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    Decals & Pin-striping

    I think so. It was a year ago, and I had the annual done as well, so it all mixes together.
  2. KentWien

    Decals & Pin-striping

    Mine was $1700 for the removal and reapplication.
  3. KentWien

    Decals & Pin-striping

    It was a sign shop that did the work. They do mostly cars and vans. Came out absolutely perfect. I had them do the N-numbers black with a silver shadow to match the scheme. Really like how that turned out.
  4. KentWien

    Decals & Pin-striping

    I had the cowling repainted due to some chipped paint. But the old scheme had three stripes that would need to be replaced. Rather than try try to match those up, I asked Arian about doing the new scheme. Kent
  5. KentWien

    Decals & Pin-striping

    Yep, Buckaroo that’s mine! They buffed out the white and there is NO difference in the areas that had the old decals. So happy with the results and Flight Design USA’s Tom and Arian.
  6. KentWien

    CTSW flying @ 22 below zero!

  7. KentWien

    500fpm, 60 knots, 15 degrees flaps

    Or even try midfield for idle. For me, any later and I have to extend downwind farther than I’d like.
  8. KentWien

    Wanted to buy CTLS

    You seem to be on the right track. I don’t think you’ll see any change in the CT market if the gross weight goes up, and here’s why: Take a look at any airplane out there. Which one would you really want to own if it were in the light sport category? For me, I just can’t find anything that’s as efficient, has the useful load, is fully depreciated and costs so little to operate. Went out for an hour today loitering around some scenic mountains before coming home to do landings with my girlfriend. Total fuel cost for an hour, mostly at 3 gallons an hour: $12. Cheapest way to enjoy the evening.
  9. KentWien

    Smart offering...

    And more: https://www.bydanjohnson.com/twin-accomplishments-for-flight-design-and-their-ct-series-of-light-sport-aircraft/
  10. KentWien

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Flight Design USA has one in stock for the CTsw with all placards, however no holes are cut out.
  11. EasyFlyer, yeah, the hose replacement is parts and labor. Way above my grade, but you might have fun doing it. Good luck! Excited to hear how the search goes. Kent
  12. Later CTsw models could be ordered with the ‘mushroom’ instrument panel, as my 2006 was.
  13. KentWien

    Port Clinton 2019

    Ooh, sounds fun if I have the time off.
  14. I scoffed a bit about the autopilot when I first discovered the CT. Now I absolutely love it. It’s nice to be able to do inflight planning using ForeFlight on very long cross country trips. I made it back from Seattle to NY in a day and a half, and this just wouldn’t have been possible if I were hand flying the entire time. Damage history, if properly fixed is usually a landing gear replacement or firewall repair after a hard landing. Mine had that in thenlogbook and it hasn’t been an issue for me or the previous owner. Take a look at how high off the ground each Wong is to see if a gear leg is bent. I measure this with my forehead. (Super precise, I know.) take into account when the next hose replacement will be, and plan $3000 or so for that. It’s needed every 5 years. If also want to know where it had it’s maintenance done. Lockwood or Flight Design USA or Roger Lee? If so, you know it’s a good airplane. I actually prefer the round dial cockpit, but that’s a preference thing. The CTsw is such a great value, you can’t go too wrong. Have fun and let us know when you’ve picked one up! Kent
  15. This has been a great thread. You’ve documented your discoveries well. Agree with everything youve come across while learning the plane. I love mine! Lers meet up! Kent
  16. KentWien

    Passenger Foot Rest

    I assume this will work for a CTsw? If so, I’d like one. Kent
  17. KentWien

    BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    Thank you for the tip. I’m doing mine in February. How was the turnaround, time-wise? kent
  18. KentWien

    Best Aviation Magazine for Sport Pilots?

    General Aviation News is free through the Issu app, among other lesser known magazines. CTsw is such a good value.
  19. CTsw with small tires: 100 kts indicated/4400 rpm/3.7 gph 122 kts indicated/5400rpm/6.3 gph (WOT) And then a super leisure setting: 93 knots/4200 rpm/3.2 gph. I’d love to have a CTsw with a 912is in it. All figures at 1500’ density altitude (32 degrees) with two people on board and full fuel.
  20. I’ll go get some exact figures for you...
  21. Great post, Andrew. It’s fun seeing the experience through your eyes. I’m looking forward to hearing your WOT fuel burn number. Let me know what you get at 5,000 rpm, also. Kent CTsw ‘VHS edition’ (looking to upgrade to Betamax though).
  22. Thanks Andrew. The Manhattan pics were taken by fellow CT owner Jossi who lives in NY. He was in his Diamond DA-40 this time, since he’s getting a new engine in his CTsw (you may have seen his airplane in Woodstock). He’s a wonderful guy and a good friend to meet up with for lunch anywhere. I’m sure you’ll meet him. Kent
  23. Welcome Andrew! It’s nice to have another enthusiastic CT owner in the area. Let’s go flying to lunch! Yesterday we did the Manhattan tour, this time with two of us. Kent in Poughkeepsie (POU)
  24. Ordered a Factory Direct Model of my CTsw at Oshkosh. Just got it and had to share. The detail in the cockpit is insane. I left my headset on the floor in one of the pics I sent them and they recreated that, along with the side mounted iPad and Garmin 796. Very happy with the results. https://www.factorydirectmodels.com
  25. KentWien

    CTsw Detailed Model from FDM

    I’d love to pick one up and do it in the Jubilee scheme.