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  1. Do have a picture/source of the step stool?
  2. Roger

    CTls Wheel pants

    Sent you a PM
  3. Roger

    CTls Wheel pants

    Appreciate the cover Michael. let me PM you. thanks.
  4. Roger

    Cargo platform for folding bike

    Nice job. How easy would it be to remove the right joystick to prevent the bike interfering with it ?
  5. Roger

    Stratux RXWX Mount

    VERY close to the compass. Usually a minimum of 3 feet from magnetic sources is recommended. Make a note of the heading, then remove the Statux and see if it changes, if not, you’re probably ok.
  6. Roger


    “These are 6.00 x 6 tubes. ” Even the nose wheel?
  7. Roger


    Does anyone know of an online source for a replacement main battery for a CTLSIi. I know it’s a much heavier duty than the non-injected version. Thanks.
  8. Roger

    Fuel filter

  9. Roger

    Low Fuel Pressure

  10. Roger

    Flight Training

    Well not exactly, because that section clarifies that statement by saying : §61.56 Flight review. (a) (1) A review of the current general operating and flight rules of part 91 of this chapter; and (2) A review of those maneuvers and procedures that, at the discretion of the person giving the review, are necessary for the pilot to demonstrate the safe exercise of the privileges of the pilot certificate.
  11. Roger

    Flight Training

    Remember that a Flight Review is just that, it’s a review of what you should already know. It cannot be a training flight, which you would need,to be able to demonstrate your proficiency in the CT !
  12. Roger

    Parachute Recommendation

    Minimum deployment altitude ?
  13. Roger


    Camguard approved/recommended/prohibited in the Rotax 912 ? Thanks.