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  1. Trip

    Ice is nice...

    What are you using to preheat? That’s really cold ( to me).
  2. This is what I made for my Cherokee 235 years ago. It worked well and was like $30. Put it on a timer. 4-6 hours would be toasty (in Alabama but it does get 20 or below).
  3. Was it a factory change? If so, what year did it start?
  4. Use an escrow agent for the purchase.
  5. Text messages from 5-6 weeks ago. I asked about log books. Seems this Broker, yes Broker, doesn’t want to take the time to scan the books. I never got a reply. I should look up the Owner and let them know.
  6. Thanks Tom. There were other things like belly repairs. Those plus being lied to turns me off. I won’t even consider it at that point. I see looking at log books as the first step. Next would be a pre-buy or discussion with the shop(s).
  7. And I’ve had Brokers tell me NDH and get the partial logs and showed damage. One even showed one landing gear had been replaced. You have to be careful on book entries that say the details are with the A&P.
  8. Over the last year I’ve asked many sellers for their scanned log books. It’s probably been 5 or 6. I have yet to get a complete log book. Asked again yesterday about one that is several years old and the seller replied that he’d send me the last inspection page. I said I’d like to see the entire book and didn’t get a reply. I’ve gotten partial books with pages missing, partial books with pages mixed up, And partial books with aircraft, engine, and prop log book pages shuffled. What gives? Am I asking for too much? When I sold my plane I scanned the whole book before I put it on the market. Sold it in one day.
  9. Looking to see who can do a Condition Inspection near Alabama and a Rotax Certified shop.
  10. No I haven’t. I’m still watching the ads. I loved my 235! Hope all is good with you. Call me when you have a minute to catch up.
  11. My PA28-235 would outhaul a 182. Js 😊
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