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  1. Garmin 797 Update

    BTW..make sure to update your software as well ... my 796 was something like 2 or 3 software cycles behind when I bought the plane. To their credit , Garmin still releases software updates for their older devices.
  2. Garmin 797 Update

    I think $150 is just for navigation data . If you add obstacles, airport directory , vfr charts and safe taxi .. you are looking at few hundred per year.
  3. Garmin 797 Update

    I updated my 796 recently by taking it out , connecting it to my PC running Garmin update software ( which you can get and install from their site) and then running the software ( which then automatically detected my purchased content - which can be partial, you don't need to update all 796 databases - and then updating the device ) Pretty painless once you have their software installed.
  4. 100LL questions

    My understanding is , every 50 hours if using Mogas/UL94 and every 25 hours when using 100LL more than 30% of time. I am actually lucky in that I have 3 airports within 20 minutes flight with fuel other than 100Ll , one with Mogas 91 and 2 with UL94.
  5. Worried about the gurgling!

    Here is how I ended up wiring the magnetic plug...
  6. Oil change

    Thanks. Everything seems to be running fine.
  7. Oil change

    Just finished my first oil change on my Sting - everything seemed good , the oil pressure came back with 2 seconds afterwards etc ... The only "problem" was the fact that after changing the filter I couldn't access the magnetic plug with the tool I had so I had to take the new filter down ,do the plug and then put the new filter back on. The actual magnetic plug has some accumulation of tiny debris - to me looks like not close to the 3 mm limit but I am not sure .. below are actual pictures .. does it look normal for 50 hours ? Thanks Walter
  8. CTSW Paint cracking

    It actually looks on that picture much worse than it is- is about 2-3 inches and you can't really see it until you get close .. I am pretty sure, as Roger suggested this issue is exacerbated every time I take off the cowling and are not careful enough to make sure to support the middle - if I am holding only one side, the cowling is so light , it basically bends at that very point and the crack gets wider.
  9. Adding AoA to a CTSW

    I understand that but within the performance envelope typical sport ( or private pilots for that matter ) fly , slow flight or departure type stall, is pretty much the only time they will approach really high AOA setups ... is it not ?
  10. Adding AoA to a CTSW

    I think the way we fly LSA planes , your basic airspeed ( and the associated sound/feel) of the plane is a very good proxy for the AOA value.
  11. CTSW Paint cracking

    I think I have a similar problem with my cowling ( not CTLS but 2012 Sting , another carbon/fiberglass plane ) , right in the center where there is a lots of stress being applied (if one is not careful) anytime the cowling is being taken off the engine. There is no damage on the other side whatsoever so it does look to me like simple paint cracks ( the affected area is pretty small - about 2 inches or so ) gja533 .. does it look similar ?
  12. Rumbling idle this morning?

    Andy when you went there , were you by yourself or with some other , more experienced pilot ?
  13. Rumbling idle this morning?

    The NOTAM should start with "You shouldn't really come and land during the show but if you really , really want to and can really handle it, here is how you should go about it ... " I get sweaty hands just watching youtube videos ...
  14. Wouldn't that make for quite inefficient cruise as far as fuel consumption is concerned ?
  15. Max rpm or?

    I pretty much already know what to expect at various rpm settings given certain conditions in terms of fuel burn. just wanted to know what sort of speed numbers are you getting at various rpm settings at a given altitude etc .I am trying to optimize my Sting for cruise performance ( it already climbs like crazy ) so I am just curious if it can keep up with ctws which are known to be fast LSAs.