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  1. My Aircraft Maintenance Manual just mentions to use the following (without getting into any specifics about ph or similar matters ....): Lukewarm water, Cleansing agents used for cleaning and protecting automobiles Ps. And of course, it is just like FD planes, 85% carbon fiber with a sandwich of fb and foam core glued with epoxy + fiberglass in all other, non-structural parts...
  2. Here are some other options from the Light Sport forum... http://sportpilottalk.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5183&p=53184#p53184
  3. Warmi

    Altimeter Check

    If you are a sport pilot than can’t be higher than 16 k ....and even if you are a PP , the plane itself has a 15k service ceiling ,.... right ? 😀
  4. Warmi

    ELSA possible fuel flow fix???

    There are no perfect solutions just different compromises ... for instance my Sting has 32 gallons capacity and both 6 gallon wing tanks drain automatically to the 20 gallon main tank which is located under the cockpit so I never have to worry about coordination, how much is left in each wing and such but ... I do sit on 20 gallons of fuel and albeit it is a strong carbon fiber tank , still some people would rather not sit on a fuel tank ...so I guess pick your poison 😀
  5. Warmi

    Wanted to buy CTLS

    This one looks reasonably close to your requirements ... https://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1356856_2011+Flight+Design+CTLS.html
  6. Warmi

    Wanted to buy CTLS

    Was the change between CTLS and Evektor really that dramatic ? I am just curious why would it be so different ... was it the issue of spring loaded controls ?
  7. Warmi

    Wanted to buy CTLS

    That’s pretty much how I started in 2017 .... took about 20 hours worth of lesson in a Remos GX, soloed and the got my own LSA to finish my training in. To be frank , I think I was questioning myself first 5 to 10 hours , it was pretty tough , I was constantly behind the plane etc ... 2 years later, it has been a lot of fun and I do mean a lot of fun - it is an expensive hobby for sure, but to me it is all worth the trouble - you damn live only once , that’s for sure, so why not make the most of it ..
  8. Warmi

    Wanted to buy CTLS

    Not directly answering but have you flown a Flight Design plane yet ? They handle quite different than a 172 and this more sporty type of handling is not to some people liking ... not saying you wouldn’t but I have seen pilots swearing never again after flying a light sport on a windy day 🙂
  9. Warmi

    Smart offering...

    So that’s upgraded CTSW ? Am I reading it right ?
  10. Warmi

    Cold weather flying

    Well, I had my Sting S4 ( similar carbon/fiberglass plane) develop a small crack in a canopy during a flight at about 10 F ( that’s temps on the ground - probably 8F or so up there ) ... it was a bit windy but not overly so. Still have no idea what caused it - most likely a combination of freezing weather, windy conditions etc.. Here is a video how it happened ... https://youtu.be/BLi1de5wHAk I no longer fly if it is below 20 F.
  11. Warmi

    General stats from Garmin PIlot

    I love the stats as well .. Mine are very similar to yours except of course the max altitude hehe Why would you need a new transponder to keep the Garmin Pilot ? I assume you are currently using a GDL 39 device for ADSB in so that doesn't need to change at all.
  12. Warmi

    NEW propeller for CT

    This design very much resembles ( performance claims etc ) another French product - DUC Helices props ... http://sportair.aero/category/4-propellers/
  13. Warmi

    Airplane Taxes

    reason.com Ultimately that’s the only answer - I have no problem with places like SF having their own, however unique, way of managing their affairs and as long as we resists temptations of various messianic, federal level efforts aka “universal this or that” - we gonna be fine.
  14. Warmi

    Airplane Taxes

    I mean this is 50k in taxes per very family in IL to cover all these promised pensions- not gonna happen.
  15. Warmi

    Airplane Taxes

    Well, politics or not, it is a fact that Illinois is just plain broke with 255 billion in legally binding pension liabilities which is about 50k per family - I mean something is going to give , sooner or later ...