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  1. I’ve always used Foreflight to do the W&B. Works great. Kent
  2. I went with the shadow look. I thought it came out nice.
  3. I love doing 30 flap takeoffs. Solo I would get airborne in 280 feet and with another person On board it was 400. I could never come close to those numbers with 15 flaps. caveat: I wouldn’t do this on windy/gusty days.
  4. I bet they make a 2-seat part 23 F2 that is IFR certified and with a tremendous useful load capability.
  5. If I understood it right, it will be both LSA and EASA/Part 23 certified. The Part 23 version might have some differences in airspeed and/or useful load and maybe 915 powered. I could be way off though. Kent
  6. They rounded the rudder as well. Nice!
  7. A cording to my brother, Frank sold his Husky a few years ago. If you don’t reach him, I can post a request on the Husky forum.
  8. Goof off works incredibly well on that tape. Just don’t let it touch your vinyl decals.
  9. This is an interesting take of the ‘impossible turn.’
  10. May have SAVED my life once. Climbed out of Felts Field in a Luscombe when the engine quit. Straight ahead was about as horrible as you could imagine. Turned, kept speed up while in the turn and landed halfway down the runway. 500’ was plenty of altitude. I remember the wind was down the runway at least 15 knots.
  11. I bought them from Lockwood. Yeah, they were in the $2000 range. It SEEMS like a lot of 2006-07 CTsw owners have had to do the same replacement. When it first started to happen, I sent the modules to Lockwood to be tested. They came back saying they were fine. When it happened again, I just got the new modules. Never an issue after that. I sure loved the SW. Sad to have sold it, but I can’t have two airplanes at once. I’m monogamous when it comes to airplanes (and spouses). Kent
  12. I had to replace both modules on my CTsw when it wouldn’t start. The soft start modules did the trick. Never had any issues after that. kent
  13. I worked with Tom and Arian to get an MRA for a Schroth seatbelt upgrade for the CTsw. Search the forum here for information on part number. The total cost for two with rotary buckles was around $1000 and took 2 months for them to build. The belts were a huge improvement. Flight Design USA has the MRA information. Kent
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