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  1. Ben2k9

    Cold weather flying

    Thanks guys!
  2. Ben2k9

    Cold weather flying

    I don’t yet have much experience flying in the cold with the CT. If I were going to be flying a cross country where ground temps are in the 30s and 40s, and let’s say it’s a higher humidity day, what would be the expectation for using carb ice, and do these planes do well in this environment? if cruising in this type climate, would one apply carb heat proactively, or wait until you detect some symptoms of carb icing?
  3. Ben2k9

    A Good Day

    Very cool!
  4. Ben2k9

    New wheel pant?

    Thanks - I connected with Bob and this was very helpful.
  5. Ben2k9

    New wheel pant?

    Will do, thanks
  6. Line guys at my FBO accidentally damaged my nose wheel pant, and now they get to replace it. Where does one get a replacement? Direct from Flight Design? I emailed FD USA and they said they would contact FD, however the response time is pretty sluggish so far so I’m wondering if anyone is aware of any other avenues? Thanks
  7. Ben2k9


    Got a part number or something for that tube? I looked around the desser site but wasn’t sure how to find it.
  8. Ben2k9


    This is what I have right?
  9. Ben2k9


    Where’s a good place to buy spare tires and tubes for the CT?
  10. Ben2k9

    Brakes shaking

    If it was fluid that had contaminated pads would burnishing pads also potentially alleviate?
  11. Ben2k9

    Brakes shaking

    All these things were checked and not a factor - anyone have any other ideas what is causing this? Shuddering increases the harder brakes are applied.
  12. Ben2k9

    Wheels and brakes

    Did you switch to the Matco?
  13. Ben2k9

    Brakes shaking

    Thanks guys. The brake pads are not new just one caliper was replaced
  14. Ok so I have the old Marc brake system. Recently had a caliper replaced. Now when I get on the brakes I’m getting pretty heavy shuddering. I’ve got the mechanic looking at it but does anyone more familiar with these have any insight as to the cause? Thanks