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  1. So, are these switches designed to be more Easily turned OFF, than Turned ON... like a normal house circuit breaker?
  2. What would happen IF the switch was inadvertently switched off. I assume that the EFIS and everything else would go OFF but the engine would remain running. Correct?
  3. Has anyone replaced their Battery and Generator Master Circuit Breakers with TYCO Circuit Breaker switches?
  4. I am so used to a touch screen GPS app that the Garmin 696 that came with my CTLS with Joystick and buttons just drives me crazy while flying. I was wondering if anyone has switched over to the IFLY 740b which is compatible with the TruTrak AP system?
  5. Help with Landings

    Good, bad or indifferent, I usually add a bit of throttle just before touchdown too. THIS may be contributing to my fast landings also.
  6. Help with Landings

    Thanks Everyone. I think Andy's assessment is SPOT on. In my attempt to not get too close to stall speed, I have not let the plane slow down enough to STOP flying when I land. I think I need to do some straight and level flights about 3000' AGL and do some SLOW FLIGHT and STALL approaches so I can convince myself that the bottom won't fall out at speeds under 55 Knots and also be sure that the stall warning horn is working and is accurate. I also think I need the HULA DANCER to help me celebrate my good landings with me.
  7. Help with Landings

    So.... I have about 8 hours now flying my new (used) CTLS and my landings are all over the board. Some are good, some are... Less than good. I received some great reference materials from Eric Swisher (thanks Eric) regarding the airspeed numbers for downwind, Base, and Final. My question /poll is to find out from others the REAL numbers they use including their Flap settings. My past flying has been with a Zenith 701, Zenith 601 and Titan Tornado which are pretty draggy. I usually flew them a bit high and a bit fast and just "chopped" the throttle 2' above the ground and they just settle in. This approach has me WAY High and fast with 15 Deg flaps in the CT and I am landing pretty long. Also, What are the Max Speeds allowed for the 15, 30 and 35 Deg Flap deployment?
  8. I have a CTLS with the Bigger Tires and is seems that the Nose Wheel steering requires a substantial force as compared to other planes I have flown. What are the tire pressures people are using on the Mains and the Nosewheel?
  9. Well said Madhatter. My sentiments exactly!
  10. Low Cost ADS/B solutions

    I just purchased a Used CTLS with a Garmin 696 and am thinking the VERY same thing. I have flown with the IFLY for many years and it just seems that moving the map around with the Garmins JoyStick is a bit time consuming and cumbersome. I am told that the IFLY will tie into the Tru Trak and it is much easier to use. The ADSB IN option is also MUCH cheaper .. for under $150 and you dont have a large Antenna sitting on your dash.
  11. OK, So has anyone installed any aftermarket harness and if so, Which one and how did it work? I was looking at this one... https://www.amazon.com/PRP-Seats-SB4-2-4-2-Harness/dp/B00HT1JYG4
  12. Does anyone know why the Shoulder Harnesses loosen up by themselves and is there a FIX for that???
  13. 11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Todd will be going to both and maybe bringing Fran.
  14. Continued Use of Battery Charger?

    Here is the battery charger I have been using for Many Years and Many Odyssey Batteries. I swear by this charger as my batteries typically last 4 years or more in this desert heat. By leaving it on full time, it trickles the battery for about 25 seconds and then send a full 12 amps to the plates for about 5 seconds which clears the sulfides that build of on the plates which over time, kill / short the battery plates. It has been one of the best $100 investments I ever made for my planes.
  15. Passenger foot rest

    Yes, I would like to get one OR get some photos and dimensions PLEASE.