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  1. SlingPilot

    CTSW vs. Legend 600

    I toyed with getting a Searey, went so far as to spend a weekend At Chesapeake Sport Pilot. Helen runs a very nice, professional operation. I enjoyed my time in the plane and felt it was a good fit, even with the negativity of the instructor I had (should have changed after the first flight). In the end, I decided to stick with an S-LSA. What turned me off, was the additional training beyond either an add on SES or SP seaplane signoff the insurance company’s wanted. Searey has a 13 hour course, about $5k. Even then, insurance was higher. Some say it’s due to the retractable gear, but I’ve got 500 hrs complex retract time. It just didn’t add up, so S-LSA on three wheels for me into retirement. I looked at all the amphibians and the Searey is the leader IMHO.
  2. I’m not sure about the endorsement by a CFI, fornLight Sport, but you will need a BFR. You don’t need a check ride with a designated pilot examiner, that’s for sure. You ARE a PILOT! Without a medical or basic med, you have to follow the SP rules. Drivers License, Fly an LSA, No night, can’t exceed 10k feet. You don’t need the sign off for airspace like class B. I’m sure someone will be along to add or correct me Good Luck
  3. Wonderful news! Good to hear, may you enjoy many safe hours of flying your bird.
  4. So, EFB, did you find someone? You left us hanging my friend. Also, your last reply to me regarding the FAA examiner givin you your check ride, IMO, is a little short sighted. If in fact you can’t find any DPE to check you out in your plane. I hope by by this time you have your PPL in hand and are enjoying your plane.
  5. SlingPilot

    Rotax 912iS versus the 914 Turbo - Which One?

    The iS still suffers from needing premature gearbox servicing. ROTAX has been on the case for a fix, but hasn’t quite solved the problem. I so wanted the iS for my Sling, but was talked out of it. I could have had the 914, but couldn’t justify the cost or need. I fly mainly on the east coast and east of the Mississippi. My flight back to NY from CA was easy with the ULS at FL095 and 11k. I’m sure ROTAX will address the teething pains, they are a fantastic company with a great product and respond to any and all issues.
  6. “OP” Original Poster. Bottomline, no DPE, the FSDO will need to schedule your check ride with one of their examiners. While they nowadays defer to DPE’s, they still can do checkrides. And if they do it, it’s FREE!
  7. To the OP, what seems to be the issue? No DPE wants to give the checkride in an S-LSA? Sounds crazy, is there something prohibiting them? Just curious.
  8. SlingPilot

    Here are a couple of Youtube Videos I recently made... Enjoy.

    Ecellent videos Todd, thanks for sharing.
  9. IMO, I’ve found the CTSW, CTLS and Remos to be squirrelly, as LSA’s go. I’ve enjoyed the handling qualities of the Sky Arrow, RV-12, and most of all the Sling2. I found the latter three handle more like the certified planes I’ve flown and owned.
  10. Adam, it’s John! The guy from NY with the fuel cart questions. Have you flown the Sling 2? They are right down from you, The Airplane Factory in Torrance, KTOA. 

    I was also looking at the RV-12 S-LSA, but jumped to the Sling once I flew it. 

    Im having one built now, hoping for delivery late April or May. 

    Good Luck!

  11. Adam, what did you replace your CTLS with?