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  1. Tom there was fuselage repair. Looked like the gear was sheared off in a landing. I still have the documents.
  2. Lied to me about NDH. I got the books and they showed it had had major damage with one main gear replaced and other things repaired. I would not buy from him.
  3. Warmi, I bet the insurance company won’t pay in case of an accident if fueling inside a hanger.
  4. The FAA was going to shut down the control tower several years ago (KTCL) but the city is picking up the tab since then but I’m sure there have been federal grants at the airport. So Federal law would apply here.
  5. Hey Tom. I was told the fire marshall is the one who shuts them down. I just read through your link and it seems to say they can restrict for unsafe reasons (and a few more). How can bringing fuel in a container, either in 5 gal jugs or in a 40 gallon metal tank with bonding wiring, and fueling in an open space be unsafe? I was also told Hawthorn has complained saying that they are losing fuel sales.
  6. We have 3 FBOs, only 2 with fuel. Was told today by the one without fuel that the airport isn’t allowing anyone to bring fuel in. They’ve caught one person so far. So what does it benefit me if I wanted to buy a CTLS and burn auto fuel? Anyone else have this situation at their field?
  7. Hey Ben. Nashville is very doable. I like visiting that city. I found out today from an Orthopedic doctor that I need to wear a boot on my right foot for a month or so. Let me see how that is going. I had plans on traveling a lot this fall but not sure now.
  8. I’m interested in buying a CTLS or CTLSi. Looking for someone who will let me see their plane and take me for a ride at my expense. Within a few hours drive would be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. Trip

    Any CTLSs near Tuscaloosa, AL?

    Thanks guys. Not sure why I didn’t get notified I had replies. I’m trying to contact someone in Huntsville since it’s only 2-2.5 from me. Ben and Garrett I may holler at one of you if I can’t. Thanks!
  10. Would like to find someone with a CTLS that will let me come look at their plane and maybe take me up. I can travel to you almost any day. Hopefully within driving distance. Thanks.
  11. Trip

    ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    Yep when a red flag waves I walk. There is another low time plane but hasn't flown in 5-6 years but until you get the log books you don't know. The broker said he didn't know anything about it. That's the second broker who has played dumb.
  12. Trip

    ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    There is another seller with a couple year old CT that I talked with 8 months ago and asked if he would send me the log books. Can't have more than 5-6 pages. Said he didn't have them scanned. He lives a few hours by car from me so I asked if I could come the next Saturday and see it. He said an instructor who flies it could meet me so I said I'd come up Friday night and stay in a hotel then meet like at 7-8am. He then said he couldn't promise the instructor would be there. I asked for the number for the instructor so I could arrange a time he could for sure meet me. The seller said he couldn't give the number out. It's not like I'll call him every day for 2 years. So I gave up. Noticed he'd dropped his price by $20k so I called him again. Same answers. No log book scanned (8 months later). Gee what is wrong with people? He acts like a jerk on the phone, too. Oh well, he said he may email the log books to me in a month or so and was about to hang up when I asked if he wanted my email address. He said to text it to him but I doubt I'll hear from him. He must have lost the log books or is hiding something.
  13. Trip

    ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    Washington is too far from Alabama to be practical. Also, the 42 hours in 6 years is a turn off for me. Thanks, though. Let me know about your CTLS if you decide to sell. Btw, I've seen some log book entries say something like "replaced RT main landing gear, details in office". The guy dis have his name and I believe a file number but you have to call and dig it up. It keeps the log books from being so lengthy I guess.
  14. Trip

    ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    But I’m making 20%+ so a $100k airplane will effectively have cost me $125k in a year (plus expenses of course) and $150k in 2 years, etc. ?
  15. Trip

    ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    Thanks for the tips! I am beginning to think of how much I'm making in the stock market and do I want to withdraw to buy an airplane. Ha!