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  1. Ben2k9

    Brakes shaking

    If it was fluid that had contaminated pads would burnishing pads also potentially alleviate?
  2. Ben2k9

    Brakes shaking

    All these things were checked and not a factor - anyone have any other ideas what is causing this? Shuddering increases the harder brakes are applied.
  3. Ben2k9

    Wheels and brakes

    Did you switch to the Matco?
  4. Ben2k9

    Brakes shaking

    Thanks guys. The brake pads are not new just one caliper was replaced
  5. Ok so I have the old Marc brake system. Recently had a caliper replaced. Now when I get on the brakes I’m getting pretty heavy shuddering. I’ve got the mechanic looking at it but does anyone more familiar with these have any insight as to the cause? Thanks
  6. Ben2k9

    Replacement screws/bolts

    1” diameter or thickness?
  7. Ben2k9

    Tire pressure

    Manual says 28psi. At this pressure tires sag a little at the bottom. Is this the right pressure?
  8. Ben2k9

    Replacement screws/bolts

    Thanks Tom. The link to the big one is the general page for socket head screws, can you help me identify the right type and size?
  9. Ben2k9

    Landing on Grass Over Trees

    Nice..how do you like the iFly ?
  10. Where would I get some replacement bolts for the bolts that secure the wheel pants? I need both the ones on the inside and main one on the outside.
  11. I’m in Nashville, with the plane based at MQY. Get in touch if you want to arrange something.
  12. What do you guys use to affix/display your certificate? Anyone found a good size sleeve or something along those lines?
  13. Ben2k9

    Flaps for Landing

    Not sure why but my smoothest feeling landings are at 0 flaps and a bit faster.
  14. Ben2k9

    Where to get extra keys

    As far as I know, you need to call Flight Design. The door lock may require replacing the lock itself if you don’t have any keys for it. I was curious about this earlier in the year and went to various hardware departments (home depot, ace hardware) and they were unable to make copies of the keys.