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  1. I also sent my 2008 TruTrack back for repair. They were great to work with. The issue was that the unit seemed to wander to the left 10-15 degrees before correcting itself. While talking to the good folks at TruTrack I mentioned that my unit had only one tube connected to the back of it. It went to the pitot side. They said that it should have both static and pitot. Anyone else notice this same configuration and is it correct for my aircraft
  2. Phil B

    Help with Landings

    Flying Monkey, In your landing video I see your iPad to the left of the mushroom. What are you using to mount it there? Phil Bailey saltlifephil@gmail.com
  3. Phil B

    Stick chatter

    I'm a 2008 CTLS. I looked in the baggage area which is empty and did not see any deformity in the Plexiglas protecting the linkage. I don't know if the a/p was off, I didn't look at the time. If, when this happens I pull the a/p breaker, will that kill all power to the servos also?
  4. Phil B

    Stick chatter

    I don't know. The aircraft is new to me and now that you mention it, it could be me fighting the A/P. It is a scary, like there is something wrong with the linkage. How can I tell if that's the issue?
  5. Phil B

    Stick chatter

    Sometimes while on final my control stick chatters as I move it left and right. It's very disconcerting almost as it something is binding it. Any ideas?
  6. Phil B

    Flight Training

    I'm located in northern Florida and looking to complete my BFR in a CTLS. We are considering the purchase of this model and thought it would be good to gain some hands on experience. Very willing to travel.