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  1. I don't think that's GPS testing .... I get "Terrain. Pull Up !" on about 30% of my landings from Aera 796 ...
  2. He probably meant in kilopascals which would convert from 7 PSI to about 48 kilopascals.
  3. Attempting to isolate people who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of the virus while allowing healthy people to work - all that while still encouraging proper workspace sanitation. We already know via reports from other countries that this is not H1N1 or the Spanish flu both of which were know to be deadly to younger populations. We are nowhere near testing enough people and thus various mortality graphs, like the one posted by Mike, are essentially meaningless. For all we know there could be already hundreds of thousands of people infected with this virus who are not being factored into the equation. There doesn’t seem to be any rational consideration given to careful cost-benefit analysis of what we are doing here and it more resembles some kind of political stampede with politicians like Cuomo hysterically declaring “if all these measures save just one life , they are worth it” which is patently false and stupid, especially when there are hundreds of thousands of people being pushed into unemployment lines with a single stroke of a pen. Let’s see how it all shakes out - there will be some interesting stats coming out of this debacle, especially given so much variability between states in how the handle the pandemic. https://reason.com/2020/03/24/massive-coronavirus-testing-is-the-way-to-help-save-the-economy/
  4. Please.. this is not a binary choice between locking everyone regardless of their risk exposure and doing nothing.
  5. I am not minimizing the problem ... I am trying to maximize the fact that "the cure" being applied right now is so far much , much worse than the problem itself - at least given current numbers.
  6. ....20% occurred among adults aged 20-64 years. Again without knowing comorbidity data there is no way to tell one way or another - heck, I can pretty much tell you right away that this 20-64 range will have significant numbers of various diseases like emphysema or asthma not to mention all sorts of immune suppressing side effects of various medications. If you look at various heart disease statistics, I can guarantee you that 20-64 group will have majority of them , let alone 20%. The point is , everyone seems to running on unreliable numbers that are constantly changing and will most definitely result in very different mortality rates than currently projected once this thing is over.
  7. I don’t see that being reflects anywhere in available data ...in fact , the distribution of ICU and mortality cases in Italy, as far as I could tell, is highly correlating to age and any existing comorbidity.
  8. That’s fine , I see logic behind containing it but this is not some kind of terrifying magic ... you don’t end up infecting others if you follow certain very simple rules like don’t go out if you are symptomatic and can potentially spread it ( coughing , sneezing etc ) - and if you are not , you are just wasting your time sitting at home - at least that’s my take on it.
  9. Why would you want to stay away from gas pumps ? Just wash your hands after pumping gas and you will be fine - this is not Ebola , you know ...
  10. That makes sense ... I assumed it was more like on Sting planes where you just need to disconnect the lower part of the strut without messing with the upper part that is connected to the rudder control system.
  11. Just put the damn pants on and go on with your life 🙂
  12. Warmi

    Stick alone

    To Toms point , my low wing Sting doesn’t have much adverse yaw , I really only notice when doing slow flight and about 90% my overall rudder usage is during landings and takeoffs for reasons not related to adverse yaw.
  13. Yes, that would have been interesting to do some local sight seeing while hovering 🙂 - I will try that next time.
  14. Yeah , my air speed was about 110 knots - but I have never experienced so much wind and so close to the ground before as to swing my ground speed so widely hehe
  15. I am not too far off from where you are and went out flying today as well but , man, there was some serious wind at just 1200 agl - I noticed circling around ..I was going 84 mph ground speed and then wham ...170 mph on the other side 🙂
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