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  1. Hello Al, I never heard, did you end up making some passenger side foot rests? 

  2. Hello Tim, I live a couple of minutes from Luke, and keep my CTLS at Goodyear Airport. Let me know if I can help. I don't put 500 letters behind my name on a signature, just a retired Marine. Brian
  3. I mountain bike Sedona a lot. The last time I rode the airport trail it was crazy hard. Listed as black skull and crossbones in the Cosmos ride guide..I ended up "Hiking with Bikes" Lol
  4. Don't worry about the "Peanut Gallery". There are plenty of new pilots, or new to the CT pilots on the site that love to share and learn. Keep up the training and posting your journey.. Brian
  5. I replaced the rear straps with new 1" cam buckle straps that I bought off Amazon. They hold perfect, I don't need to tie a knot in the strap anymore. Easier to adjust.
  6. To tighten the waist u pull the waist straps away from ur body...the shoulder straps pull down on each side. To release u pull the 2 red tabs. Similar to the stock CT harness. These jus hold tighter and release easier
  7. Awesome, thank U. Let us know how u would like to get paid. Brian
  8. I'm in for one Al Thank U Brian
  9. Crow makes a great harness that fits perfectly in the CT with a couple of buckle options. I installed these in my CTLS and I love them, much better than the stock harness. Total cost was $174 for a pair with shipping
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