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  1. Warmi

    Yet another WTB CTLS post

    Generally , major avionics updates like d100>skyview are incredibly expensive , unless you can do it yourself ie. ELSA - we are talking here 20-25 k easily if you take it to an avionics shop. The way I see it , the time to take crate of it is when you are buying a plane and the plane is already equipped with some fancy glass and you can negotiate down the price ...
  2. Warmi

    Stereo or Mono in CTLS?

    If you have an intercom from PS Engineering, and it is PM 3000 then it is stereo , if it is PM 1000 then it is mono.
  3. Warmi

    ADS-B out 2020 best solution?

    The cheapest ADSB OUT would probably be GDL 82 which will work with your current transponder and will cost around $3000 with installation ( the other option , a new gtx 345 transponder would be twice as much ) One thing to keep in mind is that ADSB Out and In functionality are completely independent and can be installed separately and from different vendors ( in your case for ADSB In it would probably make sense to get something from Dynon since you want to see that traffic on your sky view displays )
  4. It won’t be - I think just 20 units is not enough for any sort of significant discount like that ...
  5. Warmi

    Hull Coverage - do you have too much?

    That was an excellent deal you got there - 68k for a 6 year old CTSW... that’s what they are asking today for 11 years old CTWSs from around that time ( 2007-2008) ....
  6. Warmi

    Replace my CTSW with a CTSW or a Globe Swift?

    And then of course , CTSW just looks better ... at least to my eyes hehe
  7. Warmi

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    I actually have a similar problem - it is not a CT plane but the issue is similar - if I fly by myself , I have to ever slightly keep the plane from very slowly banking to the left - if I fly with a passenger ,it doesn’t do that or at least is much less pronounced .
  8. Well, good luck to FD then - they had enough trouble staying afloat without getting into this expensive certification business but hey ... it is their investors money after all ...:-)
  9. Yeah it looks like it could be a competitor for SR20 but why 300k + ? I mean it is just a slightly longer, more beefy CTLS + Rotax 915is ? Hell, I wouldn’t mind a 2 seater CTLS + a bit higher gross + 915is for .. say, 200 k ... 😀
  10. Folks who purchase Cirrus planes will not go for F4 - it is not the same market - Rotax 915i doesn't even come close to performance you get with Cirrus - i.e 180-200 knots cruise, and if you artificially get there by lowering total gross lbs - you don't end up with the same experience , you end up with a squirrely plane that can go almost as fast but is nowhere near as comfortable like a Cirrus for cross country traveling. The next largest market segment is flight schools purchasing mostly C172s and C182s so I assumed that's where you look for competition - don't get me wrong , personally I would pick F4 over C172/182 any day but I am not going to be purchasing a plane for 300+K so it dosn't matter. It just doesn't make sense to me that they double the price (150 K > 300 K ) for a slightly heavier and longer plane with Rotax 915i ( I guess it is the certification process )
  11. I would compare it more to a new Cessna 172 with 180 hp motor which runs for about 300k. Reasonable offering but not really competitive - if you give most operators ( since that’s who is buying new planes these days ) a choice - a well know design with well supported engine vs unknown to them engine and a composite plane - with similar specs and for similar price , what do you think your typical flight school would pick ?
  12. They are planning the new Rotax 915i installation only on their F4 model and that model will sell for $ 350K - hardly a competitive price for a basic 4 seater with a 140 HP motor - that's pretty disappointing.
  13. Yeah , it is a bit fugly with that unnaturally long snout .. almost like some kind of bastard child of the good old CT and a Jabiru 😃
  14. Warmi

    Seatbelt reinforcement

    Well, I own a low wing Sting and I found it easier to land than the Remos I trained in ... but I keep hearing that CTs are harder to land then Remos aircrafts and so on but I think Tom is right - you just need some time in the make to get used to it and over time you will find it easy to handle as well - ultimately none of these planes are death traps requiring super-human skills to manage. The one thing I found easier with low wings is the fact I can sense the ground effect better - it is almost like a cushion that I can rely on and thus I am more comfortable flying my plane at a steeper angle into the runway ,and as long I have some energy in the bank, I can reliably flare .. I could do the same thing with a Remos but I had harder time judging my flare for some reason ... Anyway, there is a guy at C56 with a CTLS - gonna have to make friends with him to try to fly with him in some less forgiving conditions ... should be fun.
  15. Warmi

    Seatbelt reinforcement

    Speaking of superiority if FD designs... I keep hearing that FD planes are hard to land in windy conditions , not just compared to GA planes but also to other LSAs ... having only 1 hour in the make and only during resonably nice weather I am curious if others who have experience with variety of LSA can confirm or deny it ...