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  1. Warmi

    Bad ELT?

    I have seen some stats claiming that close to 90% of planes are equipped with ADSB which means that it is hard not get into habit of more and more relying on ADSB since it works , well, 90% of time ( which is probably already better than radio/visual scanning )
  2. Looks nice and clear …earlier this year we went on vacation to Montana (Glacier ) and Yellowstone. There was so much smoke , we could barely see the mountains … this was our second trip to Yellowstone , a few years back we went in September and got snowed in for 2 days so badly could not see anything for more than 100 feet ..and we only had 2 days. Third time’s the charm, I say !!!
  3. Warmi

    what's up in Europe

    A stealth LSA ?
  4. There is a flight school in Chicago which has been running on Remos planes for more than a decade so I guess it is possible to make it work even with carbon fiber toys 🙂
  5. There is a huge difference between being inaccurate on the low end and being defective. I have the same mechanical gauge on my Sting S4 ( same company as Stream ) and it has ben 100% reliable in the last 400 hours. Of course, since I own the plane and are pretty much the only one fueling it, I run totalizer in my head ( basically I always know how much I put in and how much I have flown ) and use the gauge to confirm. In any case, I never let it go below 1/4 ( which is about 5 gallons ) and land it before that anyway ...
  6. That sounds rather incredible ( and frankly suspicious ) to have 2 completely independent systems fail at the same time… the gauge is mechanical and fuel meter is the usual red cube connected to Garmin G3x.
  7. Is landing CT planes that much more difficult than other LSAs like RV 12 to warrant this claim ? I would think this comparison to C172 would hold for all LSAs …
  8. Sexy washers … interesting … never considered washers in the context of this particular domain but eventually I will probably get comfortable with it.
  9. I spent some time looking over the new F2 … - it seems like a much bigger plane both inside and outside - it has a very spacious cabin - the cockpit seems a lot more professional looking with much better finish etc Overall looks very tempting but of course the price tag is above 200k …that’s beyond my budged.
  10. Whoa .. IL is even more broke than CA.I wonder what they spend our money on since we don’t even get “free” car coupons or bullet trains.
  11. You guys must be super fit or something … for me , it is normally max 2.5 hours or so … if I were to be in my plane for 5 or 6 hours , I suspect I would end up having to be extracted with some heavy duty equipment. Yeah, I don’t have a CT but my Sting is more comfortable with a recliner like seat so it is just a matter of not having enough room in a small plane to stretch or change position in any meaningful way - I just hit 50 and I am 6 feet and 215 lbs so it is not like I am disabled in any way .. still , can’t imagine flying for 5 hours straight.
  12. With Bluetooth .. I do not have a 760 device so I don’t know exact steps but you can probably find it in the 760 pilot guide. https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=1EpYwpm6YT5H0PIzLKHIK6
  13. The older Aera 796 cannot but the new 760 can.
  14. I fly with my iPad running Garmin Pilot since, as you guys mentioned, it offers better experience and functionality , but I still keep my Aera 796 as a backup GPS and also to drive my autopilot - I know of no way of doing so from a tablet.
  15. I doubt 914 will make much difference in speed at MSL - it is only 15 HP more after all. I would think that whatever speed you get at altitude is irrelevant since the spec only talks about 120 knots max speed at MSL.
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