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  1. You know what .. let me take it back. I just reviewed some video from another camera Sony FDR-X3000 mounted on the same mount as GoPro and Virb. Sony is actually a very good camera but it does not have stabilization whatsoever and it actually shows big time - video looks similar to what you have recorded ( perhaps even worse) It looks like Virb does have some internal stabilization ( not nearly as good as GoPro )but it does make difference so perhaps you should just get a better camera with stabilization.
  2. I don't think camera stabilization matters for high frequency vibrations: Here is an example of a video I recorded with Garmin Virb about 3 years ago ( no stabilization) Here is another one ( on the same plane ) with GoPro 7 ( awesome gimbal-like stabilization ) - you can clearly see difference with actual horizon being rock stable but in both cases there are no high frequency vibrations. Imho you got something else going with your mount or perhaps excessive plane vibrations ( I doubt it thought since you with this level of vibration on the engine itself you would probably end up being a close friend with a lot of dentists )
  3. Warmi

    Piston Head

    I have seen that report , your summary is quite misleading , given small numbers involved statistically speaking there is no difference between first 3 entries : Taking into account the number of aircraft on both the CASA and RAAus registers and the number of aircraft involved in the above data, this represents an engine failure or malfunction occurrence in the study period in about: one in 10 aircraft with Jabiru engines one in 36 aircraft with Rotax engines one in 35 aircraft with Continental engines, and one in 33 aircraft Lycoming engines.
  4. Oh so you consider that absolutely positively normal customer service to have your customers shell out north of $200 000 for a luxury product and then tell them to GFT because the factory couldn't be bothered to print out a new set of papers that would potentially greatly enhance usability of the product (and btw ... reflect the actual reality in the first place) - Nope, can't do it, got to shell out another $200 000 if you want new papers ....
  5. Then good luck selling a new plane that will be forever handicapped with pointless paperwork while you can wait and get the same plane without artificial limitations.
  6. I do downwind to final rounded turns and put as much bank angle as necessary - sometimes 40 or so - people tend to stall and spin because of too shallow turns ( attempting to fix them with rudder) , not the other way around... as long as these are descending turns without loading the wings, I feel very safe in making reasonably steep turns.
  7. But that’s exactly what some manufacturers are already hinting at ( Bristell, The Airplane Factory ) and for a good reason- as long as we have the prospect of significant changes out there, it has the potential of resulting in a variant of Osborne effect ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osborne_effect ) which could devastate their sales.
  8. If they end up certifying this plane under part 23 with higher gross I am sure they will do the same for the new LSA limits in 2024 ( or 2025 or whenever it happens ) Perhaps they will go even further .... even if you buy it now under LSA rules, you would be able to update the gross later when new rules are in effect.
  9. Looks like you have added references to inline images in your post without actual images being present ( or being deleted afterwards ) - all I see is empty frames with text placeholders saying “inline image” ( that’s on an IPad )
  10. No. My only experience with strong gas smell was due to a failed clamp on a fuel line to one of the carbs but my understanding is that generally you tend to smell gas when something is wrong with your carbs.
  11. Warmi

    CTLS crash

    It looks like this crashed CTLS had Rotax 912 ULS engine with aftermarket fuel injection kit and a turbocharger installed- not sure if it is related but on this flight he was also heading to Kankakee about 20 minutes away - that’s where he was servicing his plane at https://www.theultralightplace.com
  12. I feel your pain , I had 3 relatively major maintenance induced failures : Carb fuel line leaking fuel due to a badly installed clamp. This happened a few months after 2017 5 year rubber replacement. Detected during takeoff due to strong fuel smell - was lucky nothing happened. Debris in the carb bowl a few flight hours after basic carb maintenance - engine would not go past 4000 rpm on the takeoff roll. Happened on the ground, right after applying full power - lucky again. Quick oil drain valve installed with minimal clearance over the muffler. It would end up hitting the muffler on engine start - eventually it failed, thankfully gradually with progressive oil leak so I was able to catch it on time and on the ground. I had one failure related to lack of maintenance , namely the front gear leg eventually failed at the weld point due to vibration at take off - there was a bolt that was supposed to be checked at every annual and adjusted to make sure that there was no vertical play in the front leg.... All in all it ended up costing me , I think , something like $2k total to cover for all these issues but I was extremely lucky in all these cases - nothing was damaged or bent and nobody was hurt.. Still, even with all these maintenance induced issues , the solution was not to stop maintaining the plane but rather find a more competent/dedicated maintenance professional...
  13. I was asking because today I took out my battery and it was maxing out at 12.6 , which is about 95% and it would go into float mode right away without charging any further. ... I am wondering at what point does one start to think about replacing it , especially since cold weather mid upon us -:)
  14. How much % of 12 V battery charge would you consider safe minimum for starting the engine without generating undue wear on the gearbox ? Thanks
  15. I normally see 5400-5500 on my rollout and then 5100-5200 during climb out and around 5600 when straight and level at full throttle. Don’t remember ever having to struggle with rpm going over 5000 except one time when I had some debris in one of my carb bowls and couldn’t get up past low 4000s.
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