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  1. Warmi

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    Is this approach Neuform specific or would it work for other props ( Duc ) ?
  2. Warmi

    Airventure 2018

    Yeah, the Chicago shore route ,with Meigs field gone, is now completely without any easy way out in case of engine issues. When I fly there , it is pretty much in the morning when the Lake Shore drive is somewhat empty. Just this summer there was an Ercoupe ( going back from Airventure) that had to land engine out on the Lake Shore drive , right around Friday rush hour - somehow miraculously they made it without a scratch.
  3. Warmi

    Flaps for Landing

    It has been always my understanding that the stall speed increases in a banking turn only if you attempt to maintain altitude , in other words, load the wings. If I need to do some rather steep turns at low speeds , I feel quite safe as long as I don’t load wings ( descending turn ) - it feels quite natural, safe and intuitive to me.
  4. Warmi

    Flaps for Landing

    Since my training days, as I was trained, I always start with power off abeam the numbers and glide to the runway - if I need to add power then of course but , unless it is due to gusting winds or some external factors etc , if I have to add power , I consider that a failure in my judgement 😀 and try to get better next time around. I am not sure how useful this is in terms of preparing me for some kind of engine-off emergency , never had one and hope not to have one , but I figured it can’t hurt to practice every landing as if it was an emergency ...
  5. Warmi

    Stratux RXWX Mount

    Looks like Garmin is expanding their horizonts a bit ( so to speak) - the latest GDL 52 can actually provide data to Foreflight and FltPlan Go and not just GP and their hardware devices. Maybe one day even the GP app will be able to feed itself off of external devices like stratux etc ...
  6. Warmi

    New Floats from MS

    So for a LSA , if I wanted to replace these floats, I would have to get either some kind of LOA from the manufacturer , or more likely, Rotax would have to approve it , since most manufacturers defer this type of decisions to Rotax ?
  7. I thought 912is , according to Rotax numbers, had a bit more torque but I would be hard pressed flying my 912 ULS Sting at gross weight on a 90 degree day at 1000 fpm at 2800 feet density altitude , let alone at 7000 feet DA. Sounds a bit doubius indeed.
  8. I kind of regret getting 912 ULS but it came with a slightly used plane and it was a reasonable deal so not much choice there ... but my next plane wil definitely have one of the fuel injected engines. One thing I noticed though is that about every Rotax mechanic I spoke to ( and even some plane dealers ) were advising against buying 912Is equipped planes ... I wonder if this is the same defensive mechanism among maintenance personnel that used to be common back in the 70s and 80s when fuel injected cars were becoming the norm... or do they know something about 912is we don’t..😉
  9. I had my mechanic adjust idle to 1800 without syncing carbs ( he has been in Rotax business since late 90s ) and now the engine is slightly rough in the midrange ( between 2400 and 4000) while remaining smooth in cruise or at full power. I am assuming carbs are out of balance and I just ordered CarbMate and will attempt to do balance the damn carbs for the first time 🙂 I went for Rotax maintenance course last year so I do remember some things and between that and various videos and materials on the web, I think I should be able to manage that...
  10. Well there aren’t that many CTSW planes for sale with Bendix comms ... frankly, I think , atm exactly one 😀 Anyway seems like a decent deal ,still under 500 hours , hangared and the price is reasonable - well good luck, hopefully it works out for you..
  11. https://www.barnstormers.com/ad_manager/listing_images.php?id=1381095&ZOOM=true&offset=3 Thats the one ?
  12. Warmi


    I guess because we are talking here about companies with a few dozen employees and rather small cash flow/budgets ....
  13. Warmi

    N527TS Fuel Contamination

    Well, I presume non-ethanol mogas and UL94 suffers from the same problem like 100Ll right ?
  14. Warmi


    So looks like the manual specifies VNE of 163 CAS for a FD plane without a parachute in Australia and 159 with a chute - not sure why Australia gets to have slightly higher VNE even with the chute.. 😀
  15. Warmi


    I think Vne limits are more related to potentially catastrophic flutter of controls rather than just pure airframe integrity. I am sure there’re is some margin of error built in as it is always the case but I never saw any numbers ...