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  1. Well, we decided to skip this year as well ... on Tuesday , which was our day to get down to overnight at Liberal ( KS ) winds were just howling - should have left on Monday but my wife couldn't leave that early - I guess next year will try to get a large vacation buffer so we can actually have some room to "maneuver" ( pun intended ) Have fun.
  2. Warmi

    Engine swap

    I don't think there a set "normal" - a local school replaced at around 2500 or so not because the number but because the engine was giving more and more trouble. This guy (Sting Flight ) - https://www.facebook.com/Sting-Flight-334060526751303/ - is at 2700 and still going strong. Basically, it all depends - if the engine is good and not giving you any issues then why replace ?
  3. Wonder if understand the schedule correctly ....do people generally arrive sometime on Wednesday with the goal of making the 5-6 pm meeting ? Thanks
  4. AGlyme - the one on the picture is an earlier model, Sting Sport, but yeah, they are nice clean planes with performance similar to the CT line. Interestingly, staying on the topic 🙂 the floor is already carpeted all around in my plane so I don't have to worry about it - just make sure to vacuum the thing now and then.
  5. Three years in a row ? Whoa ... where do you usually get stuck or is it a crapshoot with the only commonality being that you get stuck on your way somewhere ? 🙂
  6. I am flying , well attempting , to fly to Page this year and I am not crossing the Rockies anywhere in the middle - like Andy suggested , I am going to head down south and fly “under” , if you will , rather than trying to cross the divide head on.
  7. Confirmed my room today as well - $65 , that’s pretty darn cheap.
  8. Hey , what is your plan to cross the divide ? Going along I-10 , perhaps I-40 ?
  9. It is in Europe ( EASA ) but I am not sure how this certification translates to the US market.
  10. I know the new Titan 180hp start at around 30k but that’s not certified so yeah , you can have this class of engine for much less than the new Rotax.
  11. Yeah , my impression about 914 was ( after talking to both Sling and Sting dealers) that it doesn’t really do much for cruise , just for climb rate - a constant speed prop and retractable gear help a lot more as far as cruising speeds. On the other hand , one particular Tecnam dealer keeps talking up 914 as helping both in climb and in cruise - not sure who is right 🙂
  12. Depending how I feel like , Sirius XM vis Garmin 796 or my phone via bluetooth directly to my headset.
  13. Hahaha ... that’s pretty much sums it up.
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