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  1. Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is safe and healthy! We are starting to plan our annual Page Fly-In for 2022. The dates will be as follows: Bryce - October 10-12, 2022 and Page - October 12 - 16, 2022. We are just getting ready to contact the Vendors we usually use so it would be helpful if everyone interested would chime in and let us know what the interest is out there so we can plan accordingly. Thank you in advance. Also ,for those interested in attending even PART of the trip, please email me the following information so we can keep you in the loop for any updates or changes. My email address is: DJToddB@yahoo.com Full name Where you are Flying In From Email address Phone number Dates you Plan on attending Aircraft Type you are bringing Are you bringing any Guests? More information will follow.
  2. Between Tom Baker's assessment and Roger Lee's guidance, I think we found the issue. Since I never take the key out of the ignition, therefore can't/don't turn off the fuel (my Bad), the "head pressure" of the fuel is always trying to force fuel into the carb. I have weighed the floats and each pair are good at under 7 grams but we think needle is not seating properly and still allowing the fuel to enter the throat and into the open intake valve which would explain the feeling of a hydrolock sometimes. Either way, ONE cylinder is always super rich and it takes a few seconds of VIOLENCE to burn itself out then runs fine. Last week i started it every morning for 5 days but turned OFF the fuel after each run and the engine started perfectly. I flew about 3 hours last weekend and everything was normal. The annual is due in April so I will have Roger rebuild the carbs. Either way, just by changing my procedure seemed to clear it up. THANKS for everyone's input and help!
  3. THANKS everyone for your feedback. This has given me a lot of insight on what to look for. SO FAR, I have narrowed it down to the floats. Although they weigh under 7, the fuel is still seeping into the throat when I leave my Fuel selector ON and the weight of the HIGH WING fuel may still be seeing into the OPEN cyl causing the Hydrolock "feel" and rough / rich starting. Over the last few days, I have SHUT the fuel OFF overnight and come back to start it iand the problem seems to have gone away. I still don't see the SOFT START doing anything thought. It should run "draggy" for a few seconds then smooth out but it just seems to run as normal as ever when I had the OLD modules in there. CTLS Startup - Wednesday Dec 22 2021.mp4
  4. I already removed them and weighed them. Both pairs under 7 grams
  5. My engine has suddenly developed Rough Start-ups but smooths nicely after about 4-5 seconds. I have pulled the prop through as normal prior to each starting and ONE time, It was very difficult to pull it past Top Dead Center... almost like Hydro Lock. . Since it is a 2009 model, I opted for getting the NEWER modules with Soft Start but that did not solve the problem. Any Suggestions? BTW - The older modules will be listed on EBAY in the next few days. My thoughts at this point are... * Stuck Valve *Fouled Plugs due to OIL in the cylinder (Hydro Lock) SEE THE VIDEO CTLS - Electronic ignition module change.mp4
  6. My WIRE seems loose on the Plug threads so I am wondering if there is info OR a video showing how to change the plug boots without destroying the ignition wire itself.
  7. OK Weston, Please email me the following info at DJToddB@yahoo.com so that I can update my records. Thanks. Participation Dates: Aircraft: Tail Number: Phone Number: Email: Name of Guest (if any):
  8. Thanks for the Heads up Bob. Hope to see you next year. 😀
  9. Not yet. We will probably work on that this weekend.
  10. Here's what I made. VERY Simple and effective. Water pipe insulation "slice" glued to a piece of round cardboard. The insulation diameter is just a bit oversized that it fits tightly into the opening and has stayed for about 2 years already. Pops out easily too.
  11. Here you go Wes, His name is Echo Liu and he just got his PPL. jliuecho@gmail.com
  12. Just a few more spots are open for the Page 2021 Fly-in. We have 16 for Bryce and 25 for Page so far. If anyone else is interested in going and would like some more info on this awesome trip, email me: djtoddb@yahoo.com Also, I have a low time pilot out of the Los Angeles area that does not have a plane but would like to go and share expenses with someone already attending. I assume he will get himself to Page or Bryce, he just wants to ride SHOTGUN or JAFO on the daily trips. Please let me know who is coming single and would like some company in their plane. Thanks!
  13. Awesome Wes. We look forward to meeting you! Please send me your email so I can send you some info.
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