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  1. Not directly related but about 8 or so years ago there was an accident where a Sting plane went down on California during spin training killing both occupants ... they tried to pull the parachute but the pin was in so ended up just bending the pin but the relevant part was that one of the guys was 350 lbs or so ... and in the wake of that accident I saw a notice from the manufacturer that the seat limit on the Sting is 250 lbs ... so while I have not see the final report, I assume that the accident was related to the either the seat limit or the gross limit affecting spin characteristics in some way ...
  2. No , I actually like it , the contraption comment was related to the fact that it is much more complicated than my current setup ( a set of $30 cans ) and I am just wondering if additional complication is worth the convenience... and the price is a huge for/against factor as well - that’s why I asked 🙂
  3. How much for this lovely contraption ?
  4. I was told at Rotax training that ethanol was preferred unless your plane is specifically prohibited from using ethanol gas ( which ctls is not ) I think the ranking went like this : 1. Avgas UL 94 2. Mogas 91 without ethanol 3. Mogas 91 with ethanol 4. Avgas 100
  5. I think you just need to go flying and then go to this web page https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/paprrequest.aspx and submit your flight data ( date, plane info) and then you will get an email contains your ADSB compliance level. I have done it many times and always got green report back with exception when I disconnected my transponder antenna and then got emails back stating that it couldn’t find my flights or , if it was found , the data was marginal.
  6. I didn’t meant the whole engine replacement but, as with modern cars ( or in general computers ) there is no fixing electronics - if something goes wrong with the computer ( which is what ultimately replaces carbs) - it is pretty much replacement time.
  7. My quote didn’t go up but stayed the same as last year ...I had an option , like you, to go with another company for about $50 less but was advised against it, which made sense to me .
  8. The main issue with carbs , imho, can be related to floats - it is kind of crapshoot proposition as far as I can tell , some people can go on for years with their floats without any problem while others have to keep changing multiple times and still have sinking or peeling floats. The main benefit of carbs is that you can actually fix issues there rather easily ( most of the time ) while in IS engines , if something goes wrong , it is pretty much replacement time. Still, if I were to buy a plane again, I would go with the IS engine.
  9. I am pretty sure you will - I am wondering thought if it makes any difference when a paid claim was due to an act of god ( say a hurricane ) vs pilots own actions ... it doesn’t seem like, given that odowneyeng was already hit with such high quote.
  10. Seems high - insurance for my 2012 Sting S4 was $2200 in 2017 and that was when I was still a student pilot ... now it is down to 1700.
  11. Lots of people make fun of the egg or refer to a flying sperm .. but CT planes do have a character... but this one just doesn’t look look that great ...
  12. The way I understand their docs is that the GLD 82 will substitute your plane ID with a generic value if the switch for anonymous mode is on as long as the transponder it is using, is set to squawk 1200. GLD 82 is just broadcasting stuff with either your plane ID or a generic ID so it is fully in control what goes out in the broadcast and since it is a broadcast , it cannot tell who gets what ( ATC vs other planes ) But yeah, if you are being really naughty in some airspace where you shouldn't be , the breaker will do the magic just fine ... 🙂
  13. Gloomy winter morning ... A bit more cheerful shoot of my neighborhood
  14. That’s because it is not a computer estimating flow based on some generic fuel usage but a physical unit measuring flow of the fuel to the engine.
  15. According to their docs the anon mode works universally as long as you are squawking 1200 code - so yeah, if you enter some airspace where you have to squawk some assigned number , it won’t work but then again, you have already self identified yourself anyway.
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