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  1. GDCooper

    CTLS Operating Cost

    Hello Dick, Thanks for that link. I had run a similar search and got those older posts. Was hoping for a few more current thoughts on this from planes that are not being used for instruction (less insurance and lower maintenance costs). Glenn Cooper
  2. GDCooper

    CTLS Operating Cost

    Hello, Looks like I'm going to be getting checked out in a CTLS that I can rent locally. I'm totally new to the plane and LSAs (coming from the classic 172). I'm very intrigued by the cost of operating this plane. I see there was a forum post back in 2012 about operating costs, but wondered if anyone else might want to share their experiences - fuel / maintenance reserve / depreciation / insurance / hangar / etc. for however many hours you use it. I'm probably going to be at 150 hours / year. Thanks!!