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  1. KentWien

    Stereo or Mono in CTLS?

    As I remember, I tried stereo and it only came through on one side. So I selected mono and it works perfect.
  2. KentWien

    Not getting rid of me so easily

    Great to hear!
  3. I’m excited about it. Panel mounted airbags standard is a first for any airplane. And an electric option? Yes!
  4. KentWien

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    Nice bird, Andrew! i got to play with the triple HDX displays on Andrews airplane when he gave me a ride back home and I just have to say... WOW! I was surprised at how crisp everything looked and just how intuitive the Dynon setup was. Such a nice flying plane, too! Kent
  5. KentWien

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    The sad part is, that was the first time I flew a CT as I had to get 2 hours of time in it solo for insurance purposes. Five years later, I bought the plane from my friend Russell Croman and have now flown it for 200 hours and I still can’t land it as well as I did that day! Glad he got proof in the form of video. Kent
  6. KentWien

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    I’m happy you posted about your project, and I’m looking forward to getting mine. Wait until he sees the price for a new set of seatbelts I’ve found. But that’s for a later post... Kent
  7. KentWien

    retracing the route of 1919 transcontinental air race

    This is great! I’ll be following along via instagram and Facebook and YouTube (don’t want to miss a thing!) Kent
  8. KentWien

    How much are you guys spending on ADSB parts?

    I did a Garmin 345 WAAS with antenna and had it professionally installed. Total was $7450. I absolutely love it. Works well with multiple ForeFlight devices and Garmin Pilot and Garmin 796 all at the same time.
  9. KentWien

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    Once they’re verified, I’m in for a set! Kent
  10. KentWien

    CTSW Keys Kraus & Naimer

    Cool tip!
  11. KentWien

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    I’d pay $80.
  12. KentWien

    Baggage space CTLS

    On a CTsw, it's tough. I managed with a smaller roll-aboard once and then switched to some nice LL Bean duffle bags.
  13. KentWien

    Anyone have a CT here in Utah?

    Hi Andreas, Sure hope you find someone to fly with. I’d love to, but I’m a ways away from you (New York). Two things you might want to pass on to any instructor you fly with: Flight Training Supplement: http://documents.flightdesignusa.com/flight_training_supplement.pdf Aircraft Operating Instructions: http://documents.flightdesignusa.com/SW-POH.pdf Great reading. Don’t give up, it’s an amazing airplane with fantastic performance and efficiency. Kent
  14. KentWien

    First Passenger... new pilot, new plane

    That’s fantastic! I was just there a few days ago for lunch. Love the pic! Kent
  15. KentWien

    do I need to filter mogas?

    Hi EFB. I also get 94UL from there. Nice people. But it has been hard to pass up the ethanol free fuel for under $3 in my area at the local gas station. (To find ethanol free fuel, use the app PureGas)