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    Tell me about Decalin

  2. Ben2k9

    Tell me about Decalin

    It says oxygen sensor should be cleaned every 20 hours when running this. I wonder if 25 would suffice to coincide with oil change interval of running 100ll?
  3. Ben2k9

    Tantalizing new engines

    That’s awesome. Rotax engines are far more advanced than the competition and I would favor them hands down all things being equal. I guess that means mogas as well prescribed for these planes. Which probably presents a logistical problem unless more airports start offering the fuel in the right octane. Tried to see if this could be done at my home airport and hit a wall of red tape. Dealing with a few jugs is not a big deal with a fuel sipping LSA but probably not as practical with bigger horsepower planes with large fuel tanks.
  4. Baggage in the CTLS baggage compartment needs to be secured, but what connections are in there to tie something down with some bungee cords or something like that? I didn’t see any obvious connection points.
  5. Ben2k9

    Baggage compartment tie down?

    Must have overlooked them - thanks!
  6. Ben2k9

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    I flew into MBO recently. Nice little airport and view of the reservoir
  7. Ben2k9

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    And kudzu. Lots of kudzu
  8. Ben2k9

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    Good luck! Where in MS do you live?
  9. Anyone know where could I get replacement springs for the small sliding windows? Also is there some sort of lubricant that could be applied to help the windows slide a little better? I keep having to add a little air to one tire every few weeks. Would it be a bad idea to add a little green slime or something like that to seal up whatever is allowing air to escape?
  10. Ben2k9

    A couple questions

    Are you talking about the actual lock on the doors? Or somewhere else? I might as well grease any and all areas that would benefit from this stuff.
  11. Ben2k9

    A couple questions

    Something like this? Super Lube 97008 Silicone Lubricating Brake Grease with PTFE, 8 oz Tube, Translucent White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0081JEBFC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_HFmABb31AE8B4
  12. Ben2k9

    A couple questions

    Thanks. I’ve already got wd40. Do you know whether this would be safe to use sparingly?
  13. Ben2k9

    prop covers

    My plane came with prop sleeves/covers. under what conditions would these be used? Anytime its kept outside? or are there certain kind of weather conditions or climates that are particularly concerning for the Nueform prop? Thanks
  14. Ben2k9

    prop covers

  15. Ben2k9

    LSA rules changing??

    Let’s hope FD does whatever it takes to increase gross weight limits for existing planes, when the opportunity arrives
  16. Ben2k9

    LSA rules changing??

    Higher legal gross weight would be nice. We already know the plane can handle it.
  17. Anybody found a windshield shade that will fit the CT? Just looking for something to keep heat down when parked outside on a ramp.
  18. Ben2k9

    Airventure 2018

    Can’t believe there wasn’t a collision yet
  19. Ben2k9

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    Supplemental oxygen?
  20. Ben2k9

    Fuel caps

    Does anyone know if the CTLS does this?
  21. Ben2k9

    Fuel starvation

    Ok I’ve been warned about possible fuel starvation should you let fuel get low but shift more into one wing tank and let the other get empty. But I’m curious how that would happen given the below design. Let’s say you’re flying one wing a little high, and notice in one of the fuel tubes that it’s empty, but have say 7 gallons in the other. Wouldnt the fuel from one wing still drain down into the gascolator? How would fuel starvation be possible as long as there is fuel in one side? thanks
  22. Ben2k9

    Fuel starvation

    By the way, side note: empty 5gal Tuff Jugs fit perfectly in the baggage compartment of th CTLS. I used them on a recent XC voyage and at some airports I could just use the courtesy car to take the jugs to a gas station.
  23. Ben2k9

    Short / soft field

    POH says to do this at 30 degrees flaps. In reality what have you guys found to be best? Plane already lands pretty short with 15 flaps. 30 degrees comes in pretty steep.
  24. Ben2k9

    Meridian MS

    I don’t always fly to Meridian, MS, but when I do, I park beside a CTLS