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  1. Warmi

    Tantalizing new engines

    I think the military switched away from Rotax 914 powered drones because it was using Mogas which was causing logistical problems ....
  2. Warmi

    Tantalizing new engines

    For certified planes ,10% may mean nothing but there are only 1000 or so certified planes being sold every year , and Rotax can only hope to capture part of that market. If they price these new engines at the point where their engines become too expensive for ( revised ) LSA and experimental markets , well they won’t sell too many of these ..
  3. Warmi

    Tantalizing new engines

    Not If they price these things like 915...
  4. Warmi

    Rotax Upgrade to iS?

    Wouldn’t it be possible to switch to ELSA and then purchase 912is firewall+engine and replace both ?
  5. Warmi

    what3words - Interesting location idea

    Definitely easier and a great idea ... just not practical for pilots unless they can lookup their current location offline - or , alternatively , if satellites start transmitting this data as additional metadata to go with coordinates hehe
  6. Warmi

    what3words - Interesting location idea

    Interesting but it will only make sense if they can license the spatial database they are using so folks can download it to their local devices ( you can't reasonably expect your potential crash location have access to some kind of data service so , for pilots, online APIs are out... ) Since their resolution is much higher than a typical synthetic vision implementation ( which is usually 100x100 or 20x20 meters) it will require quite a bit of local storage since it is not enough to just store sampled 16 or 12 bit height value - now you have to store some kind of index that can be decomposed into pointers to each word and then you have to store the word database itself ( which can be compressed though ) But since you don't need to grab the whole world, it could be possible to just download say North America or some other bounded location which would make storage requirements reasonable .. Anyway, if they are unwilling to license their database, then the whole point is moot to begin with ..
  7. Warmi

    CTSW Paint cracking

    One more question ...Is it easy to fix something like this ? Take it to a boat or car shop to have it repainted or does it require more specialized shops?
  8. Warmi

    Fuel starvation

    Well, I don't fly FD planes but that's cause I am hopelessly in love with low-wings and wide open cockpits etc ... and thus own and fly a Sting ... Anyway, I did get about 30 hours in Remos GX/G300 models ( my initial training ) and as far as high wings go - when I ended up checking out CTLS afterwards , the plane seemed so much better than the Remos I used to fly in... - seemed much bigger inside and with much better desiged cockpit ( imho) - much better visibility , probably the best for any high wing LSA (the new A32 http://www.foxbat.com.au/a32 could probably rival CTLS in that regard ) - quite fast and with great range - very easy to get into ( I only realized that after 100 or so hours worth of climbing into my Sting - going back for a flight in CTLS recently , it was soo damn easier , just open the damn door and you are in ) The only thing I didn't like about CTLS ( beside the fact that it was a high wing ) was spring loaded controls. Frankly, I had only 2 hours in CTLS so I am sure I would find some other stuff to dislike but that's the only thing I remember now.
  9. Warmi

    Fuel starvation

    I think I would rather fly with extra fuel rather than bother with all that unnecessary and pointless workload ...
  10. I thought SoCal was just dry heat which is not bad ( they keep all these planes stored in the desert) and humidity was the real killer.
  11. Warmi

    market analysis

    Very interesting - still doesn't quite answer my question why CTLS has been dominating LSA sale numbers for years ... was it because in 2006/2007 this plane had no real competitor and afterwards it was just networking effect in play ? Anyway, interesting.
  12. Warmi

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Impressive. Given how little room LSA manufacturers have to differentiate from each other ( mostly due to very detailed and enumerated LSA performance limitations) avionics is pretty much the only playground left ...
  13. Warmi

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Well... personally , now I wish I bought the “i” version of the engine but in my case I was buying a slightly used plane so I had no choice short of not going for the deal altogether. Carbs do work reliably ..but so do horses and donkeys ...😉 Next time my engine will be fuel injected for sure.
  14. Warmi

    Garmin GDL 82 ADS-B installed this week

    I got GDL 82 installed in my Sting last week. We had to replace the transponder antenna with the shark fin version and add new GPS antenna. In terms of pilot interface the only two things added were the anonymous switch and the panel-mounted LED warning the pilot of an ADS-B fault.
  15. If it is KIAS then you are talking your distance thru the air at which point you would need to figure out your angle inclination of the triangle based on your climb rate and then apply Pythagorean theorem to figure out the ground track. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/PythagoreanTheorem.html which still wouldn't be exact since your KIAS changes as you gain altitude ... or , as Ed says, just enjoy it :-) BTW .. I never bothered with exact calculations for my check-ride. Just approximate your distance based on some calculated ground speed - none of that will match exactly anyway ...