear legs. I also suspect mfg defects. Gets expensive. This is one of the reasons I'm not convinced that the CTLS is optimal as a primary trainer.
  11. solarguy54

    Fuel Pressure 912iS Sport

    In addition to our CTs, we have an Aeroprakt A22 with the 912 iS Sport engine. The standard Rotax fuel pump for the iS is a single unit that contains two identical fuel pumps. I assume that what FD calls the "aux" pump is just one of the two pumps in the same housing while the other pump is always on. In the A22, I have two separate toggle switches, one for each pump, and I can test each pump separately which is part of the POH run-up checklist. We always see higher fuel pressures with both pumps on. It is common for us to occasionally see pressure up to 49 with only one pump. When this happens, it is typically time to clean the fuel filter for the iS which is very fine in order to avoid clogged injectors.
  12. solarguy54

    NEW propeller for CT

    Since we use our CTs as rentals and for student training, I don't have ours set up to do >5500 RPM at WOT. According to the Rotax manual, you've got 5 minutes grace between 5500 and 5800. And "never exceed 5800." Though you can go to 6200 for a minute without an inspection. 5800-6200 for more than a minute, inspect pushrods. One minute and hit 6500, inspect push rods. More than a minute above 6500, inspect/rebuild whole engine. I always thought the 100 HP claim was kind of their marketing department spin since the 912 is claimed to be a 100 HP engine, but only develops 100 HP at 5800 RPM. So I guess it would be more accurate to say that it's a 5 minute 100 HP engine... I remember Brian Carpenter in class showing a graph that I think overlaid HP and torque. Peak torque is just under 4900 RPM at about 128 NM. Peak HP is at 5800 RPM with 5500 continuous delivering about 93 HP. I think I remember Brian saying that optimum performance is about 5250. Anyone else remember this? Sid Lloyd LSRM A/WS
  13. solarguy54

    Andy Loves UAVionix

    Does this require an MRA? Sid
  14. solarguy54

    Andy Loves UAVionix

    Roger- what's the status of uAvionix on the wingtip of a CTSW? 1. does it work? 2. does it need an MRA?
  15. solarguy54

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Sorry, Sid and Mari Lloyd have to cancel due to family conflicts.
  16. solarguy54

    Rotax 912iS versus the 914 Turbo - Which One?

    I'm an LSRM with a small LSA service/flight center in AZ. I've been reluctant to recommend or invest in the 912 iS due to two things. 1. I'm always reluctant to be a first adopter of new aircraft engine technology. And, there were a lot of SBs on the 912 iS early on. 2. Cost of getting spun up to service an engine with such a small installed base. The price for the diagnostic software/interface is close to $1000. That being said, my next personal aircraft WILL have a 912 iS engine and I will buy the BUDS Level 2 service kit. Why? I believe that the iS line of engines is the future of aviation and that Rotax will give Lycoming and Continental a run for their money. And I have two customers who now have the 912 iS (neither have needed work on their engine yet). I heard a rumor at OSH that Rotax has a 6 cylinder development project with 200+ hp. Looking forward to the fewer pneumatic synchronizations!
  17. solarguy54

    LSA rules changing??

    Couple things. First, I learned at OSH that a mfg in the EU has released a Service Bulletin increasing the GW of their aircraft. It only required changes to placards and POH. It would be really cool if FD could do that to the existing fleet (BRS is an issue). (I don't recall which mfg did this) Second, the Rotax 915-iS delivers 141 HP all of the way to 15,000' and already has the software to control a CS prop allowing for full FADEC operation. Compare that to an IO-360. 180 HP at sea level, but only 126 at 10,000' vs 141 HP at 10K' from the 915-iS. Phil Lockwood said he is developing a FWF package for the 915 and it is 100 pounds LIGHTER apples-to-apples than the Lycoming install. He said that he doesn't think that there will be a big market for FWF conversions since it is so much lighter. You'd have to mount the engine WAY forward (like a PT6). But, to design new aircraft around this capability would be significant improvement. If FD does a 4-place, I'd expect the 915 to power it. Sid
  18. This is the aircraft that I repaired after a short landing. New Neuform prop, crank was fine, gearbox rebuilt by Lockwood, completely new landing gear/pants/fairings, new Tundra tire setup with Matco brakes, 748 hours TTAF/Engine. The broker cut the price due to short landing damage, but it is actually in better condition now than it was prior to the short landing. Great deal for someone. Located in Cottonwood, AZ (P52). https://www.kelmaraircraft.com/2008-flight-design.html Sid Lloyd LSRM Airplane/WS; iRMT Heavy Kestrel Aviation Services
  19. solarguy54

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Sid and Mari Lloyd are booked into the Clarion Inn. Will be coming in CTLS N8204B. Only attending Page event from 10-17 through 10-21. Looking forward to it! Sid & Mari Lloyd
  20. solarguy54

    Skyview Classic

    I did the upgrade and it was a piece of cake. Still driving it off of the Garmin. To switch to the Skyview will require 1. configuring a Skyview serial port 2. adding a serial out wire from the Skyview to the Vizion 3. removing the two ARINC wires from the Garmin to the Vizion What I think I will do is add a DP3T toggle switch so I can select either the Garmin or the Skyview to drive the autopilot from the panel. Very simple.
  21. solarguy54

    Skyview Classic

    So I just installed the Dynon SV-ADSB-472 module under an FD MRA on a Skyview Classic 2012 CTLS. INSTALL WENT GREAT. I’ve also added the Dynon Wi-Fi adapter so I can link Foreflight to the Skyview for ADS-B in to Foreflight and flight plans out to Skyview moving map. Awesome! BUT, the Digiflight II-VS autopilot is NOT driven from the Skyview, but is driven off of the Garmin 696. I wonder why FD picked the Digiflight instead of the Dynon autopilot servers? Skyview comes standard with full autopilot. Anyway, I want to drive the autopilot from the Skyview instead of the Garmin so it can follow a route uploaded from Foreflight. According to Dynon, this only requires a single serial wire change out of a serial port on the Skyview. Has anyone done this? Does it require an LOA from FD?
  22. solarguy54

    Skyview Classic

    Did you need to get an MRA from FD for that? Sounds like a great solution. The upgrade is $1K ($300 trade-in on the Digiflight II VS Sid
  23. solarguy54

    High Oil Temps

    After doing a 5-year rubber replacement on our 2012 CTLS, I've noticed higher oil temps. On a 74 degree day, during climbs, temps will go to 255 and I have to level off and wait for them to come down. I've checked all of the hoses for blockages, have replaced the sensor (thinking it went bad), took the oil filter off and flushed it. Any other suggestions? thanks, Sid Lloyd
  24. solarguy54

    High Oil Temps

    Where can I get the 90 degree fittings? Thanks, Roger!
  25. solarguy54

    High Oil Temps

    Wait. Where’s the oil thermostat? And how do I remove it?