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  1. Ben2k9

    Decalin RunUp and Oil Changes

    Very good points!
  2. Ben2k9

    Decalin RunUp and Oil Changes

    Do with this what you may. I know a guy who has ran his CTLS exclusively on 100LL, changes the oil every 50 hours, and doesn’t use decalin. Went hundreds of hours past TBO with no probs. He runs the CTLS in a flight school environment. Just another bit of info. I’m not an expert so I have no opinion on this whatsoever.
  3. Ben2k9

    Door locking

    Not sure if this is relevant in this situation but it’s hard to lock/unlock when plane is tied down if there’s any tension on the ropes. Just a little tension gets the lock out of alignment
  4. Ben2k9

    Cool Dynon Feature...

    I just do it as I am approaching the airport. I dont think there’s a way to always have it on. You may not want all runways extended anyway, just the one that you’re going to land on to reduce clutter.
  5. Ben2k9

    Cool Dynon Feature...

    When you touch an airport on the map a menu pops up, and there’s a “more options” button. Then press extend runways, and choose which runways to extend. The runway will be extended as well as an angle showing the pattern direction.
  6. Ben2k9

    Upgrading radio to a Navcom

    Thanks Andy. Yes I realize SL30 isn’t going to be ideal, but really just looking at it as a lost cost way to get the instrument rating. Forming a flying club that will have the CTLS and Cirrus SR22, and members will need instrument to fly the Cirrus, so I want to create a way to get there. Once in the Cirrus, you’ve got all the top of the line avionics and can practice and hone the GPS approaches as needed to complete transition training. Garmin 430 would be nice but it wouldn’t fit in my panel as currently configured. Thanks for the offer to help with the SL30 - I will probably take you up on that when the time comes!
  7. I’m interested in replacing my radio with a Navcom Unit Garmin SL30 in order to be able to use my CTLS for getting the instrument rating. Has anyone done this before and is there anything to look out for or any potential problems with this idea? I have spoken to a DPE about it and it will do basically everything I need for the training and checkride. Just to spare any potential replies along this line, no the plane will not be used in IMC.
  8. Ben2k9

    Cool Dynon Feature...

    I have an iFLY740b and it has this feature as well. Always useful
  9. Ben2k9

    3 Sierra Nevada Images from my CTSW

    Awesome Photos!
  10. Ben2k9

    Approximate cost of various Mx items

    I know one CT owner who had a plane that went to 2600 hours and said it was running perfectly fine even then but found a deal on another engine too good to pass up and replaced it. Anyone know of other Rotax engines going way over TBO?
  11. Ben2k9

    Approximate cost of various Mx items

    The $13k includes the cost of the engine and installation?
  12. Ben2k9

    Approximate cost of various Mx items

  13. I’m not sure about a sport pilot, but private pilots can certainly fly for the purpose of business travel. Maybe you’re conflating the rule about flying for hire as a private pilot?
  14. What limitation are you referring to with the furtherance of business?
  15. I know it varies by location and shop rate, but what is a ballpark cost for the following: rubber repacement Parachute repack New engine installation (excluding cost of actual engine, which I understand is about $17k) Just trying to get a sense of this to calculate a reasonable reserve set-aside amount for these eventualities