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  1. Thanks for Checking and reporting Roger!
  2. OK, so where can I get new ones?
  3. My wing tape and other tape around the fairings look good but I will replace any of them that are frayed then take it up again to sear/hear.
  4. Roger, assuming these are Rodend bearings, where can I get new ones to replace these? I would figure they would have to be replaceable and replaced at some point and time. I figure if I installed new ones, the slop should be less than what I have now.
  5. Thanks George, I will remove the cowl and investigate.
  6. I went to the Cumulus Soaring website and tried to order the tape but it said... The page you requested cannot be found! Then I went to The Wings and Wheels Website and it says they are out of stock. What a way to run an airline!
  7. If I do have the Rodend type bearing, is there any way to retro-fit the normal fixed bearing into the plane?
  8. Where do I get the 1" Bolus Tape? I can't seem to find it online.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get these Stabilator Bearings? Mine seems to have a lot of play.
  10. SO... is it OK to remove ALL the WHITE tape from the Aircraft to see if the noise goes-away or will it create OTHER noises where the voids are exposed?
  11. Hello folks. I just developed an aerodynamic harmonic type noise which increases with airspeed. The noise starts at around 70 knots but does not follow the engine RPM. I have included a link to the camera footage which was not hooked up to the audio panel so the audio you hear is from inside the cockpit and not through the audio system. Has anyone experienced this before? My Oil Access door doesn't seem to shut flush to the cowl and I am thinking that this may be the problem. I am going to tape it shut and fly it tomorrow to see if the noise goes away. Does anyone know how to fix these fasteners or get new ones so that the door stays flush with the cowl while in flight? I also have quite a bit of Stabilator play (up and down) but Roger said that this particular model doesn't have the replaceable bearings but I am still worried about the SLOP and possible flutter.
  12. Here I am at Goodspeed Last year.
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