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  1. OK - The Nose wheel has been balanced. See the Video. CTLS - Nose Wheel - Before and After.mp4
  2. Thanks Roger, but just opening the Hangar Door at 110 Degrees breaks a sweat.... you know that! Enjoy your trip!
  3. Does anyone have any photos or videos of the nose wheel being removed? My GoPro has revealed that my Nose Wheel is pretty unbalanced and I need to balance it.. CTLS Nose Wheel out of balance.mp4
  4. DJ Todd B

    Safety Belts - Revisted

    I contacted CROW yesterday and they said to send them some photos along with the lengths of what we already have so they do not have to re-invent the wheel. Send it to info@crowsafety.com Each harness was only going to be around $80
  5. DJ Todd B

    Safety Belts - Revisted

    Great, Thanks Bill. If there is anyone that has actually purchased these for use in their CTSW or CTLS, Please CHIME IN and let me know if they work better than the STOCK ones that won't stay tight. Thanks!
  6. DJ Todd B

    Safety Belts - Revisted

    Has anyone installed and/or have photos of BETTER safety Belts used for the CTLS?
  7. I have a few chips and put some Epoxy on them but need some paint for touch-up. Anyone know what type and where to get the paint?
  8. Nope, nobody told me of any resister needed, not even Dynon. Anyways, I just hooked up an old VDO sender and set the setting to ONE and it works fine now.
  9. Yes I am sure it is not 30 psi. Roger tested it last week with a mechanical gauge and I tested it yesterday with another separate mechanical gauge and the readings were consistent.
  10. Has anyone else had any trouble getting the correct Oil pressure reading on your Dynon D120? My pressures were reading High so I ordered another Kavlico Sender to see if that would eliminate the problem but I still get the same readings. Upon further investigation, it turns out that the Dynon system was incorrectly configured in the OIL PRESSURE Menu and was set to #3 instead of #5 where it should be. This setting gave pretty normal readings however the Oil Pressure always read 30 psi when the engine was OFF. After setting the Dynon to the #5 option, the static pressure dropped to ZERO (good) but the running pressure only went to 30 psi. I tried this with BOTH Kavlico sending units (new one and old one) and thy were exactly the same. I even hooked up a mechanical oil Pressure gauge and everything reads perfect. I have been working with Roger on this , along with Dynon and we are all stumped. I have checked the wiring, checked the grounds and we cannot solve this problem. Dynon suggested I go back to the VDO sender and use option #1 to see if that works. Since they are not available locally, I ordered one and it will be a few more days until it arrives. Any Suggestions out there????
  11. DJ Todd B

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    FYI - It has been reported that Ruby's only has 2 rooms left in our "BLOCK".
  12. I posted this a few weeks ago but did not get any response so I am not sure it actually posted. I have purchased the uAvionix Echo and SkyFYX ADSB set and wanted to see photos of the install if anyone has installed these units. Thanks.
  13. DJ Todd B

    IFly 740 question

    I will have to check this out on my next flight, but the Wind direction arrow / speed and TAS seemed to work but maybe the info is erroneous since the iFly740b wasn't hooked up to the Dynon. I think this will warrant a call to Dynan for details.
  14. DJ Todd B

    Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Since you have had both props, does the Sensenich prop perform better than the Neuform prop?
  15. DJ Todd B

    IFly 740 question

    I installed the the 740b last month and tied it to the TruTrak but was unaware that it should be tired to the Dynon D100. What purpose would that serve?