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  1. Ben2k9

    Tire pressure

    Manual says 28psi. At this pressure tires sag a little at the bottom. Is this the right pressure?
  2. Where would I get some replacement bolts for the bolts that secure the wheel pants? I need both the ones on the inside and main one on the outside.
  3. Ben2k9

    Replacement screws/bolts

    Thanks Tom. The link to the big one is the general page for socket head screws, can you help me identify the right type and size?
  4. Ben2k9

    Landing on Grass Over Trees

    Nice..how do you like the iFly ?
  5. I’m in Nashville, with the plane based at MQY. Get in touch if you want to arrange something.
  6. What do you guys use to affix/display your certificate? Anyone found a good size sleeve or something along those lines?
  7. Ben2k9

    Flaps for Landing

    Not sure why but my smoothest feeling landings are at 0 flaps and a bit faster.
  8. Ben2k9

    Where to get extra keys

    As far as I know, you need to call Flight Design. The door lock may require replacing the lock itself if you don’t have any keys for it. I was curious about this earlier in the year and went to various hardware departments (home depot, ace hardware) and they were unable to make copies of the keys.
  9. Ben2k9

    Any CTLSs near Tuscaloosa, AL?

    I’m in Nashville, should you want to come this far.
  10. Baggage in the CTLS baggage compartment needs to be secured, but what connections are in there to tie something down with some bungee cords or something like that? I didn’t see any obvious connection points.
  11. Ben2k9

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    Goldfren has them direct from Czeck Republic. Like €93 for a pair, that includes shipping
  12. Ben2k9

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    I’ve heard that FD still uses Marcs as OEM in the European CTs.
  13. Ben2k9

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    How many hours does that translate to?
  14. Ben2k9

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    How long do your Matco pads last?
  15. Ben2k9


  16. Ben2k9

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    Airtime Aviation sells them around $150. I’m wondering if anyone can confirm if the the Goldfren pads are truly a good fit or OEM? At $30-40 a pair seems like a bargain.
  17. Ben2k9

    iFly 740b and Trutrak AP Issue

    There is a video online about NMEA settings for the iFLY. Try a different setting. This one worked for me. Make sure Baud rate is same on autopilot.
  18. Ben2k9


    I’ve got a Skyguard and have been happy with it so far.
  19. Ben2k9

    Why would you pick CT over Cirrus?

    For one, money is not even close to equal. Planes going at that price are generally at or near or over TBO, and a new engine is like $60k. Operating expenses are much higher all around. Avionics will also be dated and probably need to spend another chunk for ADSB. Parachute maintenance costs 10x more than on the CT. No telling what else Mx expenses you’ll have with a 15 year old Cirrus The two planes are simply completely different, other than both having a chute. CTLS is a fun plane to fly. VFR only. The SR22 is a cross country machine. I could go on and on. That being said, I like Cirruses too and hope to have one one day too. Edit: I just realized you were talking about an SR20,not a 22. Most of what I said still applies, maybe just a little cheaper on the engine overhaul. And one more thing, at $150k you can get a brand new CTLS which means lower Mx expenses for years. The plane I initially wanted to buy was a Diamond DA40, but was too tall for the cockpit! Turns out the CT has a lot of headroom. Happy with the CT, but eventually want a IFR capable plane with 5-6 seats.
  20. Ben2k9

    iFly 740b Install

    I’m happy with mine. Works well, and they are actively adding in updated features. iPads are fine, but you can’t slave the autopilot to an iPad.
  21. Ben2k9

    Mount iPad to glare shield?

    I use a Ram yoke mount and clip it to the right seat stick, just under the handle. Doesn’t really work when there’s a passenger, but otherwise perfect.
  22. Ben2k9

    Rotax TBO Confusion

    My understanding is that even for commercial purposes in general TBO is not mandatory, but at a certain point commercial operators are more worried about liability.
  23. Ben2k9

    Pattern speeds/power settings

    You just need to practice those landings and come up with little rules of thumb like: abeam of threshold, bleed off speed and get to 15deg flaps, then turn base 300’ below pattern altitude, then turn final 600’ below pattern, then put in full flaps and hit your target landing spot. See how that works out and then adjust accordingly. Once you get that figured out you should get more consistent.