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  1. No I haven’t. I’m still watching the ads. I loved my 235! Hope all is good with you. Call me when you have a minute to catch up.
  2. My PA28-235 would outhaul a 182. Js 😊
  3. I was on the One World Observatory Monday and about every 5-10 minutes someone was flying by. Pretty cool. I hope I can do that one day.
  4. A friend installed a tail beacon on his 2009 CTLS. He thinks the rudder is blocking the signals. Any thoughts? He’s not a member here.
  5. Trip


    Are you going to give the details?
  6. Hey Ben. Would you mind a phone call for a see questions?
  7. Wondering if minor airframe repairs have to be logged or a 337 filed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Just wondering, if like with a new car, the Flight Design dealers discount a new CTLSi. Does anyone have first hand experience and know (or someone with second hand)?
  9. Hey Eric. I tried to text you but it didn’t go through. I’m at 205-239-6980. Didn’t know when a good time to call would be. Trip
  10. Will an official carry-on size of 9”x14”x22” fit through the opening or is a duffle bag the only way to go?
  11. Thanks for posting the link. I contacted my Senator’s office last week and some kid couldn’t come up with anything. I was told that the airport in my town (TCL) has stopped people from self fueling. Now that I have the rules I can get to the bottom of it. First thing is to ask the “wet behind the ear airport manager” for a copy of the Self Fuel rules. He will probably look at me dumbfounded.
  12. Is there someone here with say 5 years of CTLS ownership that wouldn’t mind a 15-20 minute phone conversation to help me with some ownership questions? It would be especially helpful if you have a decent amount of XC time. Thanks in advance.
  13. Tom there was fuselage repair. Looked like the gear was sheared off in a landing. I still have the documents.
  14. Lied to me about NDH. I got the books and they showed it had had major damage with one main gear replaced and other things repaired. I would not buy from him.
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