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  1. I recently completed a 5000+ Mile Cross country trip in July and used Flight Following the majority of the time. I was asked several times by the controllers what my EQUIPMENT Code was and what type of aircraft I was in. I didn't know the code and it was apparent that LIGHT SPORT was really not in their vocabulary. For those that use Flight following, I would be curious to know what EQUIPMENT CODES you use and what type of aircraft verbiage they are looking for from us. Thanks.
  2. I just returned from a 30 + day Cross Country trip from Phoenix - Cape Cod - Oshkosh - and Back to Phoenix and put 64 Hours on this trip. I am in the process of changing the Oil and Plugs and need a few suggestions on where to find some of these products locally if available. * Wacker P12 - anti seize for the plugs or equivalent * Best price and location to order the DCPR7E Spark Plugs * Crush Washer for the Oil Tank drain plug * Torque Specs for the Spark Plugs * Torque Specs for the Magnetic Oil Plug
  3. I just finished flying from Phoenix Arizona to Albany New York and tested the flaps at different angles and I confirmed what Roger Lee told me. While it -6 I would cruise at 104 at 5 gallons per minute, I would then switch the flap to full up which one of the few more degrees. The airspeed indicator with then briefly read 105 but within 5 Seconds go back to 104 with a slight but noticeable pitch High attitude which caused it to go back to 104. It seems that anything past -6 will just increase the angle of attack while inducing more drag
  4. Does anyone have the information or a link to the info used to program the flaps? I have called Flight Design twice and have left messages but nobody calls me back. I have already spoke with Roger and would have him do it but he is OUT for the Summer. I also need the switches. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Tom, there are special Corridors you must use when flying over the grand canyon and they stipulate an altitude of 11500' and 12500' depending upon traveling North or South. I did a trip last year from Phoenix to Cedar City usng Flight Following and they even reminded me of the corridors and altitudes to use. Anyways, I had the CTLS up to the required 12500' and it ran just fine.
  6. I purchased this device for $10 but our seats are not deep enough to hold it securely. Does anyone else have a Cup Hilder Device that works for them? How about a Storage device with Cup Holders that hang from the Back of the seats?
  7. I have been landing in Crosswinds over the last few days and it seems that the Ailerons are pretty stiff at neutural, unlike the easy travel of the other aircraft that I have Flown and owned. Is there any adjustment to "loosen" the tension up and allow the ailerons to be more responsive with less effort???
  8. Has anyone found a good place to install Cup Holders or a even a good location for one. I was thinking about putting a Heavy Duty velcro strip along the bottom of the door to attach a Cup Holder of some sort... One with a FLAT SIde so it would grab more of the Velcro. Pleas post Photos of any Cup Holder designs that are out there. Thanks
  9. You would think Oshkosh of all places would have MoGas, but they don't.
  10. OK, looks like everyone is using some pretty expensive solutions out there. Is there anything "over the counter" "Walmart style" that will do the job safely?
  11. What's the best Washing Solution to wash the plane with that will remove the bugs and wash the plane? Dish Soap, 409?
  12. Does anyone have the same problem that I have with the Brakes? One grabs sooner than the other, so much so that it doesn't feel like the other brake is grabbing while the other one Locks Up. I have changed both Pads and rotors and still have the same problem.
  13. Correction Olave, the number you posted for Ruby's is actually the Airport Phone number which is handy to have as well. Rubys is: 435-834-5341
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