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  1. The downside to the LED landing light is it’s pretty weak. Better than no night at all, but just barely.
  2. Ok so looked a little more into it. This Turtle Wax is silicone based, which I have read is not great to use on composite. Anyone have any additional input on this? Thanks, Ben
  3. Yeah I’ve been interested in more info about this as well. I looked into it last year and really wasn’t able to find any good info on it. No operational instructions turned up in my web search.
  4. I have some composiclean, but the instructions says to rinse it off with water, right? Just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing. Are you taking about the cleaning solution or the wax?
  5. Thanks. I think I know someone who did that one time. It’s a lesson he won’t soon forget.
  6. What is the current thinking about cleaning solutions that can be used to wipe down plane (leading edges, etc) after a flight beyond just water? saw someone on the Cirrus forum talking about how he wipes his leading edges with Pledge
  7. Can someone refresh my memory on what is the difference between the analog Hobbs counter and the Hobbs time that shows in the Dynon MFD screen? thanks ben
  8. Hey everybody, I have just started a flying club and one of the planes will be my CTLS. So as I’ve come to learn, one of the biggest risks with LSAs is wind. If I were to create a wind conditions guideline, say a green light for wind/gust conditions at or under “x” for all pilots, and then a yellow light for “y” conditions to exercise caution/more advanced pilots only, and then a red light for conditions “z” which means no go, what would conditions x y and z be? Appreciate any input on this one. Members will range from students to highly experienced.
  9. You get an MRA from FD. I assume it would display traffic and Wx on your panel devices but I have a different setup so you should investigate to confirm. I simultaneously upgraded to the iFly740b and I don’t have Dynon SkyView.
  10. Why pay for certified type equipment when you fly an LSA? Check out the SkyguardTWX with AHARS for a complete in/out solution that cost much less that Garmin GDL82. I use it and it works just great. Garmin GDL is just OUT. IN gives you traffic and Wx.
  11. Do with this what you may. I know a guy who has ran his CTLS exclusively on 100LL, changes the oil every 50 hours, and doesn’t use decalin. Went hundreds of hours past TBO with no probs. He runs the CTLS in a flight school environment. Just another bit of info. I’m not an expert so I have no opinion on this whatsoever.
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