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  1. Ben2k9

    3 Sierra Nevada Images from my CTSW

    Awesome Photos!
  2. Ben2k9

    Approximate cost of various Mx items

    I know one CT owner who had a plane that went to 2600 hours and said it was running perfectly fine even then but found a deal on another engine too good to pass up and replaced it. Anyone know of other Rotax engines going way over TBO?
  3. Ben2k9

    Approximate cost of various Mx items

    The $13k includes the cost of the engine and installation?
  4. Ben2k9

    Approximate cost of various Mx items

  5. I’m not sure about a sport pilot, but private pilots can certainly fly for the purpose of business travel. Maybe you’re conflating the rule about flying for hire as a private pilot?
  6. What limitation are you referring to with the furtherance of business?
  7. I know it varies by location and shop rate, but what is a ballpark cost for the following: rubber repacement Parachute repack New engine installation (excluding cost of actual engine, which I understand is about $17k) Just trying to get a sense of this to calculate a reasonable reserve set-aside amount for these eventualities
  8. Seems like overkill for a VFR platform, no?
  9. Ben2k9

    Cold weather flying

    Thanks guys!
  10. Ben2k9

    Cold weather flying

    I don’t yet have much experience flying in the cold with the CT. If I were going to be flying a cross country where ground temps are in the 30s and 40s, and let’s say it’s a higher humidity day, what would be the expectation for using carb ice, and do these planes do well in this environment? if cruising in this type climate, would one apply carb heat proactively, or wait until you detect some symptoms of carb icing?
  11. Ben2k9

    A Good Day

    Very cool!
  12. Ben2k9

    New wheel pant?

    Thanks - I connected with Bob and this was very helpful.
  13. Ben2k9

    New wheel pant?

    Will do, thanks
  14. Line guys at my FBO accidentally damaged my nose wheel pant, and now they get to replace it. Where does one get a replacement? Direct from Flight Design? I emailed FD USA and they said they would contact FD, however the response time is pretty sluggish so far so I’m wondering if anyone is aware of any other avenues? Thanks