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  1. Incorrect. The CTLSi , at least those produced in Europe ( are they produced any differently for other markets ?) , have the same (cannot insert/start) ignition, without the fuel lever being moved to the UP position
  2. Roger

    Cup Holders

    Thanks, tried that, not enough room in the CT.
  3. Anyone come up with an idea for cup holders yet ?
  4. Sure I’ll take it. PM me. Thanks.
  5. Agreed. However, with only one installed, perhaps any WiFi download MAY only work on the unit with the adapter attached?
  6. If two are needed, why was there only one installed? I mean, do you really need two, if not I would purchase the extra one you have.
  7. Well I finally got to the hangar and fitted the plugs. Perfect, nice job. I was concerned they may not fit my CTLSi. Thanks. Now how about a set to fit the backs of the wing spar bolts next to them ...................
  8. Hi Richard, What’s the Facebook link for the U.K. CT page please? Roger
  9. Count me on for a pair. send me a PM with your PayPal or address please. thanks
  10. Do have a picture/source of the step stool?
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