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  1. Andrew


    Thanks all, looking forward to learning as much as I can about LSA from all you experienced types! (and I got to learn)
  2. Andrew

    Aerotrek A240

    Well you certainly can see me coming!
  3. Andrew

    Aerotrek A240

    New to the Board and this topic caught my eye because I own a new AeroTrek A240 (nose wheel version) and have spent about 50 hours flying in them. Like all planes there are features which are good and bad and this is always a trade off for the pilot. I can tell you what I like so far about mine and what I don't. If you look close at the plane you will notice that it's build quality is fantastic it is well put together and simple and clean if not lavish. They are a bit tight if you have long legs and the seat design does not allow much for adjustment, but they are comfortable for me (5-11 250, no comments please, I have the classic bowling ball build). Plane handles well both on the ground and in the air and does not exhibit any odd flight characteristics, very true flyer, does not wonder or bump on altitude. It climbs well and has plenty of power (lifted off at Vernon, Tx this year full load and 100 degree day and got up and going with little effort). The plane is not fast but 110 to 115 is what I experience in good air. Cabin is a bit breezy as gaps with doors are 1/4 in and linkage to flaperons is above your seat. Control surfaces are linked with pushrods which make for good control feedback. A few negatives on the brakes in the tri gear they are not differential but activated from the center panel pull, which is a bit awkward and to close to the throttle and choke pulls (I have fat fingers and I really have to be careful what I pull). The flapperon system is somewhat effective, but if you are expecting a drag effect upon deployment, you are in for a little surprise, the nose will come up a bit but you are not going to see much airspeed change so better work on those "other" skills when you land. I have had to work on slips and relearn how to control my landing speed as you do have a tendency in this plane to land too fast if you are not diligent. Cross wind landing are a little challenging as you and the plane likely are less than 1000 lb so a breeze can push you around if not proactive. I am not a experienced pilot but picked up on this planes personality rather quickly and its a quality little plane, at a good price and the seller is very, very helpful and knowledgable. So I now own one.
  4. Andrew


    Andy here new to the forum and have enjoyed looking over articles and posts. I bought a new Aerotrek A240 back in August and enjoying every flight so far. Been flying for about 15 years but this is my first endeavor as owner. Looking forward to learning more about the LSA experience.l