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  1. It ended up being a settings issue. Got it working again. Thanks
  2. Not the easiest to land but once you get good at it, you can probably land anything
  3. We are dealing with this right now too. One of our members lost a good amount of power on a recent flight. We cleaned out debris from a few different points: gascolator, fuel filter. We are suspecting contaminated fuel but no conclusion yet.
  4. Our club's Cirrus has a way to supply power for the purpose of powering the avionics on the ground with the engine off while not draining the battery. We'd like to create something similar for the new CT since the Dynon Skyview is more advanced. Could supplying some power the same way one would jump start the plane be a way to do that using the wire under the cowling for positive and muffler for negative? or any other way other than that?
  5. are they held in place by anything to prevent any sliding around?
  6. Tom, do you still make these? I'm interested in some for the new CT.
  7. Could you make a version with stitched flaps for the floor compartments? I would potentially be interested if so.
  8. Thanks Tip and Coppercity. I will check each of these items.
  9. Ok even if that were the reason for the lost signal, once i got in the clear and the GPS was working again the AP still has no GPS link. That is the crux of the issue.
  10. Thanks! New to me. 2011 in mint condition. Part of the flying club now.
  11. Anyone have any ideas on this? Was bringing home my new (to me) 2011 FDCT. Has Dynon Skyview, Garmin 696, and Trutrak DigiPilot II autopilot. Everything working fine, but an hour or so in to the flight I get a warning message on the Dynon saying a GPS has failed. The AP of course loses the GPS signal (was flying on GPS mode with flight plan). I land and reboot everything. No more GPS warning message, however, the AP says "No GPS" and loses that functionality. Any ideas? I was fooling around in the settings on the Garmin 696 but not changing anything so I don't *think* I messed up a setting but it's possible.
  12. The new CTLS! Picked up from KILM yesterday.
  13. Took them off my former CTLS when upgrading to Matco. If anyone needs these, holler at me.
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