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  1. By binding, I mean the wheel when lifted off the ground and rotated, does not spin freely but is still in contact with the disc. regarding the witness marks I’ll check, thanks again.
  2. Thanks. The brakes are binding though there’s still plenty of brake pad left. Might just need to disassemble and clean
  3. Do I need to remove the wheels to change the brake pads? My MM describes the other brake system.
  4. Roger

    Where did it go?

    Someone posted a link to a documentary video on the CT just recently, but I can’t find it. Thanks.
  5. What status would it then become from their point of view ?
  6. Pleased to see the new plug version has the reinforced tabs. Mine broke off within a few days.
  7. Incorrect. The CTLSi , at least those produced in Europe ( are they produced any differently for other markets ?) , have the same (cannot insert/start) ignition, without the fuel lever being moved to the UP position
  8. Roger

    Cup Holders

    Thanks, tried that, not enough room in the CT.
  9. Anyone come up with an idea for cup holders yet ?
  10. Sure I’ll take it. PM me. Thanks.
  11. Agreed. However, with only one installed, perhaps any WiFi download MAY only work on the unit with the adapter attached?
  12. If two are needed, why was there only one installed? I mean, do you really need two, if not I would purchase the extra one you have.
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