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  1. IFly 740b installed

    Yep - it worked very well. Flew from southern IL to Nashville with the autopilot following the GPS course almost the whole way
  2. IFly 740b installed

    Thanks to Tom Baker. Coupled with the SkyguardTWX ADSB in and out + AHRS. The iFly is really easy and intuitive to use.
  3. Think first and be mentally prepared

    Watching a couple of these incidents make me glad I chose an airplane with a BRS parachute.
  4. 2018 CTLsi GT - 3 screen Dynon

    Looks like ADSB weather is about to get a few upgrades... http://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/weather/faa-rolling-out-ads-b-weather-improvements-in-june/
  5. 2018 CTLsi GT - 3 screen Dynon

    Looks like they are an option. 7” will be standard equipment.
  6. 2018 CTLsi GT - 3 screen Dynon

    I think it looks great and the bigger the screen the better (to a point)
  7. Great pics. What kind of camera / set up do you use for these photos?
  8. New Pilot - Jumping Left on Takeoff

    For landings, come in pitched for about 60kts with zero power in, 15 degree flaps. If trimmed properly this is basically hands off the stick.
  9. New Pilot - Jumping Left on Takeoff

    Looks like you taught me well
  10. New Pilot - Jumping Left on Takeoff

    You need a lot of right rudder...doing that?
  11. BRS Webinar

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing
  12. Can a B-Cool fit in a CTLS?

    The little air vents move a lot of air around the cabin in flight...
  13. IFly 740 question

    For those who have installed the iFly on your CT, were you able to split the RS-232 feed to both the Truetrak autopilot and the Dynon D100? thanks
  14. I’m all set - completed a purchase already. Thanks
  15. Anyone have the SkyguardTWX ADSB IN/OUT?

    Yes I would prefer it if it had AHRS, but alas it does not.