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  1. Yeah, exactly. That drove me crazy. The new ones meet in the middle and haven’t slid off my shoulders, even when loosened. Those seats look COMFORTABLE! Kent
  2. Just sharing the MRA for others to piggyback on if they're interested, and if they have an S-LSA that requires one.
  3. I've been unhappy with the shoulder harnesses on the CTsw as they loosen up constantly. So I worked with Barrington Black at Schroth, and we came up with a great replacement set of belts that Arian at Flight Design USA has approved for an MRA. They were right at $1000 for a pair of the rotary buckle versions and while I didn't price it out, the automotive seatbelt flap release version might be $600 a pair. I had been quoted $1800 for the rotary version from Aircraft Belts, Inc. They are set up so you pull the lap belt up to tighten instead of down like the stock belts, which was always a challenge in the CT. They offer a ton of colors for the belts and the buckle. The part number will change based on your color choices, but if you want exactly what is depicted, call Barrington and give him these part numbers: 4-01-KY0223REVA 4-01-KY5223REVA After you give them the order, you need to fill out a form or two to become a customer and to set up a payment method. This was the more frustrating part, but it's worth it. The belts take 8 weeks to be delivered, but could be expedited for a fee to cut that time in half. The fee was around $400, so I was forced to be patient. The belts don't loosen, they are comfortable and fit nicely. I'm extremely happy with them. They are adjustable at the mounting position, so you have some leeway when you install them. I had to shorten the straps about 4" or so. Very easy to do. After installing, contact Arian to get the MRA for your paperwork, which is $65. Here's the USA contact for Schroth: Barrington Black| Senior Application Engineer SCHROTH Safety Products LLC 1371 SW 8th St. #3 | Pompano Beach, FL 33069 (O)+1.954.642.5051 Ext. 336|(F) +1.954.784.3179 barrington.black@us.schroth.com Kent
  4. Pretty much! CTsl or CT super sport depending on who you ask. https://www.google.com/amp/s/generalaviationnews.com/2019/01/21/flight-design-ct-super-sport-injection-takes-off-in-north-america/amp/ I’d love to have one. Kent
  5. YES!!!! This is SO great! What a cool thing to share with each other! You shared the flight and he shared the joy! Kent
  6. I use a small step stool. Put the hose into the tank (after grounding the can to exhaust). Ten turns per gallon. Then just stop short of what I measured with the sticks and slowly fill the rest to top it off. Works well. Hose easily reaches the top of the wing with the tanks on the ground. I can get 11.5 gallons or maybe a bit more into a can and still have room to spare. I use the “PureGas” app to find local gas stations that sell non-ethanol fuel, although I wouldn’t hesitate to use ethanol 91 or above fuel.
  7. Does the 15 year TBO recommendation also apply to the 912iS? I can’t seem to find any info online regarding that. Thanks! Kent
  8. While we’re sharing our fuel solutions, this is what I use. Both 10.5 gallon tanks fit in my Honda Element nicely. https://www.overtons.com/flo-fast-portable-21-gallon-gasoline-transfer-system-331183.html 10 turns per gallon.
  9. I’ve tried the 12”. Yep, I love that screen but it’s just too big in the CT. Mostly I've used the 10” with good results. That said, Lately I’ve even used an iPhone XS Max and liking that, since my 10” isn’t always available.
  10. Looks like 10,500 and 11,500 it is: https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2017/april/flight-training-magazine/road-trip-grand-canyon
  11. Oh, wait. Mine was an Oddessey PC310.
  12. Earth-x supplies everything. If you just want a PC370 I have the 1 year old one I pulled out to replace with the Earth-X. It was fine, just wanted the Lithium battery. Let me know. Kent
  13. Called Greg Ellsworth at Air Pros thanks to this post and already seeing one quote with hull coverage that’s $250 less (only $950!) with more to come in. Thanks!
  14. Sure! 3 items: ETX680C Custom fit C case battery box #151124 12V 5mm LED RED light - 48" wire Total $462 with shipping. You’ll need that battery box. Flight design can provide you with an MRA for $60. www.earthxbatteries.com
  15. I recently switched to the Earth-X lithium battery and I’ve been very happy with the insane starting power and the ability to finally leave all the lights on as I fly at night. I couldn’t be happier with the upgrade. My CTsw has amber fuel sight tube lights interesting Kent
  16. I think it’s people accidentally pushing that button as they are scrolling. Flyers here are pretty friendly.
  17. When calling, just don’t call it an LOA. Officially, it’s an MRA.
  18. The other option that works well with the 796 is of course a Garmin GTX345. I had to get the WAAS version though.
  19. Two or three more in Connecticut, including Andrew who is on here. Heck, we could have a fly-in! Message me and we could get together! kent
  20. I talked to Sensenich and they told me that, with some lead time, you can special order it with the tips in different colors. I thought that was pretty slick. They sure are nice looking.
  21. It’s a must do for anyone in the area!
  22. Poughkeepsie, NY. Just 75 miles north of NYC (pictured in a bit of clouds).
  23. Can you tell us more about the process? Did you have to make up a pdf for the shop to use as a guide or did they just copy from the existing markings? Does it seem scratch resistant? What is the black? Powder coating? Beautiful! Now you have me thinking. Kent
  24. As I remember, I tried stereo and it only came through on one side. So I selected mono and it works perfect.
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