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  1. Best thing I started doing is wiping down leading edges right after the flight. Bugs come right off with a spray bottle of water when they are fresh. Can’t get any cheaper than that. Use pledge or plexus on windscreen.
  2. What are you all doing for pre-heating on the CT these days? I currently have my CT in a hangar with no power supply, so trying to figure out some options for cold weather operations.
  3. I have the iFly740b for the GPS, and the SkyguardTWX for ADSB in/out plus WAAS GPS source. I like how the iFly has VFR charts i can use for map. works great, and pretty cost efficient. my iPad links up to the sky guards WiFi signal if needed.
  4. I have a RAM yoke mount and I clamp it right under the handle of the control stick in the right seat when flying solo and XC. Works great.
  5. Why not cruise at the higher RPM? For a 4 hour flight and given the CT sips fuel anyway - why not go as fast as possible?
  6. So basically every CT is unable to be left outside in the rain?
  7. I have same issue...must be these holes you speak of. Any solution?
  8. Never heard of needing an LOA to remove wheel pants.
  9. You don’t need a 2 day course to learn how to change the oil. Just see it done once.
  10. Yes. You are missing Bose A20s with Bluetooth. 😁
  11. I just switched to the heavy duty tubes and Matco wheels. So far, so good.
  12. Is there any reason to worry about this? It never crossed my mind.
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