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  1. j0nathan225

    Look Ma, No Doors!

  2. j0nathan225

    Can a B-Cool fit in a CTLS?

    That's another good question is the CT capable of doors off? The Valor 22 I flew was, never tried it though. My B-cool is a sunk cost at this point, I have used it 2x in the 172 I rent with fairly good results. Looking at the 2008+ CTs it APPEARS that it could sit on that shelf behind the pilot or copilot, but may be tight.
  3. j0nathan225

    Insurance Prices - Dropping?

    Do insurance agencies usually require check out in CT's before they will cover you? Also what can a low time Commercial Helicopter pilot with ASEL PPL expect to pay w/ 80k hull? I have: ~500hrs rotary w/ instrument rating and ~50hrs in ASEL, 30 of which were in a LSA Valor-22.
  4. Just wondering if a B-cool portable A/C can fit in the shelf like area behind the seat in a CTLS? Dimensions are: 18"W x 13"D x 15"H http://www.mypilotstore.com/MyPilotStore/sep/9983?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr-muhKfc1QIVh4p-Ch14SQH1EAQYAiABEgJvn_D_BwE 12-24 months out from a purchase, advent calendar is in the works
  5. j0nathan225

    Savannah, Ga "demo ride"?

    Rich Thank you for the ride and lunch. Hope to fly up there again before October. CT's are looking like a real option especially if I can get one under ~50k late next year perhaps.
  6. j0nathan225

    Savannah, Ga "demo ride"?

    I can definitely get you in a not cranked UH60 and show you around HAAF, I can't even get my wife on a flight these days. I'm definitely interested in a ride, I could fly a Cessna up to Aiken possibly, again when this WX clears. -Jon.
  7. j0nathan225

    Savannah, Ga "demo ride"?

    No apology necessary, great topic and discussion. I'm also interested in hearing this, I agree "soft" IMC just cloud layers.
  8. j0nathan225

    Savannah, Ga "demo ride"?

    Oh I'm sure they are unkind to the bank account. I should also mention I did my PPL in a AP22 (Valor SLSA) and now mostly fly a 172, normal load out is me or me + wife hence the consideration of a CTLS. I would like the ability to do limited ifr/imc, non-convective stuff, which seems difficult if not impossible for the CTs.
  9. j0nathan225

    Savannah, Ga "demo ride"?

    I've taken an interest to the CT and was hoping to see if anyone is in the Savannah area and would let me go up with them one day or atleast take a look around in person? By the way I just joined the forum my names is Jon. Davis I have a PPL & a commercial rotorcraft w/ instruments rating (blackhawk pilot for work). Looking to buy an aircraft in 1-2 years, but the aircraft type changes often, last research bender was on vintage Mooneys.