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  1. OK, looks like everyone is using some pretty expensive solutions out there. Is there anything "over the counter" "Walmart style" that will do the job safely?
  2. What's the best Washing Solution to wash the plane with that will remove the bugs and wash the plane? Dish Soap, 409?
  3. DJ Todd B


    Does anyone have the same problem that I have with the Brakes? One grabs sooner than the other, so much so that it doesn't feel like the other brake is grabbing while the other one Locks Up. I have changed both Pads and rotors and still have the same problem.
  4. Correction Olave, the number you posted for Ruby's is actually the Airport Phone number which is handy to have as well. Rubys is: 435-834-5341
  5. Nevermind, I just say that DETAILS ARE PENDING.
  6. I was going to make my reservations today for Rubys but you said provided Ruby's Inn is available at a good rate for our group. If rooms are available, When will we know their best rate so we can book it???
  7. DJ Todd B

    Copper State Fly-In

    Yes Duane, I may be there for 2 days
  8. OK Olav, give me some time to think about going on this trip again.... Yep, I'm IN ! Sorry it took so long.
  9. DJ Todd B

    Page Fly-In 2019 - check out this place...Bar 10 Ranch

    You can usually find these at your local Swap Meet for $10- $12 or order one from Amazon for $20 They collapse FLAT and are very light. https://www.amazon.com/Inches-Strong-Folding-Kitchen-Stepping/dp/B01MA0PEOT
  10. DJ Todd B

    Who's got the best price for Oil and Filters?

    Yeah Tom, I bought the Filter from CPS.
  11. DJ Todd B

    Who's got the best price for Oil and Filters?

    I just ordered it from AirplaneOil.com . A case of 12 for $115. About $12 cheaper (free Liter) than CPS with shipping.
  12. My CARB HEAT control is extremely difficult to Pull ON and Push OFF. Does anyone else have this problem? Does lubricating the Iat Box Butterfly help and if so, what type of lube?
  13. Doe anyone know Who's got the best price for Oil and Filters on-Line?
  14. DJ Todd B

    Page Fly-In 2019 - check out this place...Bar 10 Ranch

    I carry ONE empty 5 gal fuel jug in the back but i think TWO will fit. I did it 2 years ago at Marble canyon.
  15. That's Hurricane Season! Better odds in Arizona. Anyways, please let us know of the exact dates so we can put it on our calendars. 😁