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  1. iaw4

    Tell me about Decalin

    I do have an oxygen sensor in my brain, but presumably it won't need cleaning every 20 hours. when should one use decalin? always? just with 100LL? just with the new 100VLL? just with Mogas?
  2. Everyone, thank you for the messages. I think the drift was that no one regretted purchasing from them, but that some (not all) got the vibe that they were "used car" sales people. Others found it great all around. My conclusion is that you should not assume that they are saints (which everyone tells me roger lee is, and without solicitation!); but that if you do all your due diligence, then you should be be able to purchase a nice airplane from them at a good price. hope this helps others.
  3. If you have had experiences with buying or selling an airplane from Tom Gutmann, good or bad, could you please PM me? I am thinking of purchasing an airplane from him. Just ordinary due diligence. Although I have a good impression, one or two aspects seem odd to me. (As to myself, I have no connection to anyone in the CT community yet. I am a teacher at UCLA, and will treat all responses confidentially..)
  4. iaw4

    Airplane Cover

    yes, I did see your post, so I had looked at planecovers...and yes, he is gone. 😞
  5. iaw4

    Airplane Cover

    westside of los angeles. the whole real estate market around here seems to have gone insane. it has doubled in 5 years. we are even beating manhattan---though we have more airports than manhattan.
  6. iaw4

    Airplane Cover

    I need to purchase an airplane cover, full airplane. yes, it would be better to hangar it, but I checked and a hangar costs $3k/month. Not kidding. would you recommend Bruce? anyone else does it better?
  7. Is anyone looking for a nice airplane to fly from Tulsa to Los Angeles? ideally, not too expensive, of course. this will work well if you were planning a fly trip, anyway, but not so well if you were not.
  8. iaw4

    skyview upgrade?

    so, not permitted under LSA, but under ELSA? and has anyone installed a skyview later?
  9. iaw4

    skyview upgrade?

    just musing. is it legal to install a dynon skyview HDX into an older CTSW (perhaps replacing the D100, or the even older steam instruments)? the HDX costs about $5k, probably another $5k for installation, and it would also make a needed autopilot cheaper. some more may be recouped by selling the D100.
  10. iaw4

    market analysis

    do you know who the vendors for retractable shoulder harnesses are?
  11. iaw4

    market analysis

    interesting. does anyone make airplane seatbelts that function more like car seatbelts, in that they allow extending slowly but lock on fast movement?
  12. iaw4

    market analysis

    I would love to see a list of the common-sense changes that make it a better airplane...
  13. iaw4

    market analysis

    unless the pilot is colorblind, in which case the night flight part of the checkride is off.
  14. I was taught in my flight school that one is supposed to keep tanks full in order to avoid condensation inside the fuel tanks?!
  15. ...and this solved itself, because some other buyer just swooped in and "stole" the airplane from under me 😉