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  1. I would suspect carb icing: what was OAT and dew point? I have personally experienced recently a severe carb icing while flying here in Europe at 6000 feet, even with carb "heat" on. Since then, I have installed a water heating carb system to remove any risk during marginal conditions.
  2. I personally train myself once a quarter on the following procedure to check if I can make an airport landing when engine is off: When an airfield is in the Skydemon gliding range (software widely use un Europe), I stop the engine, and see how I manage to land safely on the targeted airfield Glide ratio needs to be set in Skydemon: It turns out that 9:1 is the right setting for a CTSW This helps me in my emergency procedure if engine die: - Check if any airfield are in the blue circle: if yes, fly straight there with flaps at 0° and speed at 63 knots. If not, then I target a field.
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