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  1. KentWien

    Passenger Foot Rest

    I assume this will work for a CTsw? If so, I’d like one. Kent
  2. KentWien

    BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    Thank you for the tip. I’m doing mine in February. How was the turnaround, time-wise? kent
  3. KentWien

    Best Aviation Magazine for Sport Pilots?

    General Aviation News is free through the Issu app, among other lesser known magazines. CTsw is such a good value.
  4. CTsw with small tires: 100 kts indicated/4400 rpm/3.7 gph 122 kts indicated/5400rpm/6.3 gph (WOT) And then a super leisure setting: 93 knots/4200 rpm/3.2 gph. I’d love to have a CTsw with a 912is in it. All figures at 1500’ density altitude (32 degrees) with two people on board and full fuel.
  5. I’ll go get some exact figures for you...
  6. Great post, Andrew. It’s fun seeing the experience through your eyes. I’m looking forward to hearing your WOT fuel burn number. Let me know what you get at 5,000 rpm, also. Kent CTsw ‘VHS edition’ (looking to upgrade to Betamax though).
  7. Thanks Andrew. The Manhattan pics were taken by fellow CT owner Jossi who lives in NY. He was in his Diamond DA-40 this time, since he’s getting a new engine in his CTsw (you may have seen his airplane in Woodstock). He’s a wonderful guy and a good friend to meet up with for lunch anywhere. I’m sure you’ll meet him. Kent
  8. Welcome Andrew! It’s nice to have another enthusiastic CT owner in the area. Let’s go flying to lunch! Yesterday we did the Manhattan tour, this time with two of us. Kent in Poughkeepsie (POU)
  9. Ordered a Factory Direct Model of my CTsw at Oshkosh. Just got it and had to share. The detail in the cockpit is insane. I left my headset on the floor in one of the pics I sent them and they recreated that, along with the side mounted iPad and Garmin 796. Very happy with the results. https://www.factorydirectmodels.com
  10. KentWien

    CTsw Detailed Model from FDM

    I’d love to pick one up and do it in the Jubilee scheme.
  11. KentWien

    NEW propeller for CT

    We use the e-props on paramotors (powered paragliders) with a nice improvement over the other carbon props out there.
  12. KentWien

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    My CTsw is at 730 pounds. Standard instruments may be the difference, I suppose.
  13. KentWien

    New to Forum. New to CT Land

    Welcome, Gary! You’re going to love it. I’m in NY, so not much help there. But you’ve come to the right place. I’ve learned a lot from those here. Kent
  14. KentWien

    Airplane Taxes

    Fortunately, New York is tax free. At least for the airplane.
  15. KentWien

    Charlie Tango got published

    Wow! Great job.
  16. KentWien

    Circuit Breaker labeled ADI, what is it?

    Yep, that’s what I still have in mine. Works great.
  17. KentWien

    Airventure 2018

    He’s my uncle. He’s still up there flying regularly! kent
  18. KentWien

    Airventure 2018

    Anyone make it to Oshkosh this year? I hadn’t been since 2002 and wow, it’s changed! For the better. The night airshow is spectacular. Flying in was surprisingly easy with plenty of spots available. Leaving Monday morning. New York to Seattle via Oshkosh.
  19. KentWien

    Airventure 2018

    Hi Sandpiper, Yes, my grandpa was Noel Wien. I was pretty sad too! I ended up flying for Era before moving south. Living in NY now. Kent
  20. KentWien

    Airventure 2018

    EB3, Yep, it’s like having a corporate jet (almost). Im hoping next year to make it out to the Page fly-in. Kent
  21. KentWien

    Airventure 2018

    Amazingly it was my daughter’s idea to do the trip. Twist my arm! Can’t believe it went off without a hitch. And then there was this bonus:
  22. KentWien

    Airventure 2018

    Flight Design has a new section of their website called ‘Stories.’ I wrote about our New York to Seattle trip here. https://flightdesign.com/stories The flight home was done solo in a day and a half. 18 hours of flying, 96 gallons of fuel. Both trips were a blast.
  23. KentWien

    Pattern speeds/power settings

    Small wheels, FlyingMonkey. Wide open throttle. 5575 rpm.
  24. KentWien

    Pattern speeds/power settings

    Just had Arian fix a static leak on my CTsw. Afterwards, wide open throttle at 1000’ was 124 knots indicated.
  25. KentWien

    She won’t start?

    I had the same problem. For me, it just turned out to be the battery. Odessey battery was about 6 years old if I remember correctly.