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  1. I have a RAM yoke mount and I clamp it right under the handle of the control stick in the right seat when flying solo and XC. Works great.
  2. Why not cruise at the higher RPM? For a 4 hour flight and given the CT sips fuel anyway - why not go as fast as possible?
  3. So basically every CT is unable to be left outside in the rain?
  4. I have same issue...must be these holes you speak of. Any solution?
  5. Never heard of needing an LOA to remove wheel pants.
  6. You don’t need a 2 day course to learn how to change the oil. Just see it done once.
  7. Yes. You are missing Bose A20s with Bluetooth. 😁
  8. I just switched to the heavy duty tubes and Matco wheels. So far, so good.
  9. Is there any reason to worry about this? It never crossed my mind.
  10. Periodically the dynon PFD doesn’t shut down when power/avionics is shut down. One has to turn power back on and try powering down again. Question- could this drain the plane battery or does it have its own internal battery? Plane had to be jumped recently and wondering if this could be the culprit.
  11. My CTLS is now part of a flying club and we’re getting some interest from some guys who are in excess of 260 lbs, the per seat limit. What is the issue here, W&B or structural limits of the seat? How big a deal is it if they are 270lbs?
  12. If Ethanol free gas is not available, what is second best for the CT - Avgas or unleaded with ethanol?
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