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  1. I was taught in my flight school that one is supposed to keep tanks full in order to avoid condensation inside the fuel tanks?!
  2. ...and this solved itself, because some other buyer just swooped in and "stole" the airplane from under me 😉
  3. now I do...some CTs had the 696. I did know about the 660 vs 696, but forgot it as I was exploring the 740b, which was almost a dream device (though it could have been a little wider ;-).) I was an early Dynon adapter, at the time in a Vans RV-9. I quite liked them. this was on the East Coast a decade ago. yes, they are not needed for the instruments, but I really do not want to fly steam gauges in 2018. IMC has never come on to me so quick that I did not have time to turn on the AP. and I have enough IFR hours to be able to handfly it, too, if need be. I learned that the best way for me to fly IFR was to just set the autopilot, and be in effect just the double-check all the time. with distractions, flying IFR alone by hand is too hazardous. I am a firm believer in good avionics. now that I am in the LA area, with its complex airspace and mountains, I need good synthetic vision, preferably something that beeps at me when I am on a collision course with anything (from other airplanes to obstructions to illegal airspace). yes, I am still looking and continuing to look. the CTSW that I was looking at is priced ok and a good fit, except for its lack of the 740b. it is not the last airplane for sale, however.
  4. the nice part about this particular ctls is that it has the parachute, rocket, and rubbers just done. I would likely have to take care of some of these with other purchases, too. I would need ADS-B in and out. many used FD CTs do not have it installed yet (and I am only considering used). so, I count on needing ADS-B installed. it seems relatively straightforward now. I am guessing that the ADS-B will be about $1,500 to $2,000. at this point, I think the only unusual upgrade will be the 696. (I thought it would be relatively easy to go 740b instead, but it doesn't seem to be.) I am guessing that the 696 will be between $600 to $1,000 on ebay, the install with everything done and the hardware will be, what, another $1,000, for under $2k?! not yet sure. if it had been $500-$1,000 more to go 740b, I would have preferred the 740b. alas, this was not to be. Tom Baker would probably do the job, former(?) CTLS owner. waiting for final quotes. Am I better off waiting until something more suitable comes along? Any advice on this or other CTs would be highly appreciated.
  5. thx, Andy and BF. The vizion button does not seem very useful for me, even if I were to get into IMC. I have not flown much IMC, but I would always fly the AP at the first indication of IMC to begin with, in order to avoid disorientation. garmin makes it very difficult to find the map update pricing info. http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=136262 was my best source. yes, it did seem to drop from about $200 to about $150. So, about $80/year different. maybe worth $800 to me. if the auto-level button had been a great safety device, it would have been one thing. given that it is not, I will probably skip option #2, after all. /iaw
  6. this was option #2. I do not have the airplane, so I do not understand the Garmin-King differences. The King website suggests that their devices are *not* taller than the Garmin ones. If the Kings are larger, and we cannot use Tom's cutouts, option #2 seems effectively dead. as to the vizion, I think past posts mentioned about $1,200 for the head unit; and for this, I would get an emergency level button. I am wondering how useful this button is. When would one push it? (spin?) If it really were a good safety item, I would go with it. The install on the 740b may cost more, but the device itself is cheaper. I am not sure about the cost of the map updates. They used to be about $200/year. Have they gone down by now? If they are still this expensive, then the map update costs alone will pay for the installation. (The 740b has $70/year updates, and it is the better device..) /iaw
  7. thx. probably correct. pity, though.
  8. I think this is a correct assessment. decent, maybe even good, but not great. I have no urgency and can wait, so I am not sure that iI should pull the trigger. I am still lusting after the $99k deal for a mid-old CTLSi...sigh. drop me a note if you see something that is a better deal.
  9. pretty much caught me on this one 😉
  10. I would have the Bendix King radio and transponder. Would this make a difference? They seem to have the same dimensions (to within 0.05").
  11. nothing yet. negotiating to buy a CTSW and immediately replace the center panel.
  12. I agreed. I am shifting to the 740b... /iaw
  13. iaw4

    Garmin files suit against uAvionix

    https://qz.com/942785/lawsuit-over-popular-lower-priced-costco-golf-balls-shows-why-americans-cant-have-nice-things-cheap/ (Lawyers can go through $10m in no time.)
  14. iaw4


    I trust everything sold these days is 2020 compliant, too. correct? on their website it says “Meets Performance Requirements” of TSO-C154c and FAR 91.227 for 1/1/2020 mandate when installed in Experimental and LSA aircraft (per February 9, 2015 rule change to 14 CFR 91.225 (b)(1)(ii)) (Installation in LSA aircraft needs letter of authorization from aircraft manufacturer)
  15. iaw4


    question---are there any disadvantages with using the SkyGuard Vision-Pro? It seems to cost about $1,300, compared to the $1,800+$500 for the GDL-82+Stratus.