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  1. CT2K advice required

    Hi I have been flying the aircraft for three months now and I feel more comfortable with the landings. I have found it best to use 15 flaps which provides the most elevator authority during the round-out and the stick is fully back. I've gotten used to the new picture at landing and I'll be avoiding rough strips!
  2. Why would stabilator axis bend?

    I’m pretty sure it was the axis of rotation rod. Perhaps it was done on the ground when moving it around
  3. Hi there The previous owner of my aircraft found the stabilator axis of rotation to be slightly bent so he replaced it. Can anybody explain to me how that would have happened? I have attached an image to explain which part I am referring to.
  4. CT2K advice required

    thanks I have been flying an Ikarus C42 before this so perhaps I just need to adjust to the new picture. I am wondering how I will land on a runway which is slightly upsloped I have the stick full aft at landing and touch down speed is probably 45-50kts with no power on. I thought if I had a bit of power on at landing it would give the elevator more authority, but that just makes me float and float down the runway.
  5. CT2K advice required

    Stalls are very mushy and is only a slow descent.
  6. CT2K advice required

    Hi Guys I have recently acquired a CT2K. When I land, I seem to run out of elevator. That is to say I can’t get the nose up very high whilst flaring. It seems to happen with flaps 15,30 and 40. I have tried at 60kts and 65kts. I can get the nosewheel higher than the main wheels but just! Even with the stick all the way back. I feel like it would be easy to land nosewheel first and bounce. What am I doing wrong ? Is this normal? any wisdom would be much appreciated.