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  1. MileHighCTLS

    uAvionix skyBeacon for ADS-B Out

    I have a CTLS, with twin Dynon Skyviews with hidden (built-in) Transponder functionality. QUESTION: What is the factory approving for "ADS-B" Out compliance? Is the uAvionix skyBeacon being used by anyone? Is it compatible with Dynon Skyview? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Tom
  2. MileHighCTLS


    I searched the forums with no luck ... so perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. In the cargo compartment of the CTLS, there are two clear plastic dividers (one on each side of the center flight control section) shielding controls from items stowed in the cargo area. I am in need of the left (PILOT SIDE) divider. I have a call into CTLS USA, but was curious if anyone has ever ordered one as I can't find it in the Parts & Assembly Manual. Thanks for any info!
  3. I need a quick clarification, cause I'm getting conflicting in formation. If I take the Light Sport Repairman course with a Maintenance authorization, what exactly is it good for? I thought I could inspect any Light Sport plane with a Special Airworthiness Certificate (SLSA), as long as I own it. But Rainbow Aviation (who offers the course) says the course and certificate is only good on experimental light sport aircraft (ELSA). Thoughts? Obviously, I'd like to take the course to use for my CTLS. By way of background, I had a repairman's certificate for a "Velocity 173" I built several years ago.
  4. MileHighCTLS


    So, is this something the normal Avionics Shop can do? Or does Dynon present special challenges?
  5. MileHighCTLS


    I'm trying to figure out my transponder issues. Any basic info would be helpful, along with guesses on diagnostics. I have a 2011 CTLS (serial F-11-03-05) with twin Dynon Skyview PDFs. There is no visible transponder in the panel. All transponder controls are accessed through the PDFs, by hitting Transponder button. From there I can turn the transponder on or off, set mode "C" (alt), set the transponder code and "ident", if asked. I do have a separate Transponder breakers. Recently, Centennial Tower has been telling me that my transponder is unreadable. Sometimes, they say they can read only my "target" with no altitude. Then, at other times they say it's totally in-op. When I recycle the transponder (by pulling breaker and re-setting it), the controller tells me its back and working. But eventually it fails again. The controller added detail ... and said it goes in an out, on downwind, then back on again in the base turn. They said it seemed like a "signal problem". I should mention that during the whole flight, the PDF shows normal (green display) transponder operation (except when I pull the breaker). QUESTION: What would make the transponder appear intermittently? While appearing "normal" on my PDF displays? I already checked antenna connection. It appears to be secure. QUESTION: Is the transponder a separate unit? Or is it contained within the Dynon Skyview PDF? IDEAS? Thanks! -Tom
  6. MileHighCTLS


    I wish it was that simple! Embarrassed to say, I left the cap off, resting on the wing after fueling. Pulled the plane out, taxied and did some touch and goes before I noticed a stream off the trailing edge of the right wing (in a right turn). I had been up around 30-minutes before noticing. Upon landing, I couldn't believe that hardly any fuel was missing! T
  7. MileHighCTLS


    Thank you! I never knew it would be so easy! I don't even want to say "WHY" I need it!
  8. MileHighCTLS


    Does anyone have a line on the best place to buy CTLS parts? Specifically I am now in need of a fuel cap. Tom
  9. MileHighCTLS

    -12 Degree Flap Microswitch

    What is the so-called "favorite pitch"?
  10. MileHighCTLS


    BY THE WAY, THIS PROBLEM IS SOLVED. As it turns out, I learned something very important. When you turn on your PDF inside a hangar (or elsewhere, when it can't acquire a GPS signal), it gives up and after a while will not even try to acquire, hence the the "NO GPS POSITION SOURCE" message. All you have to do is power it down completely, then turn it back on in an open area. However, if it stays on after being closed in, it will "give up" trying. An interesting anomaly. In my other glass cockpits (such as my Cirrus SR22), if I turn on the GPS, while inside the hangar, it will continually search for a GPS source as I roll it outside.
  11. MileHighCTLS


    One day, all of a sudden, upon powering up, I get an error message on Skyview map. It simply says "No GPS Position Source" (SEE PHOTO). No rhyme or reason. No updates, no changes in wiring, no loose connections, no recent maintenance - nothing - just this error message. Never acquired position throughout entire flight. Autopilot grayed out as well. Alstry to enter map menu with joystick, nothing comes up. What the heck? Any ideas? OK, one confession, I did enter Setup Menu to put AutoPilot into "expert" control mode (from "Simplified", then switched it back.) But I am almost positive I did not screw with any other settings. Does anyone know how to get back my GPS? Tom