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  1. Warmi

    General stats from Garmin PIlot

    I love the stats as well .. Mine are very similar to yours except of course the max altitude hehe Why would you need a new transponder to keep the Garmin Pilot ? I assume you are currently using a GDL 39 device for ADSB in so that doesn't need to change at all.
  2. Warmi

    NEW propeller for CT

    This design very much resembles ( performance claims etc ) another French product - DUC Helices props ... http://sportair.aero/category/4-propellers/
  3. Warmi

    Airplane Taxes

    reason.com Ultimately that’s the only answer - I have no problem with places like SF having their own, however unique, way of managing their affairs and as long as we resists temptations of various messianic, federal level efforts aka “universal this or that” - we gonna be fine.
  4. Warmi

    Airplane Taxes

    I mean this is 50k in taxes per very family in IL to cover all these promised pensions- not gonna happen.
  5. Warmi

    Airplane Taxes

    Well, politics or not, it is a fact that Illinois is just plain broke with 255 billion in legally binding pension liabilities which is about 50k per family - I mean something is going to give , sooner or later ...
  6. Warmi

    Airplane Taxes

    What’s the other two ? ( asking cause we are planning to get the hell out of IL before this place goes to hell and looking for ideas ...)
  7. Warmi

    iFly 740b Install

    Why 696 ? Their 796 model has pretty decent touch interface that is certainly better than the old style buttons/rockers. I fly with both the 796 and my mini IPad running Garmin Pilot and while I prefer my IPad in terms of screen resolution and general utility , the dedicated units like 796 do offer some significant advantages - like for instance being able to drive an autopilot and ( this is huge for me ) much brighter screens - my iPad is about half as bright as the 796 and sometimes barely readable on a bright sunny day.
  8. Warmi

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    So are you saying, after a weight increase, they will keep selling the very same CTLS planes certified , say at 1450 lbs , while denying the same option for people who happened to purchased the same plane a few months/years before ?
  9. Warmi

    Airplane Taxes

    Damn ... that’s got to be some kind of minor miracle with IL actually not being absolutely, positively the worst in this regard .... when it comes to taxes , normally Illinois is always down there running for the worst spot with places like California and New Jersey ...
  10. Warmi

    Plane for Sale

    It is a nice looking plane ....I actually thought it was yours Ed ... then I remember you had ctsw
  11. Yeah it does seem to miss the directional part - well, I hardly ever use it , except to note how much more laggy it is than the true ahrs hehe
  12. I got the ADI but I am missing a circuit breaker for it so ... I guess the world back to equilibrium ?
  13. Warmi

    Airplane Cover

    3k ?! Whoa ... You are clearly living in the wrong zip code ?
  14. Warmi

    Auto fuel available at your airport?

    Not a single word in their policy related to fueling ...and btw, my airport allows for storing small amounts ( < 20 gallons ) of fuel which is all I need.
  15. Warmi

    Auto fuel available at your airport?

    I always thought that as well but just about every light sport place I have seen ( private or flight schools) that use Mogas, keep the fuel and fuel the planes inside hangars - now I do the same but at least make sure to keep the door open.