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  1. For the aircraft type, aren’t they looking for ICAO codes ? https://www.icao.int/publications/DOC8643/Pages/Search.aspx
  2. Do we know how many people have signed up so far ?
  3. Warmi

    Temperature Alarm

    My CHTs pretty much always differ by about 8-10 degrees when they are their hottest and proportionally less when cooler and I rarely see them in the yellow- I was told a difference like that is normal.
  4. There is a nice video explaining the story behind some of these checks and overall how the IS engine works:
  5. I saw their new F2 at Oshkosh ...
  6. That would be pretty stupid , even for the FAA but then again, these are the same folks who brought us the recreational pilot certificate - with 200 active participants vs 600 000 or so PP certificates. By these standards having about 12 000 or so SP certificate holders is a smashing success ( with many more PP holders without medicals flying under SP privileges) - if they keep that certificate category intact and get the new LSA rules in place, getting a SP certificate may become a valid option for majority of people who just want to fly recreationally and not just the only option for folks who can’t get the medical.
  7. I will be there on Friday - driving though , 2 hours not a big deal ...
  8. Not bad at all .. with every quote you gonna have to detail your latest insurance claim , which will always put in their risk category - insurance companies are run by strict numbers or they go bust, there is no escaping that .
  9. If you are getting random stall warnings when you are absolutely sure you are not even close to a stall then perhaps these two things are connected and reflect some issue with your particular installation/calibration. The red color range is used by some systems to indicate both , over-speeding ( VNE ) and also flying below the stall speed ... perhaps that’s what you seeing and it would also explain all these audible stall warnings ..
  10. I don’t remember this happening on my GDL 82 setup with Garmin 796/pilot combo. I have seen some ghost like traffic and also “teleporting” traffic but none of that was close enough ... It probably is also location specific how many towers and their overlap etc ...
  11. Why can’t they just formulate their regulations in a way that it doesn’t require additional explanatory Notams ..
  12. I am blessed with 2 airports within 30 minutes with ULS 94 - the cost varies between 4 and $4.30 per gallon so it is cheaper than the regular avgas.
  13. I am kind of in the middle - I prefer the ribbon views except for the VSI - to me the analog VSI version is much more readable and just feels more natural.
  14. Calibrated speed is just your indicated speed corrected for whatever instrument/position error is applicable to your particular plane. I suspect you mean TAS ( true air speed ) in which case a typical EFIS ( Dynon etc ) just needs an outside air temperature sensor in addition to pitot and static to be able to calculate it .
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