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  1. Runtoeat, Thanks for the kind words. I think your friends solution is fantastic. It's always good to have multiple solutions. FD approved the MRA for my tail beacon extension also. I have a little over 100 hours on my Tailbeacon with no anomalies. I will post the V5 file again, and hopefully it will not have any issues with people downloading. Deadline is approaching! Best, TargheeDon TB V5.stl
  2. Frank, Sure no problem. Zap me your email and I'll send it to you. On another note, I was messing with downloading the file I posted, and it seemed to have some wierd cuts generated down the sides that weren't there in the original file. I will troubleshoot. I noticed that it's been downloaded 9 times, so I wanted to notifiy people who downloaded it as a potential issue. Here's the Version4 file which I've double checked doesn't have the strange cuts. Hope all is well. Best, TargheeDon Tail Beacon V4.stl
  3. Okent, I'm not concerned. I keep the plane in a hangar, and the Tailbeacon extension is watertight. I haven't seen any deformation or absorption in two months of use. Thanks. Best, Don P.S. Attatched is the .stl file for open source use at your own risk. It has worked really well for me and I continue with zero issues after over 30 hours of flying. Hope it potentially helps some folks with an inexpensive plug and play ADSB-out solution. Don't hesitate to send me an email with any questions. TB V5.stl
  4. Doug, I used PLA since I was printing indoors this winter. I used 100% fill for strength. Those striations were extremely repeatable and happened on all my prototypes. I think it's just because I don't have a super expensive 3D printer. The extension is very strong, and I can lift the nosewheel off the ground by pushing down on it, so I don't really have any concerns on strength. I might print an ABS piece this summer just to see if I can. Best, TargheeDon
  5. Sorry for the long pause. I've flown over 20 hours and have had zero anomalies with the Tailbeacon with all flights and PAPRs. I submitted my MRA and it has been approved by Flight Design. I'm very happy with the entire evolution and the outcome is solid. If there is interest, I can post the 3D file as open source. Not sure if this is too late and most people have already arrived at their ADSB solutions, but I'm happy to help if possible. Please just reply if you want it and I'll figure out the best way to disseminate the file open source. Best, TargheeDon
  6. Well, the results are in for the Uavionix Tailbeacon with the 3D printed extension and they are very positive. I have included my last flight PAPR report. It was a 4 hour 11 min flight and there were no anomolies during the entire flight and the unit met all requirements. I also had positive confirmation from other aircraft that my ADSB track was showing up on their system with my call sign. My plan is to submit an MRA form to Flight Design soonest to have the extension approved; then it will be available as a certified and extremely cost effective ADSB out solution for all. I hope everyone is doing well and I will keep you posted on the paperwork drill. Best, TargheeDon PAPR_20190531_ADD0B2_402175148.pdf
  7. I will be flying 8+ hours of cross country through adsb airspace this week, so I will give a full report at the end of the week. Best, TargheeDon
  8. I might have been able to shave a mm or two, but not much more. Please see pic below. The hole in the CTSW behind the stock taillight is tiny, barely big enough to fit one of the wire connectors through. The neck length of the adapter is to house the unseen tail portion of the Tailbeacon and then a little bit of room to run the wires. I wanted to design a piece that was essentially plug and play. The issues I wanted to fix: 1. the holes don't line up for the mounting bracket 2. the hole in the CTSW isn't big enough for the Tailbeacon, so you would have to cut a hole in the composite. Best, TargheeDon
  9. Well, I completed my install today. It's been a long process in the works. To make a long story short, I 3D printed an extension piece that the Tailbeacon fits into. All the holes are printed and match perfectly. It really was a 15 min install! The long process was starting from scratch, buying and learning 3D printing, and then designing and printing multiple prototypes. Well worth the journey. I've included some pics and will keep everyone posted if there are any issues. I bought the Tailbeacon for $1650 and it's a really easy self install both physically (with the extension) and programming (from my iphone in 1 min), so it's probably one of the easiest and cheapest options for ADSB-out. The CG change is negligible (0.17 lb difference on a 168.3 moment arm for a +28.6 moment). Hope everyone is doing well and I will keep you posted if there are any issues. Best, TargheeDon
  10. Is the cover still for sale? Thanks.
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