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  1. Well, GRS systems are not exactly new kids on the block having been in business for 30 years now. I think the price difference come mainly from the fact that GRS is manufactured in Czechoslovakia, it is basically European answer to BRS products ... but I agree, I would always go with what the plane was designed for originally - trying to switch to a different setup without solid engineering data backing it up ...would not worth the effort imho.
  2. If you have PS 3000 intercom then as far as I can tell you can either switch to the SoftMute ( which mutes the audio and then gradually restores the volume ) mode or disable muting altogether. I have a combo of 796 and PS3000 and here is how it sounds on my plane with this setup and SoftMute ... Radio calls get muted partially and Aera 796 warnings completely mute XM music ( but thatโ€™s controlled by the Garmin 796 internally )
  3. Warmi

    Engine removal

    Which is what pretty much happens in the automotive industry - you are pretty much free to mess with your car ( either yourself or via proxy - ie mechanic ) to a large extend ( your car still have to pass certain tests like the emission test etc ) but just about everyone follows manufacturer recommendations anyway.
  4. What sort of laser engraver are you using ?
  5. I replaced all older boots with this ceramic model https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ngk-8051
  6. It does help but when temps are down in 20s or below I still have to tape to get oil temps above 160 even though my plane came equipped with a thermostat.
  7. Sound advice. Ha ... today I went out in my Sting at around 50 degrees F and I forgot about 2 strips of foil tape I put in last week when it was around 20 degrees ...after reaching my pattern altitude I found myself with one CHT at 255 degrees and another at 241 - while oil temps were still comfortable 190 or so - had to land immediately , but after removing the tape , everything was good again and both oil and CHT kept around 180-190 degrees for the entire flight.
  8. Warmi

    big bore?

    http://badasspowersports.com Probably the most mature and best option for a big bore kit. Their kit seem to be even semi-endorsed by certain LSA manufacturers... https://czechsportaircraft.com/czech-sport-aircraft-and-oshkosh-2019-partnered-for-success/
  9. This would a fair comparison if composite and metal had the same breaking point at which one shatters and the other just bends but thatโ€™s not the case.
  10. It happened a few times to me when landing with shifting direct 90 degrees crosswind - if wind is coming from , say, 18 and then you pick 27 ( 9 or 27 are your choices ) then if it shifts to perhaps 16 at the last moment , you end up with some tailwind and the only way to recognize it is via ground speed and then go around if it is too high ...
  11. Recently there was an update from Dan Johnson on Facebook with a follow up discussion where he and Randy Shlitter ( the guy behind Rans aircraft) mentioned that it looks like new rules will be based on a wing loading formula - he even mentioned current proposal which was something like 14 which would put aircraft like RV 9 into LS category. How much of that is solid info that will make its way into final regulations - no idea, but I would assume guys like Randy would know more than aome average dude on the net ( like me for instance ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  12. Not compared to , say, a 1700 lbs gross , 140 knots Rotax 915is equipped LSA plane - unless the new breed of LSAs will get priced so high as to keep older , first-gen , LSAs competitive purely on their much lower price point basis.
  13. I had this exact message when I accidentally nicked my com power cable while messing around the panel - had to resolder it to fix it.
  14. Here is some photographic evidence for you ๐Ÿ™‚ .. not the some plane but close enough ...
  15. Hmm ... Sling line of aircraft standardized on Garmin as well and so did TL Ultralight - and here I am with my 2012 TruTrak efis ๐Ÿ™‚
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