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  1. Repair services and service parts are discontinued for the GPSMAP 695/696 effective immediately. Thats pretty much all there is to it - EOL.
  2. Whoa .. so many screens , it looks like you are flying a flight simulator 🙂
  3. It is a pretty easy job ...you have your tail number in your signature so , these days, it takes just about 5 seconds ...
  4. Yeah, when you own a plane then you can , anytime you want really without asking anyone for anything, go and do stuff like ... like you did 2 weeks ago - that's some crazy s*** , were you trying to shake off pursuit ? 🙂
  5. Yeah , looks absolutely professional. These guys do something similar for LSAs but I think they have some really expensive industrial strength laser setup . https://midwestpanels.com/sling-2-avionics-packages/ It is actually quite amazing you can get the same results with a $200 laser setup 🙂
  6. Personally I think it depends on many factors... Are you located in an are where hangars are available ? How expensive is to rent one ? Do you have a maintenance shop relatively nearby familiar with Rotax engine or LSAs ? Depending on how you answer these questions , it could be not much more complicated than owning a car ( albeit a bit more expensive ) or it could be a major hassle and expense if you have to arrange for someone to fly over to get something minor fixed. For instance in my case , for the last year, my annual expenses were: - about $4000 for renting a nice, heated hangar - $1700 insurance for $90k hull - $1400 for my annual - about $500-600 for various little personal projects around the plane ( fixed and repainted a cracked wheel pant) , oil change etc
  7. Last year in Feb I found a lot of rust in the gascolator . It was not the gascolator itself rusting , just very fine rust contamination for fuel. I have bee using Mr Funnel since then and this year the gascolator was 100% clean ( still using the same fuel sources )
  8. The very first thing that is being asked when you resubmit for a quite is something like " have you filed a claim in last X years or so " - that's before the agent even starts looking for quotes ... I presume having a claim limits some of your options off the bat - but I am just guessing here.
  9. I am a firm believer in market efficiency so I don't doubt market ( and I do mean Main Street not Wall Street ) will recover - people always do their best when given enough freedom. That's not what I am worried about - this is what I am worried about https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/04/28/cooper-enormous-32-tax-hike-needed-to-endure-covid.html I can guarantee you that every jurisdiction is working on something similar and they will attempt to target everyone , businesses and individuals alike .
  10. Yeah, that’s what I am thinking as well. I am gonna keep enough hull to equal what I put up out of my pocket back in 2017 , which accidentally would be enough to get a replacement with <500 hours should anything happen. My wife is very understanding and supportive of my plane hobby but not THAT understanding ... Also , with the economy in the toilet for another 5 or so years, I fully expect prices for used LSAs to go down 30% or more..
  11. I just paid off my plane this year ( got it in 2017 for 110k ) so I am free to drop the hull insurance altogether - I am not sure I will do that though because , well, that’s a lot of money 🙂 and while I don’t plan to crash anytime soon , still, shit happens ( look at what happened to Ed Cesnalis ) ...so I will try to keep at least 70k or so ...
  12. I have been using CarbMate as well. It is easy to hook up and use but it is hard to figure out which side is out of synch and what needs adjusting.
  13. Oh you lucky ... you got Swift 94UL fuel right at your airport. Last time I checked it was $4.30 a gallon...
  14. I would do whatever Tom suggests since he has been dealing with FD maintenance and repair for years ... in fact, why don’t you hire him to inspect your plane if he is willing ... Cleveland OH is not that far 🙂 On the subject of broken tape , that alone doesn’t mean much since I remember having to replace my similarity wrinkled tape after flying thru some nasty summer afternoon bumps.
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