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  1. Okay, cool. Thanks, Tom. I'm not really worried much about a complete failure. And even if that were to happen, there's always the back-up analog. John
  2. That makes a lot of sense, Roger, and you're the person who would know. I like the Dynon, and that's what I'm flying now, I was mostly thinking the analog might be simpler and a little less expensive to maintain for someone who doesn't have a lot of money anyway. Maybe I'm wrong though, and there's no significant difference in maintenance cost between the Dynon and the analog? John
  3. Thank you, Adam! That Van Bortel CTSW seemed to me super overpriced for a CTSW, and I didn't at all know why. The CTSWs on controller.com all have glass panels, but there's one, in fact, that does have analog engine instrumentation, which I hadn't noticed before, so thank you again for getting me to look again! John
  4. I'd like to find a CTSW with a Classic Instrument Panel (analog instrumentation), or maybe one with an Advanced (Dynon) Panel and analog engine instrumentation. If anyone should know of one that is or might be available, please let me know. I'm a completely new pilot working on my license in Ohio, flying a CTLS and sometimes a CTSW. Thank you too! John