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  1. CORRECTION - We now have 15 for Bryce and 22 for Page. It's filling up.
  2. UPDATE on Fly-In. We now have 11 people confirmed for Bryce and 18 people for Page. If you have already signed up, you should receive an email today indicating that you are on the list as confirmed. If you do not receive this email and you have already made your reservations, email me at DJToddB@yahoo.com so I can update my records. We still have room for a few more attendees so email me if you are interested in going. Thanks.
  3. Nope, not yet. It's a bit early for those details but we are open to people chiming in on what days and destinations they would like.
  4. UPDATE: As of now we have 16 confirmed attendees for the Fly-in this year and we still have room for a few more.
  5. Hello everyone. Just keeping everyone up to speed with what’s happening with the 2021 Page Fly-in. Everything is going well and we have had a lot of interest in participation this year since last year was cancelled. We have blocked off 25 rooms at the Clarion Hotel so it will be first come, first served. Our rate is only $65 but you must tell them that you are with the CT or Page Fly-In Group for that rate. I tried to block off dates with Ruby’s at Bryce Canyon but they gave me a rate of about $200 per night so he said it would be cheaper to just go online and book it individually at a cheaper rate. FYI - I went to Travelocity and booked ours for about $130 per night with a NO Cancellation fee. I know it’s still several months away but it will be here before you know it. To keep this trip manageable we are trying to limit the attendance to about 35 – 40 people this year. Ruby's at Bryce Canyon: (435) 834-8022 Clarion Hotel (928) 645-9000) Please let me know when you have reserved your dates so we can keep track of how many are coming. Thanks. Note: Photos were taken by Darryl Swenson which is one of our regular attendees.
  6. OK Ron. Try these. Flight Rules.txt Page 2021 Info Sheet.txt
  7. Congrats! Consider coming to our Fly-in in Page, AZ in October. We would love to meet you!
  8. Awesome Towner! please email me the following information so we can keep you in the loop for any updates or changes. My email address is: DJToddB@yahoo.com Full name Where you are Flying In From Email address Phone number Dates you Plan on attending Aircraft Type you are bringing
  9. Itinerary and descriptions... Please see the attachments Below. These were created by John Olav who has run the trip for the past several years and represent an accurate description of the destinations, activites and procedures. Thanks John! Flight Rules.docx Page 2021 Info Sheet.docx
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