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  1. Night flying, IFR

    What’s the fix for the weak landing light?
  2. Night flying, IFR

    Good info -thanks everyone.
  3. Cabin size CTLS vs CTSW

    Thanks! Looks like you have several inches clearance above your head, right? In response to other question I weigh 225. I’m currently training in a C172 and fit fine in that. Would prefer a Diamond DA40 but cockpit is too tight under normal configurations. For my purposes, this is about as slow as plane as I would be interested in.
  4. Night flying, IFR

    Thanks. So that last sentence describes what plane must have (pre 2010) to fly into IMC?
  5. I’m getting mixed info...can a CTSW or CTLS fly legally at night or an IFR flight plan in VMC assuming pilot is properly licensed for such? I read some posts suggesting it could be done, then the AOPA site said most Rotax engines don’t allow for it.
  6. Cabin size CTLS vs CTSW

    I’m 6’7”.
  7. Can anyone tell me the difference in headroom between these two models? The CTLS boasts big headroom and I’ve read cabin size was bigger than CTSW. I’m a tall guy shopping for a plane. Thanks